Here have you tried to get up in the night and immediately start to perform the feat?

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Paradoxically, however I have heard that in the mountains perish not novices, and those who are here not for the first time. Experienced, accustomed. Logically this is understandable – lost vigilance, dulled attention. Yes, and in real danger, they are more likely than others. If we draw a parallel with other dangerous Hobbies, then Yes, the racer of "formula 1" chance to get in an accident more than the ordinary motorist.

That is, we on this side of the danger seems to be threatened. Beginners luck in the new cases, the fate of them smiling. However, this observation does not concern first love and first sex. Here it is – according to your karma you shall receive.

I slept that night for about 15 minutes, probably. As it turned out, I was not alone. Playful Fox. ("Why are you so skinny, don't eat meat? ...and ...a vegetarian," as said about her Main mafia johnny) She also listened to the storm and fell asleep soon after decided that not going anywhere.

Our guide Bako no sleep at all. Now he nervously walked around and drove us because we were going slow.

The path was long, and although it was about two in the morning, had lunch, and I could barely cram himself in oatmeal. What is the normal body can have at this time?! Not mine, mine fought back, and in he was asleep. The brain was awake, but the body did not Wake up.

Here have you tried to get up in the night and immediately start to perform the feat? Have not tried? Try it, your body too will protest the feat is not needed and it obviously will know about it. However, everyone is different, my emotions are inhibited, the body worked on autopilot, the brain controlled the fees. For any questions (where are we going and why the hell need it), he didn't have the resources to gather because it was necessary carefully.

We left about half of the third. Sahis, Supernova, Wolf, a Playful Fox, I and the girl we saw for the first time, she introduced herself to us, "yeah." Then we figured out she is Greek, speaks Russian badly, but understands something. Is Kazbek with us. And, of course, the conductor Bako.

The night was absolutely fabulous – the full moon in all its glory. It was so quiet, like nature specially pretended that it wasn't her just so misbehave. Like no wind and rain here for 100 years was not. Then I found out that this day was also a lunar Eclipse, that is, the complete bouquet of Power poured into the space. The problem here is only whether to agree with her – whether she's our ally, or enemy?

I never thought about it, I do not thought were on the trail that was barely distinguishable in the moonlight for those who are ahead. The flashlight shone, limiting my step forward and the feet moving. That's all I saw and was able to perceive.

Once, perhaps, is to say that everyone who was walking next to me was "your movie". That is, my climbing Kazbek was not quite like their rise, and their too – similar to each other. When we were already down and haltingly shared their impressions, then falling asleep, then waking up again and beginning again to speak, I once again marveled at this effect. The seemingly – obvious thing that I observed and noted thousands of times, but she just knocked me down. And in the figurative and in the literal sense. So once again I remind you that I am talking only about yourself – my friends experienced quite different feelings on the background of the same events.

We got into the rope like in this order:
Bako – Greek Aga – Supernova – Ergin – I'm Talking with God – the Lone Wolf – Fox.

These seven went to the same chain on the climb.
Wolverine decided to stay yesterday:
— I'll wait for you. Should someone be waiting for you with return or with the victory. Anyway, I just decided – I'll see you with hot food and tea.
I as relieved when she told me yesterday at lunch said it. Her shoes did not give me rest. I'm in their shoes Anapurna Gronell has frozen, I have frozen down legs were still from Elbrus to the white of frostbite, and now I knew that if they will freeze, it will cool until the very end. But boots Wolverine just does not hold water – I was glad that she had decided to stay.

And, damn, it was nice that we will have to wait ago. Probably a nice man, when he goes to make his feat, and his wife is waiting. So accompanied me, and met my seven year old daughter Veruca, at the foot of mount Ararat. I nearly cried when my baby brought me a bandage on the ears, with the words "don't Samarski, mommy, and be sure to come back." It is strange to realize the value of this only when it happens. If you have no additional request for personal sentiments, it is always a miracle. Yes, perhaps for those who have such a request, escalated request to the proximity of the mountains is not available in principle. They too cherish the closeness that decide to climb, or to let someone go to where people are living and sometimes not even survive.
Wolverine — my close friend, became a friend over the years, the passage of the seminars, and as a partner helped to bring together projects with me not for the first time. Her field, I always feel, linking it with a special sense of the reliability of the rear. And she and I understood that from her perspective, with its participation in the preparation of the whole event – she's on the Kazbek already! Where else can you go for additional evidence. Her Kazbek today is already happening with her.

In order to start climbing, we had to pass a few hours at the rock falls and glacier, skirting the mountain, to climb it from the North, where the slope was more gentle. Now, I'm exhausted (very tired, and it is not an exaggeration) on this segment. We walked very quickly, and this pace made me exhausted. I can go long enough, if not in a hurry. And then... I was like half asleep, no thoughts, no feelings, just movement. All the strength left to move his feet and watch where you put them because our path was littered with stones from the enormous (the garage), to medium – (with a brick). Downstairs was the ice, sometimes a foot was treacherously slippery, and then helped track stick, several times they kept me from falling.

The moon shone very bright, and was probably incredibly beautiful. But looking around there was no time. Even when we stayed to rest for a few minutes, I leaned against the pole and looked down. Or rather, didn't even look – I was focused on breathing and how fast we recover. We crossed the cracks, streams that flowed through the glacier. What was going on. We overtook some groups, and someone else was right behind us. You could see them as chains of lights front and rear.

The weather before was not a few days. Tonight all groups are expected ascent, rushed to the opened window. So alone on the slope and at the top we never had. I never thought about it, I do nothing could think of. The day before yesterday we had an amazing and awesome walk – in these places. Now, for me — a solid meal.

Then I realized that in order to go as fast (by my standards), there are two reasons. First we passed an area of rockfall. In the dark can not see what Kamenyuka runs at you, so it is better to pass this place as fast as possible. And second – because we were led by Bako, and his legs long.

Most likely, we area of rock falls passed for 2-3 hours, but for me it was unbearably long nightmare. I kept only the belief that it must once come to an end. And tea, which I fed from time to time a Lone Wolf. (He was, in all probability, too, was not easy, was affected by yesterday's journey up and down). He saved me with his tea! I think I was feeling dizzy, and in her eyes was stirred up, but after the sweet tea has passed – glucose has helped (as I explained later). Perhaps the fact that I was there and after – it's the same gornyashka, which we've talked before. But so strange I never felt before. The feeling is like a nightmare, when the horror of what is happening is that the need endlessly go on and on to who knows where and how much. It was a place. I was aware of it. It was scary, but time to feel the fear was not.

Finally, the stones over, began Ice plateau. We still went horizontal, but on a rope. The rope was attached to the carbine, and he, in turn, to "the system" — the piece of the belt that cover the waist and hips. In the case of the fall of man was hung, the rope was attached somewhere near the navel. It was still dark, we were on the trail, which was broken to us by those who went ahead. Some places had to step over a cracked, very large but were not.

Funny intimate moment: when we put the system (for another weather station), I thought about how, if you want to write? This system will have to be removed? How to remove, if hands will freeze? Our confidence in the conductor was so full that we asked, but he froze and did not answer. And in fact then no one wanted. All the moisture came out then, and we all forgot that people have such ridiculous requirements. Not up to it.

At the next stop a Lone Wolf decided to turn back. Tricks of acclimatization played a trick on him. As we walked along the surroundings of the weather station, or simply was at its height, our bodies get used to it, less oxygen and other effects. And he had to lose and then gain altitude again as a result, he was now all the more difficult.

I gave him water and tea from a thermos, knowing that man has accomplished and so for the last day of unprecedented breakthrough for him, saving a comrade — our little Red riding Hood. Don't know if I'm ready would be after such a forced March in the same day to go to the top – but each was free to decide, and I like Talking with God (a name I had in this campaign, if anyone still remembers) decided, in the context of your name to answer "Yes," giving will manifest the will of everyone, as the will of God.

Everyone with whom I spoke in this mystery, for me has become God. So it's not the crown I wore, as you would think when he chose the band to this seemingly lofty, but rather is a crown I removed entirely. I decided everything to say — Yes! Well, how can you argue with God?

All wishes and requests to meet, not to defraud, not to refuse anyone his "good", and see what happens. Display cunning or resourcefulness of a man before himself, Yes, is always welcome, different provocative clarifying questions – this is a must! But if the right person and clearly expresses his desire, then certainly Yes.

Frankly, that pressed only once per person and it was the Ergin. She just went from me, as its experienced in the campaigns. But more on that later.

Lone Wolf – in the next moment "the break" when I announced for everyone:
— 4560 meters! he said:
— I'm down.
— Okay, — said I, — means down.
And I called Bako, which was ahead of our bundles:

— Turn everything!
But the Wolf, began to argue:
— No, I can do it, why all?
These are the instructions of our guide, we have agreed — I reminded him in all seriousness, completely ready to remind everyone to turn.
But Lone Wolf said
— I'll go down with those who descend from the mountains.
— But there is still no one got up too early for going down. Only 5:30 in the morning, before 7, up there, no one will.

Yes, it was. Even before, at the level of the preliminary contract with the conductor, he said, "If anyone of you will ever be able to go over and want to turn back, it returns the entire group. Even if we are three meters from the top. One back no one will!" And we all agreed. That is, the decision of a Lone Wolf automatically stopped our climb. I at that moment had no strength to react in any way, so I stupidly stood and waited, than will end. But it was nice – we turn back now... this is all over... That I was 90 percent.

But Bako (despite what I said earlier), began to encourage the Wolf: "Very little is left, look here it is, the mountain next!" And I think after that we went back for another hour, but the Wolf did not retreat from his decision. And then a miracle happened — we met two people who went down. Someone from the group that went up, was hard, and he was down. And we have sent with them a Lone Wolf.

— Everything you wanted now can we get you vytahnout with our bundles.

The men agreed to take him. Only they were short a rope. I started to unlace your cord from the ax, but Bako stopped me:

— Why, we were almost without a set height.


A Lone Wolf trust the men who promised to do something – it seems, was happy to quickly reduce the height, and also began to insist that he provided the rope.
But there is more, the two turned to the camp, which was laid out on the ice plateau and let him down.
So he's on the trail, alone – under the name – came all the way to the weather station. He alone knows what feelings and thoughts it visited and what analogy he spent all this incident with his life. A little bit of his feelings about will manifest itself after the fact in his comments in social networks – but the conclusions he did – it is unique. And it's the most valuable thing you can learn from this journey. And heroism, he went, as he requested, obviously more than others. If measured in kilometers, solitary walking in the mountains and the night adventure.

That the main way he resisted alone, we have already learned when they went down. And I also had to go there, and also alone, but later in a few hours...

Recovery began quickly. We walked in a straight line, and the trail began to steadily go up. I felt a little easier, but of all feelings were only stubbornness, so I don't remember very well the road. And what to remember? All around the white, deep snow...Remember only their decision, which I then consoled: "It's going to end someday. A matter of time, you just need to be patient." The trail became steeper and steeper, we walked the traverse, then climb straight up. Sometimes I was able to raise his head to still see that around. Around was white-gray-blue beauty. Started pre-dawn twilight, and simultaneously with them the wind was rising, and something fell out of someone's pocket full of holes up there. Snowing, cereals do not remember.

From all this the way up (according to my "internal clock" again he lasted indefinitely, they, of course, broken), I only remember a few things. The rest were either erased or vyresnysis and now dream. Remember the chain of groups (3 or 4) on the slope above and below us. Remember how someone said "Oh! watch from Russia the group is coming!" and a distant bunch of people on a white snow – like black thread with knots. Remember the dawn – pale Sun in a rainbow aura comes out from behind the mountains. Remember that the ice axe would not be cut, it fell in loose snow. Remember rained harder and harder as the wind grew stronger. The slope we were ascending became steeper, so was afraid to look down, thank God, it was not before – all the attention has gone on to become steady and step by step to move forward and upward. Remember the gust of wind that in some moment so rocked me that I, terrified, clung to the mountain with his whole body, pressed against the snow to blend in, be invisible, not to give occasion to throw myself down. Not only that, to roll (in cats!) unpleasant, but I'm inevitably dragged the rest behind him, so careful, careful...

Dawn was around 6 or 7 am. So up we climbed for at least 3 hours. What a strange arithmetic – 3 hours on the plain, when, for example, walk in the Park or sitting in cafes – nothing. "Time flies!" — popular slogan nowadays. Here these three hours were for me for days... or weeks... I now know the secret to a time – share! Make life difficult, almost unbearable, and you will notice that your time is stretched. The proportion of clear – the more complex the test, the emce your subjective time. That is, for an hour, to spend the day, and it will be a Boring day.

And so, at some point we met a group that went: "Hold on, guys, only 100 meters left!" It inspired, because in our way up we had no landmarks – it was the most difficult, at least for me. Up nothing could be seen rising snowstorm. Time was also unknown, and to think about orientation, about the framework that I would like to limit this test did not have the strength and even the idea of such was not. 100 meters is at least some certainty! It is at least some number, something that you can take steps, though... it's all an illusion. Steps distance not to measure, because 100 meters is maybe a kilometer or two, three, four. Because we do not rise steeply, as we do in serpentine zigzags to give rest then one leg, then the other, and not to be broken. Yes, and 100 meters – a pretty big height – 9-storey house, which is about 30 meters. And all of our climb that day – more than a thousand (1400m)

And here we see the top shield from the snow and ice. In this passage, a steep 3-meter. Not to tear us dummies. And here is the only ball that day! We Bako tightened on the rope! First, second, third... etc five of Us left with him, and here we are on the visor. Neither forward nor backward, neither up nor down can't see anything. We are at the top... Or...

Or!!! We huddled together, took a breath and prepared to shout Hooray. There it was! "Well, another hour, with a maximum of half an hour up and we are at the top, said Bako — are you Ready?"


Such a disappointment I never experienced in my life. Another HOUR?!"... And then I have what happened is what happens (they say) those who abandon the search for the treasure for two kidka shovel. I was ready to say, "all Fig! I've had enough, get down!" And here, too clear what the value in life of any project the team has. Since I didn't have the strength to say all of that, I stupidly otticials, I told the others, "let's Go!" And off we went.

The severity of the test increases as you move to the end of the test. Perhaps that is why more people are dying, when you go down. And this last hour was for me on the brink of vinovnosti. And I think not only for me. Even the Supernova started to complain of heart. What Bako said, "a Little bit left. And with a sick heart of the house need to sit!" Oddly enough, it gave us strength. Victims want their regret, got into position... And the Characters enough to remind you that they are Heroes.

Just then the President began to show some impatience and slightly customized to us: "Forward, up and down, I want to go home!" Sounded like a mockery. And who doesn't?! However, did he mean something else – not the weather station. After the ascent and descent of mount Kazbek, he was going to go to the valley, where was his home. What can I say... What would the comparison come up? Well, it AK the person worked 12 hours on heavy physical work, came home and ran cross 15 kilometers...

Kazbek is such a relief that its highest part is cool. There was already fresh snow, and there was krohky the ice on which we had to climb seriously sagradas in slope ax and cats. Then I zamatyukalsya for the first time today. And Sahis kicked me with the words "pull yourself together, Ergin, honey!" This made me angry... which was silly to send a man on a mountain that we had climbed up.

Of course, I had a dream-a fantasy about what happens when we find ourselves on top. Not that she me warm or motivated, it was just me. The fantasy was this: we, being there, alone and strong, see distant lands and rejoice in the fact that we are here. So: none OF THIS SURSILL! No far, far away – a white shroud around. No loneliness – a lot of people at the top. An understanding of power – complete impotence. Any euphoria indifference. That's how it is...

We were sitting on top of, around us was a feast – people were hugging each other, fraternized about something excitedly said, shouting over the wind. Men drank chekushku, someone even turned the music on. There were like 20 people, maybe more. Some character made a phone call and said, "this is my fourth can't come down! Then these people go back, I want to talk to them!" Our Bako joked that he will build the house. Supernova found countrymen from their city. And of course, pictures with the flag, where do without them!

I looked at the GPS and announce all
— 5028 M. Bako argues
– No, the top of 5033.
And I say to him: the Snow is melting, the warming of the planet!
— And for me always will be the Kazbek 5033!
— Persistent, — said quietly, — It's beautiful when a man is persistent! Who would argue – of course — Let it be 5033, me too, that figure is more like it.

— So, Ergin, get the flag, and then stand in the cloud, and anyone can not prove that was on top of the flag will save us!

It almost always exists as binding the vertex attribute. Flag, just took it – it is sacred. If I didn't take it, that the Holy Ghost has appointed to something else.
— There's a top flap, said Ergin.
I understood it as that your backpack, it's not coming off, very tired, sits on the priest exactly as the other participants.
At 10:40 we were on top. Started at 2:15 and was here 8:20 and it's only half way.

And all the people rose and rose from the mist below. Who silently, who Vasilissa doubly for those who do not have the strength to Express elation.

About the history of the flag: I'm going, and at some point I said to someone, "Take our flag, if there is a" It is, but not me. My son, hanging on the wall. I go to him and ask. Say that you need at the Kazbek mount. He's getting greedy, they say, my flag, and I say "Honor..." and all that. In General, given the flag for the honor. I really do not remember this, we do about politics is not so taboo, but did not speak, not before, and not that we are here. And now – the time has come: "Have a flag? Where?" I unfold the backpack to Sahis and indicate the reference: "pocket top" — hardly the language to toss and turn. And the flag, and everything else seems pointless now. In this I was able, as was promised not to lie.

But the character played a role, the pictures turned out, and the flag was returned to its place in my son's room. It is strange to think that he went to the top. We now remember the flag me and I him. We now have a story to tell together. And that has nothing to do with politics, can and has, the symbols and the subconscious mind has not been canceled.

I am at the moment is all this fuss seemed ridiculous and insignificant. Well, rose... thank God. Now we are going to go down. Life. I was left with no resource to celebrate the victory. Also I win... I only later realized that this was real. After which no more energy to even begin to understand, they are so exhausted. Only silence inside.

A Supernova (originally known by the pound than dashing), said: "to stand is half the battle. Still need to go down!" And one of the men stopped trying to congratulate each other: "That's when we'll meet you downstairs, then we will congratulate. Yet – early!" But I did not care, I do not believe that the way down can be more difficult than the way up.

Then came the Russian group of active outgoing men and began to cuddle and get acquainted, introducing each other and their city Stavropol. Our stavrapolskaya Supernova, jumped up as much as I pokazalos with 5028 probably on the promised guide 5033m
— How! I am also from Stavropol!
— So get ready, here come with us! joked the cheerful Russians.

Men continued raking us in turn in his arms embrace. Oh, our girls are!
— I am from Kiev, say they.
— What a difference! Let's meet!

So warm up here: people of any nationality in any country, is to argue and discuss politics, because there was something important that happened with each person. These meetings are not like a sport, although to some it may seem that it's close – no. Not at all! Sports fans often are ready to fight, remembering each other all the national prejudices – because of course, the victory of their team didn't happen to them. It is an illusion, massively supported, that "they won" or "they lost" — from the people-the audience and crave anything of their own to bring into play, at least some right to the heroism of the present. And here on top it's real and there are no random people.

Here we are all of one blood.

Grateful for the sense of ownership, and no grievances over autonomy. Although Kazbek periodically was written on small placards along the trail "does not like individuals" — this is a mountain.

But how many don't stay on top, many do not embrace with the brave men who here with us down anyway. I warmed to the idea that after all we go back, and there is certainty. Once we go, then we will.
On the descent I almost have nothing to write. The highlight was how Greek yeah snapped during the descent from the visor and drove into a Supernova. This time we almost really broke and won't roll down. Supernova bumped into me, cursed loudly. Then we somehow ended up... at a Cost...

Crack down swept snow, but you could see them. We were still on the rope and then I pulled ahead – "go faster!", the back "a little slower!". From Supernovae and from Sagis (I was among them) had different ideas how to behave like a rope. One of them thought that the rope must SAG, and the other thought she should be stretched. They both had their arguments in this regard as safer. Both twitched, trying to achieve his goal. I was in the middle and a rope I immensely got. But disengaged it was possible only after the Ice plateau. "Then we, too, must all go together,' said Bako, when we came to the zone of rock falls, and freed from the ligaments, Here too dangerous, cracks and stones. Returns all together."

A few hours ago here I thought I was already at the limit. It turned out that I was wrong. At the limit I was then, and now. For real. I realized this when for the first time fell. I don't actually fall. Never! No ice, I never imagined anything didn't break, didn't even hurt seriously. And then I fell a few times, slipped and broke a stick. Obviously, she assumed that meant one of my bones. I realized that I need to slow down and be very careful. My power was really low.

The whole group slowly broke away from me, they went forward. I was in no hurry, even though he knew the risk – to remain here alone, in a fairly dangerous area. And the way back alone I will remember for a lifetime.

I walked slowly, I was losing track. I drank from streams and springs. I knew the direction, I knew that sooner or later I will reach home. But felt no strength, they were over... I cried, called my mom, who died long ago. And, oddly enough, to me it gave them strength. I was not – trailed. Every step was a feat. I never, never! Haven't felt this fatigue. I knew of people who could have died 100 meters from my home because I could not crawl to it. I am completely exhausted. Completely.

All. I have nothing more to say about these events. And again, for all others they were quite different. It was my personal test and I passed it alone, like everything that we go through in life by and large alone. To each his own cinema. Its script, its direction. And your conclusions. How we still manage to agree with each other? A startling fact... I Have an idea why this is happening: the parties AGREE MAY be the ONLY ONES WHO RECOGNIZE the OTHER's RIGHT TO THEIR OWN MOVIE. Do not insist on their interpretation of events, not trying to blame others, prescribe them something or be offended by them. Accept as fact their vision and build in your World as a shade of their own vision. Realizing that any fact or event can be viewed from different angles, and then it looks completely different.

I made it to the weather station, then slowly, very slowly, up to our room. "Ergin! – I met a Wolverine, Sahis told me that you almost died!" "I'm dead," I said, and collapsed to sleep. It was probably about 4 aces in the evening.

During the descent back, the Conductor Bako happy that you will be freed from his tail, has finally poodlereal us in a safe place where you could go alone. All the difficulties here, it's only a matter of physical fatigue. In this area a good 3-4 hours will constantly down people. Everyone was finally happy to go at your own pace. Supernova briskly walked ahead, briskly compared to the rest, it was an easy Fox, I always like to be in the middle order to feel all.

I accelerated to wrap up the girls who had rushed for vigorous men – no, not there – here we go for half an hour — we again began to rise, we certainly are and so we reach the camp, but it'll be a longer as path, original, our, went below. Surprisingly, with each ascent, I am more and more guided in the mountains. But once, quite recently, just six years ago – I have been characteristic of almost all the girls of topographic cretinism.

The black cross, were caught there, I again turned on the phone and sent a text to Father Children, that we climbed the Kazbek and tomorrow morning start the descent back into the Hotel.

People are tired, it's been 16 hours since we left camp. Even to think about the descent, down, no one but the conductor could not. Explorer our and because was in a hurry that was going to use my right for the weekend, after a week's stay at the weather station, (due to the fact that a few days everyone was waiting for the weather.) He waited for this climb and now with a clear conscience and performed the duty sought home. This sturdy 30-year-old boy could afford such transitions, our group was very slow for him, and despite this, he always waited patiently, gently and carefully.
Only once objected to a Supernova, when the top 150 meters is about the fact that patients with heart sitting at home.
These 150 meters, we walked another hour and a half. But I'm grateful to him, he is so easily mobilized these careless words, almost limp group. Then I again realized how important it is in such expeditions to have another niche leader professional.

This is a huge prop – it's like having two legs. One because not proprygal. If we want to do something really Big Things, to be done by the team.


To be continued... posted


Authors: Natalia Walicka (italics), Julia Golovkin (straight text)

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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