How to conduct weddings in different countries

Newlyweds in red robes Han Dynasty bow to each other during the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony. In a mass wedding ceremony gathered 130 couples from all over China.

Participant of the "parade of brides", which is annually held in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk. About 100 young married women wear wedding dresses or evening to re-live a memorable day of their wedding.

The wedding ceremony in the parking lot in Las Vegas in a specially equipped truck.

Couple builds grimaces and photographed on a mobile phone during a mass wedding ceremony in a Catholic church in the Philippine capital.

Bride of Indian-administered Kashmir returned home after their wedding. He gurjar - representative of minority ethnic community, which grazes goats, sheep and buffalo during the summer, and only returns home for the winter.

The bride and groom pray during a wedding ceremony in a Christian church in Islamabad, Pakistan.

75-year-old woman kissing her husband of 87 years. Another mass wedding ceremony was held in Honduras, it gathered 412 couples of all ages.

Soldiers support platform during the group photo at a mass wedding of war in China. Total 264 pair gave each other an oath at the solemn day, and the Minister of Defense became an honorary witness this ceremony.

Police from Somalia and his young wife after the marriage ceremony. Previously, this area was under the control of the group Al Qaeda, and various social events were banned, but now the ban lifted.

Newlyweds pose for wedding photos on the streets of Shanghai.

Royal wedding in Brunei. Bride Hassanal Bolkiah - the daughter of the Sultan of Brunei, one of the richest men in the world.

Newlyweds from China are photographed during a symbolic wedding. 15 couples who have already joined the knot at home, went to Germany to repeat their vows in the castle of Neuschwanstein, one of the most popular attractions in Europe.

A prisoner with his wife and his family photographed after the wedding ceremony in the prison in Lima, Peru. About 10 couples got engaged during a mass wedding ceremony in the largest South American jail, which houses more than 9,000 inmates. This ceremony was part of the adaptation of prisoners after their release.

The bride and groom are holding balloons in the company's personnel agency wedding dressed as sailors and moryachek, during a wedding ceremony in the Chinese province of Jiangsu.

A couple from Peru in traditional outfits in anticipation of the mass wedding ceremony. About 60 couples came to the ceremony in the framework of the state social project in support of the family institution.

27-year-old bride from Syria is preparing for the wedding ceremony. To do this she had to cross the border between Syria and Israel to get to the area occupied by Israel in 1967 during the 6-year war, where her fiancé lives. The meeting took place with the help of the International Red Cross.

Mass wedding in India. More than a hundred couples from lower castes were able to get married with the help of charity.

Bride posing on the background of an abandoned train station in Beijing. Previously, the area had a lot of factories producing electrical equipment.

Bride watches as her fiancé, a Jew dances with the rabbi of the ultra-Orthodox community during their wedding in Jerusalem. The ritual of the wedding at the end of the executable members of the community and the family - is a dance in front of the bride.

Sniper from Syria and his bride exchanged rings during a ceremony. They met at the hospital where the girl worked as a nurse, taking care of her future husband after being wounded in the leg.

Nine suitors bowed to kiss the hand of his bride at a wedding ceremony in the capital of Belarus during the 945th anniversary of the day the city.

Bride waiting for their turn during a mass wedding on construction of football stadium for the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil. 62 groom, who work on construction sites, married with the help of a construction company.

Grooms Jordan sitting on the shoulders of his relatives, who dance during a mass marriage of 46 couples. The event was organized by the Islamic organization that advocates the absence of any sexual relations before marriage.

She lets go of his hands before make the leap from a skyscraper SunTrust. Her life comes just two major events - the opening of a music festival RiverRocks and private wedding.

Apparently, in Spain it is so hot that the bride and groom decided to get married right in the basin of the oceanarium.

49-year-old vice president of Bolivia, and his 25-year-old bride greets the audience from the traditional Indian boat after the wedding ceremony at the temple at the site, which was built more than 3000 years ago to observe the sky.

Couples take part in a mass wedding in Bolivia. Many couples have been officially married, but decided to take part in the event organized by the authorities in accordance with local wedding traditions.

Very interesting Bolivian couple who participated in the mass wedding, held in the Amazon region.

Military guards the pass to the Parliament of Mongolia, about newlyweds who take pictures.

Newlyweds on the streets of Shanghai pose for wedding photos.

. Newlyweds escape from the garden because of the sudden onset of rainfall in Beijing.

Wedding on the beach in Ghana - newlyweds, friends, a photographer and a girl with flowers.

The couple, who divorced 50 years ago, decided to re-connect the knot, USA.

Couples during a mass wedding in India. This ceremony was organized by the charity for those who can not afford a wedding, because until now in many communities it requires expensive gifts and a rich dowry. Just that day, 126 couples were married.

She assists in the photo shoot the newlyweds from Shanghai.

Security Service welcomed the bride and groom during their trip to the white limousine through a checkpoint in Baghdad.

Witness fiancé shaves him during the traditional wedding ritual in one of the regions in Macedonia. Traditional wedding in the area is celebrated for two days during the Orthodox holiday of St. Peter.

The bride comes to the groom during a wedding ceremony. This couple from Syria to marry invited to Palestine as both bride and groom have Palestinian roots.

Newlyweds on the background of a tornado in Kansas, USA.

Bride dancing around the Arc de Triomphe in Bucharest, Romania. The arch, a replica of the arch in Paris - a meeting place of the future bride before the wedding, when the bride theft committed ritual. This old Romanian ritual enjoys increasing popularity in the capital.

20-year-old bride from Pakistan, surrounded by friends are waiting for relatives to go to church for the wedding ceremony.

Newlyweds kissing on downpours flooded street in Manila. Young decided not to postpone the wedding, despite the heavy rains that hit the town.



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