"When I'm gone, please, enjoy life!" This is a farewell letter brought me to tears ...

Charlotte Keightley was blogger English edition The Huffington Post in 2013. Unfortunately, September 16, she passed away, but not before leaving a touching final message for the readers.

I've always loved to plan everything. I just love to make a list and tasks for the day. I am very easily drawn into a new business. But just as quickly lose interest in him. I>

I did not have the luxury to give up cancer. It is not a thing, if it bothers you, you can throw on the same day. There are no switches to change the day if desired. At least not for me. From the first day, a cancer patient, I went through all of the studies, carried out all the prescribing physician. I tried to give up the standard medical practices, and as an alternative treatment for eating cottage cheese and cabbage, did acupuncture. Cancer has become part of our lives. Holidays, haircuts, lessons control helicopter - all this depended on the good or bad held a regular chemotherapy. Danny and Lou, unwittingly involved in my illness, had a secure childhood, but, again, they are hostage to my daily routine. That's all they've ever known, but I hope it does not prevent them from becoming beloved children. I>

But how would we not protect them from my illness, all poured out. Once, on my birthday, I felt sick. We did tests in the hospital, and the results were frightening. Now we are no longer planning everything in the months ahead. I counted the days, perhaps weeks. I'm not hoping to be able to leave the hospital, but still managed to get out of there and go home to spend the remaining time with loved her husband and children. I>

Now I am writing this sitting on the couch, and at the same time engaged in the organization of the funeral, sell your car. I am grateful to God that every morning I can hug and kiss their beloved children. i>

When you read this, I will not be here already. Rich will need time to adjust and understand that I'm not around. He will see me in a dream, but a harsh morning sun bed will be empty. It will take two cups from the cupboard, but understand that coffee have to do only one. Lucy will be no one else to braid hair. Danny will lose one of his Lego, but nobody knows what she looks like and where to find it. You're going to read my blog and realize that this is the last chapter. I>

But this is not the end. When I'm gone, please, enjoy life! I feel it every second. I adore their children. And do not shout at them in the morning, hurrying to brush your teeth. I>

Hold your lover, and if he does not hug back, find someone who can do it. Everyone deserves to love and be loved. Do not settle for less. Find a job that you like, but do not become a slave to it. Dance, laugh and eat with friends. It's true, strong and real friendship - is a blessing. Friends choose wisely, they cherish and love all the love that you can give. Surround yourself with beautiful things. Life is full of grays and sadness - because adding a bright colors. Beauty exists in all things, but sometimes you just need a better look closely to see it. I>

So, this is probably all. Many thanks to all for your kindness, which I felt for 36 years. From girls who nettles stung me to the age of six dead men, who in his last days complaining about their wives that they do not prepare their children to their death. They all helped me become that which I am now. I>

Please give me all the love my husband, children and all family. And today, when you will close the curtains, look at a star in the sky, sipping Pina Colada, which will enjoy a box of luxury chocolates. I>

Good night, and God bless you! i>

Your Charlie. i>

Nothing more to add to these words. Just let your friends read this touching letter.



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