Climbing Kazbek. EMERGENCY. Part 3

Climbing Kazbek PURPOSE and MEANING Part 1

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On the third day morning, our group suffered the first surprise, pagacova our destiny in the direction from the intended, even though it is not clear what.

Certainty made the room, coughed strained and gave way to Uncertainty.

We naively thought that everything is under control as it can be captured. That all is safe as possible under the circumstances. We gave her the responsibility in the capable hands of the conductor, and unable to relax, to trust. He knows he's experienced, he's a climber with experience and time dummies drove through the mountains. ...And here with him, and then the trouble happened. For-grits — as they say, expressing annoyance, surprise and some resentment at the circumstances.

Our guide got sick! He is a key link in the circumstances! It turned out that the key link everyone should look for in himself. And if you find there's a way and if not, down the road is always open.

Nobody forbids to go down. Nobody drives to the top. No one is forcing you to take risks... No one...

We were only doing the first steps up, we are still not out of the village, and we asked local residents: "You are on MT. Dangerous... Guide (Explorer) do you have? Dangerous...". We valley dwellers, urban adventurers (well, almost all!) didn't really understand what they are. Now, not understand, just do step by step and the path he led. Then I realized when you showed up.

So, from all of us Sakhis first learned about this trouble, and the next I learned. Some time (before lunch about) that we had been hoping that the tablet of Allergy (taken from a neighboring group) will work. Maybe it's allergies? Maybe spices in the food so affected? But... no.

The night before I had a strange dream, so vivid! From his hand I just sat down in my tent. I very rarely dream. I have quite an entertaining life during the day, so night attention sleep — it is not enough for remembering dreams. When the pace of daily events is decreasing, then energy is released that is to the world of dreams, so for years I could not "see" dreams, and then, after a day of heavy lifting – such a surprise.

As is typical of dreams, reactions and emotions in dreams are just our, but the language of the characters and plots are often difficult to reconcile with the earthly reality. But in the dream the authenticity of what is happening with us is not suspicious. We act and react from there itself energy, who are on their own now. React from your level of courage, confidence and competence and their actual goals.

So, I dream of my friend that leads me orderlies with a straitjacket, and these good fellows I begin to wring his hands. Friend, happy and admires his act as if I brought a basket of flowers. He stands aloof and looks appraisingly at the whole picture — waiting for my reaction. I trust him, with the thought "okay, I'll play in it," do not resist, they help me to wring. They tied my sleeves and make a shot in the forehead, the needle goes between the skin and skull along the left eye. I continue to trust the procedure and his friend. I look at him and ask:

- What was it?

— You have a tantrum, "he says," I care about you.

I understand that it is useless to argue — he was sure that he understands me better than I know myself. And I decide to see what will happen next. He holds me in hotel room. I look at a large bed. Especially alone in this room looks clean angle of these light gray walls, a cone converging to a standstill in which there is a double bed. I turn and see a light open space appears my dead great-aunt Anna, who nursed me back to childhood. Then home was seriously afraid that I will not survive. In those days of my childhood year-old child should have gone to kindergarten, so the mother could go to work. Born I was breastfeeding and then — Soviet kindergarten! It seems that I then decided that I could live like that I don't agree and strongly held that decision in life as they could: two years, on the basis of impressions from the garden, I managed to recover four times with pneumonia, and concerned grandmother: "pohrustet dytynka, Bo vmre not baptized, you filthy bude" - decided to come to Kiev.

Here she is, next to me in a dream, a little like that, standing in a green blouse and yellow kerchief. I was so rushed to hug her, and she stopped me and said:

— You still early, and looking at the floor, right down staring at the floor as if something regrets not dare to tell me.

And then I sat down in my tent, and woke up. Sitting, watching the orange light of the tent that softly glows — day already erupted. But duty still not awake, so still quite early. Sleeping next to Ergin. Everything is peaceful... take a breath and lay down, wondering what I dreamed it all, that strange and alarming. And now, after half an hour, the World replied in a tent knocked on the conductor and said "we Have a problem".

The first thing I thought: "rope stolen, lost equipment". Silent, yet move away from the camp so as not to violate the format of the silence, who in every mystery is mandatory.

...In the morning we decided not to bow and scrape the greeting, to talk. Give yourself time to Wake up slowly, your body, consciousness, emotions, not to spend money and not be distracted by social ritual formalities, polite podgradina. So entered here in order to allow for Wake to stay in his depth, and still to track: who is telling me from what motives?

After Breakfast, we start to chat "as people" and discuss how and what you were silent. The format of the silence is so useful that many people try and "on the mainland" and then to practice it.

When we moved away far enough to not be heard from the tents of the group, the Children's Father said, " Look, I have something with my throat." And then I notice that he is in light green flicke, just such a hue as in my dream on the dead grandmother Ana.

The guide continues::
Started yesterday evening, immediately after the naming of names, I didn't mean to say, thought will be. Very sore, I can hardly breathe, as if I without a break ran for 4 thousand. I don't want to tell everyone, can we get the reason and solve it, but today it looks like in the morning, we can't go to another camp...

Look, your throat is sore and swollen so that covers almost the entire lumen of the larynx.

— Oh Oh...

He starts to raise the psychological version, tangents yesterday's long Serrinha, where were discussed, somehow catching it.

I listened and offered to first rule out a physical cause, it was very similar to angioedema. We went to the neighbors to camp next to and asked them Allergy pills. There were poles, but we understood each other. One of them pulled a first aid kit and said,

- We have a shot...

And then I remember your entire dream as a whole, I have totally forgotten it!

— Oh, no, no, the shot is not exactly right!

And I thought to myself: — "I'm not hysterical," and showed that we are choosing the pills.

Take a couple of capsules and go with him to free the glade. Sit back to back and I begin to tune into his breath. Conductor of the Children's Father looks at the monastery, I — Kazbek. Something is happening, deeply right, at this moment, but I can not, and do not try to formulate. Some time (half an hour or forty minutes), we sat and went into camp.

We tacitly agreed to the people not to tell about the health of the Children's Father. Moreover, the picture was not clear, and there was a hope that if we find the cause, the disease appeared suddenly, and disappear. But one thing we are not agreeing, agreed. Almost certainly it was clear that someone from the group to the top should not go. Who..? It was time to clarify this issue. ... About the dream I told him not yet told.

We certainly do not get bored, entertaining psychological practices of the group standing around. They were pulling each other strings of guilt, checking that clicks inside pain unlived. Shouted to each other "YES!" "NO!!!", practicing to accept and to refuse, keeping track of what is raised in the course. Discussed. Foreign people stayed at a distance, watching our strange actions. They were discussing something, even filmed – free show. Not too bad! Share, rejoice people.

We are engaged in everyday life, went to Church...

The Church stood, streamlined paths, as opposed to the Kazbek. Trinity monastery, formerly a mountain, on the contrary, he seemed to have served her as a traveler, who came to worship the eternal. And people who are not interested Kazbek, came to Church to worship her, as she seemed eternal.

Soul on the background of human life.

We Ergin went to meet her. Pet her stones with his hands. And when he crossed the threshold of the monastery, I dropped my sunglasses, I leaned over them and tapping the cobbled stones, he laughed inside. Of course, entering the house of God is supposed to bow.

On the way to the monastery source I found crystal. Crystal, the real, correct! In the dust, trampled many times the feet of parishioners and tourists, tires car, which has been around a lot. We came on foot, and many also, and more – came on the road to health! Just to Light, no matter in what way...

Crystal modestly disguised as glass, flickered, never stopped anyone, but he called me. The tip was rolled on the palm like the needle of a compass pointed to different sides of the world – there I go either way... First to the source, which we actually were, then the Church and the monastery.

I'm not particularly religious, although sometimes you start to read the "our father" or to say their own, suddenly composed prayers, when you feel the need. In short, to visit the Holy places not included in the compulsory program, is that very pull. And rituals are not strong, although I respect those who need them, however, like all other. In short, its Charter does not climb, do not eatyou. Therefore, rounding the Church, watched the surroundings, (the far distance at the top and bottom, clouds on the damage to eyes), yet found a skirt and cover bare legs.

The Church was struck by its incredible antiquity and simplicity. Stone ornamentation on the walls balusters-poluraspredelenia. Stone blocks, firmly nesting on one another, suggests the idea of artificial eternity. Gave the idea short human century. That this barely perceptible flutter in the chest... talking about? That I'm older than my skeleton and other body tissue? That I've already been once? They built this? Married here? Defended this citadel? ...Not important...

"Let the Lord, happy road, give happily to avoid the dangers in our path and understand what you need to understand everyone..." — about such was my prayer. Quite informal, as the sense of danger that pecked in the familiar shell of existence - troubled chick, ready to hatch and bring to life a New – What? Unknown... And the chick will not leave in the shell, and give him to be born... how? Only to give the opportunity to show a danger... there is No other way.

Crystal I carefully wrapped it in a napkin and put it in the breast pocket – it so happened that at the heart. If it was caught under his feet – Vedi! He went with me, and again he saw the light away from his house – in my house. It means I made it back alive. But this was still far away.

Our problem is not resolved. The conductor had to go down with Sahis. His first descent was a secret beneath the legend "go for khachapuri". Actually – to clarify that with him, and if he higher.

When the children's Father said he didn't get better, sore throat is surprisingly strong and the temperature rose, we decided to go down with him in Stepantsminda. To consult with physicians, what is happening and what can be done quickly. And he had a lot to discuss about possible catalysts. The disease is a reason to see where other circumstances I would not meddle. His condition brought him to the party, to the student anyway, which means I could have done something at goodwill (I mean, not had trouble with health) he would not request as the leader of the group.

Moreover, if this had happened previously, at least for a day, would be a completely different layout. And so I'm exploring on the way down not so much why it happened, how, why? Him group, me...? What is secondary use of the fact that everything is going exactly and whom it insures against possible tragic consequences of the ascent.

Those who remained could choose what to do. The Creek far below was calling to me, and we went swimming. The wolf and little Red riding Hood was left in the tent to tell stories to each other.

The water flowed in a deep gorge at the bottom, fancy littered with large and small stones. It flowed , liquid crystal cold, creating small waterfalls and shallow shoals. The coast is plentifully overgrown with bright green, succulent and lush grasses.

Swimming in a Creek — enjoy sophisticated. On the verge of pleasure — where it is ready to move into its opposite. Unusual, not for everyone. For those who for the first time – an unforgettable sharp edge of sensation. First, the water is very cold, and secondly, to experience the impossible. Or have to pour yourself from a mug (Thrifty brought), or podesiti under the waterfall, inventing new yoga poses. And then the searing cold jet whipped on the naked body, with a gentle indifference enveloped him, gathering live tremors, perking up, oplodotvorenie his feelings, and flowed on. We were at the bottom of the gorge from above was a monastery, hence small as a matchbox. In the middle is the trail on which we came. Us it was not visible, and from the monastery – maybe, but too far, only through binoculars it was possible to see four naked bathing women. (If of course, someone had this idea and had binoculars). We felt privacy and security, and at the same time completely open, happily bared for this place.

For us it was very stress-free day. Calm, pleasing freedom and the bright sun. Only I knew what troubles the health-conductor threaten to change and even disrupt our plans, but, of course, didn't tell anyone. Why? Maybe it would all work out...

And while you can admire the beauty and unimaginable vastness around. I've been in the mountains (Crimea, Carpathian), I really love them.But the Caucasus struck me with its grandeur. The distances were farther and the people seemed less.

Here the horse was running free in herds – 5-6, zipping past the stalls, not be afraid of people – it was their Kingdom. Here they grazed freely, flirting with the tourists competed with dogs for your attention.

On this day we went to the source near the monastery (this is where we took water for drinking), and went to the monastery itself. The abundance of pleasant experiences, transparent beauty, serene mood, effortless leisure created a sense of security.

Only premonitions threw the thin tentacles from the future – something went wrong, something in front of rocks, promising uncertainty and fear.

...The conductor in the valley stole the track stick. For a moment he left them and now - they're gone. Sign – clearer than you can imagine. So to stay away! Let it go! Stay at the bottom... For him – for sure and for us that he is a key link that? But the guide still took us up and we went, admiring and sinking. I so sure these feelings. About the rest – we can guess and assume. We had a very, very diverse group, each with their strength and their aspirations, where will lead us this divergence? In my heart confidence and joy slowly gave way to doubt and anxiety.

About experiences I undertake to be completely honest, even if I look like a complete fool. As for everyone else – more difficult. As usual, each had its own history of relations more or less close. A cooperative adventure like ours brings people together very strongly for a short time, even if there is no format to the Mystery, where's Frank statements are not only welcome, it is assumed as part of the conditions. By default, we're each other both on hand — not locked in a separate stone cells, as in the city. The conditions of life such that you do not want — will open. All of the insides out, without censorship, for good and bad. The bounds of decency here, as the walls of the tent, the conditional, and soon become invisible. And ask about anything you do not hesitate to answer any question too.

We're intertwined thoughts, feelings and impressions, caught like hooks, shared experiences. This group, after parting never comes together, but the imprint of these events and all the travel is forever. Each. Forever. Inside – as part of it. This is serious! Especially if you have enough attention to watch not just for themselves.

I have enough... For me it was one of the most interesting moments. I, of course, has always been in the first place. But the others also from time to time acted in the lead roles on this show. Those to whom I looked or who listened, or just sat there and felt body.

Thus, it is possible to write 8 short stories about our climbing, flashing like a searchlight from one of those who was there with me (I wonder would have happened, probably!). But, perhaps, incorrect. So my other story is not very detailed and only as needed. This is a live real people, not fictional characters, so my impressions and speculation and personally at the meeting if who will have such a need.published

Authors: Natalia Walicka, Julia Golovkin

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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