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The Principality of Monaco is experiencing a real boom in the wedding! Immediately, two representatives of the Grimaldi family are preparing to tie their relations by marriage: August 31 wedding of Prince Andrea Casiraghi and his sister Charlotte, who recently announced her pregnancy, planning the wedding ceremony in the fall of this year. These two events, no doubt, will be included in the list of the most luxurious celebrations in 2013, and while royals are preparing for celebrations and customize designer wedding gowns, I suggest you remember the most lavish wedding ceremony princely family Grimaldi.

Royal weddings have always been a big way and their inherent chic, but never went beyond the boundaries of what is permitted - all strictly according to the ordinance, and the splendid dress and beautiful ritual - just a tradition. But despite this, it is the royal wedding ceremony always made public the most light and sincere feelings. After all, at such weddings known to everyone since childhood tale of a beautiful princess finds its actual implementation.

First loud wedding in the family Grimaldi occurred March 19, 1920, the day the knot combined Monaco Princess Charlotte and Count Pierre de Polignac. Despite the fact that Charlotte wore loud the title of princess, named Pierre was the representative of blue blood in this pair. The fact that Charlotte was the illegitimate child of Prince Louis II from its short-lived affair with cabaret singer and could not claim the title and even more so to the throne, but for political reasons was still recognized as the legitimate heir. Wedding with de Polignac has further strengthened the status of Charlotte, and the groom, in turn, received the title of Prince of Monaco. Thus, all were satisfied.

Wedding dress princess was sewn by all the canons of fashion 20s - straight silhouette without a fluffy skirt, meters veil and flower wreath crowning veil and simultaneously replacing the bridal bouquet.

But it is not unfortunate, arranged marriages, and this was one of them, rarely stand the test of time, and 10 years later, Charlotte and Pierre parted, and after 3 years officially divorced. Dreams of "they lived happily ever after" shattered, but from this marriage Charlotte left two children, one of whom was notorious Rainier III.

It Rainier III was responsible for the celebration, which still was referred to as "the wedding of the 20th century." April 19, 1956, Prince married Hollywood movie stars and one of the most beautiful women in the world of Grace Kelly. Religious ceremony, followed by a broadcast watched by 30 million people worldwide, was held at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco, and the guest list included about 600 guests, among whom were Cary Grant and Ava Gardner.

Wedding dress Grace was the true embodiment of princess dresses - fluffy skirt made of silk taffeta bodice of the 125-year-old Brussels lace and veil of a few tens of meters. The author of the dress, which was presented to the bride as a wedding present one of the studios, was the designer Helen Rose.

The day before the ceremony took place in the princely palace civil marriage ceremony, which was attended by relatives and close friends of the couple. After the official part, Rainier and Grace gave a reception at which about 3000 inhabitants principality could meet with his new princess.

Alas, marriage Hollywood diva and the Prince of Monaco was not happy. At Rainier was short temper - in a fit of rage, he could run for a wife a glass of the fact that he did not like her hairstyle. Relationship Rainier and Grace finally ended September 13, 1982, when a car crashed into the abyss of the actress in one of the corners. Doctors were unable to save the princess.

The eldest daughter Grace and Rainier Princess Caroline was married three times, but only two of them preceded by a ceremony covered by the press. Carolina first married at age 21 for the Parisian banker of Philippe Junot. The wedding took place in June 1978 and was also divided into civil and religious ceremonies. The civil ceremony was modest, like a princess outfit - simple white dress, hat and white gloves.

The religious ceremony was held in the courtyard of the prince's residence. The bride was in a magnificent wedding dress with lace Christian Dior, and her head instead of a tiara, decorated with fresh flowers.

Marriage Carolina and Philip broke after 2 years, and 3 years after Princess remarried the heir to an industrial empire Italian Stefano Casiraghi. Despite the fact that the wedding was very modest, the couple was very happily married and has three children. 17 years, they seemed to have lived in perfect harmony, while Stefano was killed in a terrible accident while racing boat right in front of his wife. Her husband's death was overshadowed by news and more from the fact that during the marriage Stefano for many years had a mistress.

The younger brother of Carolina Prince Albert II has not been able to find a life partner who would have approved members of the royal family. During his search, he managed to acquire two illegitimate children - from flight attendants and waitresses. Albert wanderings ended in 2006 when he met Charlene Wittstock, South African swimmer. Charlene and Albert announced their engagement in 2010, and a year later took place in Monaco magnificent wedding, some never seen since the days of Princess Grace. The ceremony was held in the courtyard of the Prince's Palace, and the list of invitees consisted of 800 names, among which were the heads of state and representatives of royal houses and secular persons, such as Karl Lagerfeld and Naomi Campbell.

Bridesmaid dress designer Giorgio Armani has created. Work on the luxurious wedding toilet was conducted in the studio Armani for several months. Attire for the creation of which took hundreds of meters organza, satin and tulle was decorated with pearls and crystals Swarovski. Cascading bridal bouquet, which is also created under the direction Armani, composed of freesia, orchids and lilies of the valley Charlene favorite colors. After the ceremony, the newly formed Princess laid a bouquet to the relics of Saint Devote, as it once did Grace Kelly.

After the marriage ceremony, all the guests waiting for a gala dinner reception from Michelin chef, a grand musical show and fireworks to the songs of Edith Piaf.

Charlene and Albert married for more than two years and, according to the princess, she was ready to give Monaco legitimate heir. Whether their alliance last long is anyone's guess, because family life representatives of the princely family of Grimaldi often fraught with quarrels, scandals, betrayals and tragedies. We know a lot of examples, and perhaps all this is the explanation. According to legend, a kind of Grimaldi was cursed. Back in the 13th century, when the Principality of Monaco was taken over by Grimaldi, Rainier stole her representative in the Netherlands Woman, dishonored and threw her into the street. But meanness not gone away with the prince - she was a witch and called after him: "None of Grimaldi has been granted to know the happiness in marriage!".


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