How to turn a wedding into a fairy tale?

September and October, the warm half - time for weddings. Vintage collected, draw some brew, photographer promises good shots in the entourage of the autumnal park. But - not too late to change his mind and move the wedding to another date, and the time saved spent on custom tailoring and most important than the unusual wedding is different from the average - festive wedding dresses.

Dressed in a fabulous wedding dress, you can be anyone, to feel anything - frog and Thumbelina, Yanukovich and Lyudmila, Figaro and Susanna. The main thing - remember the favorite fairy tale and put it into practice in the most important day of her for you.

1. Wedding Batman and Wonder Woman

In the animated television series "Justice League" American superheroes, day after day fighting evil in a single team, and fans of the cartoon every day waiting for their loved ones as Batman and Wonder Woman will merge into a single burst of love.

At the wedding of the Nile (46 years) and Sharon (40) Vaughn was all the way fans have long wanted. The groom dressed Batman bride - Princess Diana of the Amazons.

Guests were told to dress Iron Man, the Joker, Yoda and other great cartoon characters, movies and cartoons. Group photo turned out very bright and colorful wedding - unforgettable.

2. Wedding on Halloween

Nobody forbids to combine marriage with the onset of the main Western children's holiday for adults - All Saints' Day. Married vampire zombie, witch on the mummy, a skeleton in the man-eater that day is not only possible, but necessary. And let relatives vzvoyut because of their own prejudices - about Suite will write in all the tabloids.

For example, in Asia now fashionable to get married in clothes and make-up zombies. Precedents repeatedly families as strong as the effect of the bite revived a dead man:

On one of British weddings all invited were asked to appear in mourning. Bride named Julia was taken to the Hall of solemn events lying in a coffin. Rose from the dead, Julia took the groom "the altar" on a dog chain. Now wedding coffin husband and wife used as a coffee table in the living room of their home.

Fans deadly problems of heavy metal music, Melissa and Phil entered the ceremonial hall at the Norwegian death metal, photographed in the churchyard, and the table was served a cake with skulls. Instead of champagne was a sea of ​​beer on the background of the general roar and roar

3. Most of the Chinese space wedding on earth Pandora

Mountain range Wu Lignano China inspired director James Cameron to create landscapes of the planet Pandora, where events of the film "Avatar." Now the crowd of young Chinese come to this bizarre place to have the wedding in the sci-fi style.

4. Marriage of Shrek and Fiona

44-year-old builder from the town of Barnstepl (England) realize how you should marry, if your last name Green, which means "green." While his 40-year-old spouse Christina says that the idea to arrange a wedding Shrek belonged to her, because Keith (the groom) since acquaintances reminded her of a good cartoon ogre.

On a professional Make up before the wedding ceremony cheerful Brits spent 3 hours. It turned out that the little green ears of Mr Green are going very well. A 18-year-old son from his first marriage, Christina was nearly dressed Donkey, but razmerchik carnival costume did not fit.

5. Beauty and the Beauty / Beast and the Beast

Ladies Megan Pence and Shasta Bates entered into a same-sex marriage, the characters dressed in a fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast." The bride number one was yellow dress Belle on the second room - a starched blue suit Beast.

As you can see, among the witnesses and the Suite was available for one man:

6. The wedding magician and his assistant

Magician Mario married Kate's assistant with the condition that the wedding will take place in a retro style. Brac dressed as if business is done in the 1920s. Photographed on an ancient chamber with little museum "mustache", sepia toned prints.

Two-step and danced the Charleston, filed rings on each other's playing cards - king and lady worms. Mariage after all, is not some ordinary case where the registry office.

7. The most whiskered wedding in recent history

What Erin Jared like facial hair, this you have to ask themselves with a mustache. At the wedding the bride and groom were to bristle under the noses of the invoice, false beards, sideburns and all that, and demanded of the guests of the ceremony. Those who came to congratulate the newlyweds with insulting a clean face, even little ones, the choice was proposed seven models antennae-samokleek. More mustache wedding world has ever seen.

8. The wedding modern Romeo and Juliet

Footballer Luca Ceccarelli paid 900 euros for the right to marry Irene Lamforti on the same balcony where, according to Shakespeare, Romeo Juliet listened recognition.

The city of Verona decided to continue (for the money) to allow love to become husband and wife in the famous house whose walls are scratched multilayered love letters "Lyudmila Ruslan +", "+ John Yoko", "Adolf + EVA", etc.

9. The wedding of Alice and the Mad Hatter

Photographer Lauren Brimhall on foreign weddings are not moonlight, not working, and they do. One day he asked the young couple who did not know what she wanted, but wanted to come out unusual wedding pictures. Brimhall asked them to dress up in costumes of Alice and the Mad Hatter yes kerrolovskih play several scenes. And what came of it:

All curiouser and curiouser, as the saying is the same Alice. But fun and more fun.


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