Unusual hats brides from around the world

An interesting collection of wedding hats from around the world that there are analogous to our usual veil;)

Melanesian bride Vanuatu

The bride-dress in the early twentieth century, Turkmenistan

Red bride Kamba tribe earrings in the Kikuyu people, Kenya

Bride tribe Mbala, Zaire

Bride of the Naga people, Myanmar

Bride tribe ilongotov in the mask of a monkey skull, Philippines

Bride tribe Ka'apor Language with traditional piercings, Brazil

Manchurian bride, China

White Bride tribe Macondo? Mozambique

Bride tribe Pende, Congo

Red bride in Greenwood? the early twentieth century, Palestine

Shinto Bride, Japan

Golden Bride in a ritual mask Makonde tribe of Tanzania

Silver Berber bride attire in the early twentieth century, Morocco

Amazon bride, Peru

Indian bride in ornaments of II century BC. e. Peru and Panama

Bride in Bukhara burqa, Afghanistan

Black Bride Akha tribe, Thailand

Meditating bride decorated tribe Bamun Language, Cameroon

Samarkand bride Uzbekistan

Bride of the Yoruba tribe,? Nigeria

Bride of the Dogon tribe, Mali

Papuan bride? Papua - New Guinea


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