20 these brides have one thing in common: forget about the usual classics!

Today, fashion dictates the style of wedding industry they should flawlessly. Many clothing designers have long departed from the classical variants of white wedding dresses and encourage brides to bold color experiments.

"Ombre" in French translates as a soft color transition from darker to light shade. Today our editorial team will share with you a selection of original wedding dresses with red Ombre.

Unusual wedding dresses
  1. Dress with the transition of the pink color will make the bride delicate and charming.

  2. In a bright wedding outfit, any girl will feel like royalty.

  3. Long bodycon dress with gradient visually elongates the figure and makes it slimmer.

  4. Today is a very popular theme wedding. The Ombre effect will help complement the fabulous image.

  5. Looks great, the gradient on the hair in the color of the wedding dress.

  6. This option wedding dresses are perfect for bold brides who are not afraid to experiment.

  7. Dress colors of the sunset will win the heart of even the most finicky bride.

  8. The color transition can decorate the hem of the dress and chest area.

  9. Amazing looks Ombre in the weightless textured fabrics.

  10. Bold women can afford contrast stretching from dark blue to brilliant white.

  11. The Ombre pale blue colours complement the nautical theme of the wedding.

  12. Elegant version of the dress with a pink gradient for sophisticated brides.

  13. Beautiful ladies that are not tall, you should choose a dress with a bright hem.

  14. The transition of color from snow-white to dark purple looks cool and majestic.

  15. Also do not forget about the wide range of prints.

  16. Another version of the dress with the yellow gradient.

  17. How looks bright wedding dress with orange hem!

  18. No less attractive looks dress with a color transition from snow-white to gray.

  19. Another stunning option wedding dresses in a noble blue tone.

  20. How looks charming wedding dress with gradient color Marsala.

I agree, all versions of the dresses worthy of the highest rating... don't forget to tell us in the comments about your wedding dress!

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