For those who are waiting for us downstairs!

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I went back to our room, which kindly provided us with the Georgians, otrokov us in advance what we two nights have not enjoyed their hospitality. But before climbing we chose the whole team, dragging up all my gear and leaving the tent alone flutter in the wind.

In the room I was greeted by a glow of happiness Wolverine. I hugged her and asked:

– Where's the Wolf?
— He's quite a bit you did not wait, but went down, so descend before dusk. Looked pleased with the outcome of their events.
— And of course, good. He even slept a little bit?
— Yes, rested. Pack a backpack, but left us his torch and the Cup.
OK, how amiable he is, a true hero. Lovely all pull him down.
— I have a shower first, then tea. Until the body is cold – I want to remove everything.

That is, the soul no of course there wasn't here and was out a large barrel, pierced with holes in it - jet, which was allowed to shower under the fountain, the water collected in the barrel tube from under the snow, which stretched above our camp – that's all plumbing.

To the delight of all the local climbers (who only arrived by this time 16-17 hours), I came to the rescue of a Supernova and Fox, alternately took a cold shower in the Nude. With a feeling of complete bliss and absolute apathy. You think that the local climbers, too, was in his own bliss and apathy. And the best part of this for them could be the realization as the conclusion that at worst, this shower is also an option, and so it is a wash.

So, Lone Wolf, having returned, in the words of Wolverine, was in a good mood, said he came to "his Kazbek". Tried to wait for us, then I realized it will be long and your going down. We were hoping to meet at the bottom, where our group finally all had to come together.

"For those who are waiting for us downstairs!" there was a toast to our New year night ago. Here she is at the weather station we waited for Wolverine and else – conductor Alexey — below 1000 meters. And little Red riding Hood missed you in anticipation, and each did it differently. By the way, if Wolverine left, I could hardly get up – she shared with me their equipment – thermotrousers and down jacket. Without it had nothing to do on the ascent, it literally saved me. The cold and the wind is not a joke, because it's August 5K! Our most evil Jan may argue and lose.

The day was over for me then when I got back to the station. I climbed into the sleeping bag and passed out. Even is not desirable. I woke up, bundled up tightly, I froze. From time to time, we get up at the same time, something discussed. Go back to sleep... something to eat, but very little... a paradox. It seems to be necessary to regain strength, but the body seems even digestion is now saved.

On the question of what this climb meant to me, I might not have anything intelligible to say in there really was nothing – complete emptiness, no thought, comparisons and conclusions.The only analogy that came to mind is childbirth. But after birth, usually the baby comes. And then what? Nothing yet... "Wait a couple of weeks, said Sajis, Then you have something else to say". But to answer the question: "if everything returns back to decision point, what would I do?", the answer was absolutely clear – would. And in fact my original query was is this: "to Know HOW I'll be there if you decide to do this?". I know. Point.

Once upon a time, 25 years ago I undertook a journey that, although not required such a limit stress, too, it was really hard for me. I then traveled by canoe in Karelia, and there was all the charm of Northern nature – rain every day, mosquitoes, clouds, cold, swamp. And bonus – unreal silence, the emptiness, the huge sky, rainbows, waterfalls and many other things. Then I warmed it for many years. When I became ill, I recalled the journey and thought (or rather felt): "I stood There... and even managed to enjoy it all. So now stand".

That I would be climbing it, and how it osvetit my further Path is unknown. But I know exactly what I, as a man, LIVE as I go outside its own boundaries. If I am, inside them I was on the defensive against Life, in a vulnerable state. And I find it difficult and boring. Because where I have fenced in your own space, where I'm settled, I'm comfortable, but nothing to explore. I know the space around us and ourselves within it. You can relax, have fun and be addicted to it. But any finite pleasure, so I and the people who are of one blood with me, typical greedy to look beyond the horizon. This Is The Way Of The Hero. And I'm glad once again passed on it.The clock is always ticking, we all have a time to be born and a time to die. And that's what we will fill the gap between these (the most important events of our lives) is for us to decide.

...In the end, everything we do in this life, know what you are capable of....

...In the end, everything we know about Life, that's what it can do for us...

...We know that is capable to dare.... Dare what it takes to escape... that can survive... and that can. With whom we are on the way. How much can I carry over their shoulders? How to relieve your burden? ...That stuck in my head when she denies the body? ...Imagine if I die tomorrow, what have I missed? ...and what (whom) I remember before he died? But if death shall depart, and what I will change in my life, by answering the previous questions? How is my Chaos? In a new order? How this order will be for me now in my new Life, after all THIS?

By and large, in order to ask yourself this and answer honestly, you need to be very, VERY close to Death. When it is real, tangible, when you talk about her as about daily routine, do not ignore and do not hide your eyes. It varies, it helps to search for new meanings. "It's the journey, after which no one will ever be the same," said the Wolverine, and she's right. Too many feelings, questions and answers. It expands in the direction of greater truth, a greater life. In the direction of Yourself. Because man is the only creature on Earth that may give meaning to life and can also take away. Can give value to any event, and may devalue. And then, at the height of the can (if you try) to understand His power over Their Lives. If you take the trouble to think about it, and understand that for these realizations we are here. Not for fun. You can have fun safer and cheaper.

And at altitude, it is possible to meet very different people, not those that surround you in valley space. Do not believe me – go up, at least to the foot.

I wasn'T proud of that climbed MT. I was so hard that I could not lie to myself, saying "I conquered...".

In General the formula "over the top" stupid and smug. How can you conquer the summit? Is that dress on her (top) collar and forced to March in formation? What stupidity...Conquer only himself, forcing (what the hell – everyone has their own motives), to climb on it. In this sense... Yes, I conquered. "Ergin ascended the Kazbek on the power of the will" — said Sakis, and it's true! I did not have any ulterior motives, no "candy" waiting at the end. Clean the study. What? As it turned out – will power.

By the way, until now I did not know that I have willpower, that's funny! I don't know what impression I make on others, but I myself know that I am weak-willed and lazy man. Only do what you want. Chaos reigns in me.And then, suddenly, WILLPOWER. What a discovery! Thank you, Kazbek, for the sake of it I tried.

So now from this moment began the way down. Up call. Down – the realization of what happened. Both directions are equally important. If you do not go up and no chance to learn new things. If you're not coming down – no way to examine the contrast and understand why it was this way.

"Go down easier than up," Yes, it is a myth. For anyone who is heading to the mountains, not noticing the gifts of Height. Actually be aware of the lessons of ascent – not less difficult, than to Rise.

We were well released a meteorological station. Wolverine is invited to stay there to work. And the conditions were very good. As for her request — "tired of life, want to change everything" – what you need. Fox looked around at the World, men in a beautiful outfit, inspired. Supernova and once again checked their borders. Although the World has not revealed himself from the heights of mount Kazbek, he revealed himself in a different sense. This is all concerned. This suggests that the Way inside. Since Dali is not opened, our General road – not society.

Yes, this time the ascent on Kazbek covered us with a cloud. On reaching the top, we snuggled into the milk and we couldn't see far away. Ice has ascended to the top, I eighth time, the eighth time crossed the vertical mark above 5,000 m above the sea level.

Most of the vertices that have accepted me, opened vast expanses I watched as the curving arc of the horizon and was understood as huge, but measurable, our planet, I realized the extent of the external world. But three times: Ararat, Himalayan, Gokuri and now Kazbek, met us at the top of the fog.

And that's what I thought, the day of our return from Kazbek — watching that further changes in oneself and others, accomplished its ascent. When on top of mountain opens with good visibility, providing human eye, a large expanse of foreseeable distances – most likely evolution of a climber this time will be outside the vector. External events, the popularity, the fame, the relevance of his life – will be waiting for him in the near future and immediately upon return. If the top climber will meet intimate: concealing cloud external from it, hint it, so he, about the future of a radical inner change in himself and the external is already a secondary consequence of its large domestic discoveries.

Of course we understand, I believe that the internal and external interrelated, like communicating vessels and there is nothing external that would not affect our internal – but in different periods of his life we focus more inside or more outside.

The path was easy, the weather was nice. I was pleased that a heavy backpack will not have to drag up. Only down, is quite another matter. By the way, there is another myth about the fact that on the way back easier. Like, food I ate and all that. Nonsense! Food-ate, but the weight of a backpack is not affected. Yes, and going down hard – a big load on his knees. And far, 1 day to do the journey which took us several days.

We left. I looked around. And confirmed for himself a strange effect noticed yesterday when coming back, he looked at the Kazbek. He suddenly seemed small. No, not a word — not small — he became a CLOSE. Clear. Available. Like the neighbouring hill. And this is despite the fact that I almost died climbing on its steep slopes! Miracles, and more! The subconscious mind is doing with the perception of strange somersaults, inexplicable to the rational mind.

I then thought that my mind is more deranged from exhaustion. But... no. The effect remained. And it was nothing of pride, I repeat, I have never in all the time of the ascent (at the very top — that last mile up), got to tell yourself "I'm cool" because I don't feel like this. Cool, for me, was the one who wasn't killed so to death — Bako, for example, Sahis, Supernova. And Fox, too — although she was slower, but came in good condition, and not crawled some who now is writing. So cool here — zero. And reasons for pride — zero.

Having ascended to the ridge, which was the last time you could look at the Glacier, we met with the Ukrainian group of conductor max ohotina who stood next to us, and ascended also in the same time. "You know the story about girls who pulled his guide down, then spent three days on the weather, took a new guide and still ascended to Kazbek?" — he asked us. He did not know that it was us. And when we told him about it, he began to admire. What do you think? Our ambition! It was funny... Because of the dedication that we did not suffer. None of us had ideas DEFINITELY come up. We doubt all the time, 10 times deliberated on the matter, within himself and outwardly repeatedly refused this idea. We didn't go up, even when he was already on the mountain. If we talk about some of the unspoken credo of our group, it was approximately such: "it is what it is. Any option will suit us": for example, I made a decision that has ALREADY satisfied with this journey when I saw near the Glacier. And everything else, further, was a bonus. So what about any determination, this was not. Least of all about her.

We tried to explain this to max, but he wouldn't listen. And how could we convey? And why? Let him think as he wants, in the end, it doesn't matter. What others think about us – good or bad – that's their business, and by and large, it is impossible to influence. And that's what we think and feel about themselves and their lives is something that depends on us, that's what's really important. Because it will affect our lives there next.

After the pass, our group was divided. Supernovae and the Fox went the lower way, and we Sahis — top. Wolverine was left behind. She seems to have been around in this state, as I did yesterday. At least fell like it. I have, oddly enough, did not plan to linger, to go slower, to be with her. Same as yesterday no one was left with me. And this wasn't for vengeance, it was TRUST. My group went ahead, trusting me, knowing that I can do it, even if it's hard for me. This is the Way, and some areas it needs to go alone. So I trusted now to the Wolverine, knowing that she is not a Victim, she can handle it.

We all met down at the monastery. I went to the Church to thank for the successful completion of the ascent. I still found it strange that all ended well, only two of the stolen sticks and one broken. This was a material loss. About the moral I don't know, I had a clear profit, and about others... that's their business to knock out the debit with the credit.


My "theory of signs" staggered once again, from its Foundation had to pull out the cornerstone. Because it was against the fact that we ascended, but we still ascended. The conclusion is (as old as the World): "If you can not but really want, you can". And again:"If it is very scary, it does not mean that everything will end badly. It does not mean anything, except that very scary. Fear is not a reason to abandon the idea if it is warm".

And what is intuition then? Who it works and how it works? The Victims of Controllers and it works on the principle "to enforce the law and ban", her task is to leave the person in a familiar framework, and NOT to let him get over the edge of already developed space. And it's not intuition, in my opinion, it is plain cowardice. If we are talking about expanding your borders — then there is intuition — the quiet voice is not mandatory. That is, he makes it offers. And then it depends on the person what he will choose to remain in a familiar, or go for his face. And in fact, otherwise people will benefit.

If he stops, the winnings will be guaranteed safety. In the case that will lead to new given and new horizons. And what kind of prize he chooses depends on his lifestyle — as it is diversity or boredom, or the new ordinary. Everyone needs something of their own. The problem is those who always sits behind his fence, only that Life periodically in the fence occurs, and even blows. And then more survive will be those who from time to time, pokes his nose over the fence that he built his own EGO.

The last stage of the road we crossed by car — the one that goes from the monastery to Stepantsminda. We are "seduced" Max, conclusively proving that there's no need to kill the legs then all the deeds already done. And all along, he peppered us with various historical, cultural, biological, and other information. He who fills all space without a trace.

"Super Max" said about why gruzinski Orthodox cross is curved. This is the legend of the girl of years 12 Nino, which dreamed that she must get up and immediately go to baptize people, dedicating them to the true faith. St. Nino took the vine and made a cross. In the path of the sprigs of the vine has withered, bent, and therefore in Georgia, we often see the drooping ends of a cross bar on the cross.

From max, we learned that Georgian women are very like to watch a lot of TV shows, in that they are just behind Mexican Madam, but Georgian men are hardworking and love to marry Ukrainian women, as they also do not know how to be lazy.

And he also said that Georgian accent, is a consequence of certain way of a trained larynx, during the pronunciation of Georgian words, so those who live in Georgia for a long time, you begin to speak with a Georgian accent, Georgian accent, is also sold foreign wives Georgians just on time.

And a lot of other – you can capture it for the hour would have been a good guide pages 50.

Max Okhotin – travel organizer and guide, bridgesii positivity and enthusiasm. Its members he has already completely filled your energy and perhaps they are already "all told," therefore, as a catalyst for fresh emotions for us. we were definitely interesting, and we have him. With his group (there were 10 people), we at regular intervals met on the trail.

Very warm person — incredibly inquisitive, and absolutely a young soul, able to admire the many details and therefore remember a lot of things. The experimenter, definitely a scientist, he actively explored the engineering field and even genetics. Proving his father is also a scientist, the principles of painting "butterfly" and transfer it by inheritance for example, rabbits and proved! Devoting several years. And now wears it around the world. Looking at the man, I recognized myself. In my life I also left the "pigs" and began to study the next – as it seems.

In the Park, where we spent the first night, we were scheduled to meet with the conductor and the lone Wolf. Had to share things and to arrange a formal meeting with the Circle out of the Mystery. With things sorted out, but the evening meeting took place without Wolf and little red riding hood. Interested, he asked us about what is not known — and it was all about the end of the climb. Red was obviously in a energy "let's get out of here" – I think she even said something out loud. At the evening meeting they did not come. Although in many ways, the talk has revolved around how the Wolf came back. The conductor clearly saw this story in my own way, trying to understand. But without a protagonist that was impossible. But neither the Wolf or little Red riding Hood did not respond to calls, clearly avoiding meeting. This was the bitter taste of incompleteness, reminding that next to the joy and relaxation always goes to the alarm – like looks in at the Windows.

In my opinion, those who did not come - did not complete the Mystery. They will have to continue to carry this energy, living story that has not been closed symbolically, energetically and humanely.

Although... now I don't particularly care — I was in blissful relaxation. Nothing could spoil it — or the lack of hot water in the hotel where we have time before the meeting to wash off the first layer of mud, nor the fact that our backpacks were still in the lobby, and the room we were not... We were downstairs, they were all alive. Adventure ended and now you only have to comprehend and remember.

From this point, we all went home in different directions. Explorer Wolverine and the Supernova drove the car tonight. Fox joined the group max was going with them to cross the border. Max was going with his Elbrus and Chanterelles was a chance (if she wants) to join them. (As it turned out, she did). About the plans of the Wolf and riding hood we didn't know anything. And for Sakis and me had tomorrow morning to call her personal wizard and take him to Tbilisi. She remained with him to enjoy a civilized adventure in Georgia, and I have tomorrow was a plane ticket.

While we were sitting in the cafe and we were again joined by the ubiquitous Max, he pushed it and ran on. It is worth it to retell it. "When a man ceases to take gambles, he said, Is a sign that is its youth. Commitment to action, the result of which is unpredictable, the willingness to take risks and have adventure. And this is something that has nothing to do with the age of the body. You can seriously prepare to weigh "for" and "against". And, Yes, do we NEED to prepare and to calculate the forces. But still in any Adventure there comes a time when nothing can be predicted in advance — it ends how will it end? Otherwise it's not an Adventure. Willingness to take up the gauntlet, to respond to the challenge is what makes life LIFE."

There is a version about the nature of the world that I want to finish the description of our adventures. Version just in the context of the foregoing. So, we all (meaning all people) as participants in the great divine play. Once in the Life, we can (and should) to create rules. At the end everyone is playing in something different, that chose to play. No game no worse and no better than others. Moreover, nephrodium players seem to all play their game. This is not so. Each — their own. Options games very much, counting not be. Generally – the most common:

— I am the most beautiful

— I am the richest/coolest/luckiest

I'm the smart/brave/ strong

I, just like everyone else

And so on...

The point of the game is to be happy. Even if your achievements/awareness/achievements none of the others do not understand, and at the sight of you tends to twist finger to his temple. Than zavorozhennye turns, the more it shows that his game is not like yours.

A fool who pays attention to it – then he strays from his course on foreign. On another may have good luck and trophies, but the joy from them almost nothing. Therefore, all attempts to call for a 90% doomed, especially if your path copyright. Because, oddly enough, most people chose to play the game "like everyone else".

Error of all the possible partners of a different sort in that they do not understand what game each of them plays.

"I want adventure" and "I want love and care" — almost the opposite requests, and in this case, the partners will conflict or to suffer, and to claim each other out loud or silently. What we have seen in our group.

Why don't people negotiate in the open? For various reasons, in my opinion:

  • because they themselves do not know what they want;
  • because I hope to sneak partner on their side (unbeknownst to the partner that there is a manipulation);
  • because I'm used to adapt to others;
and many more options.

In any case, it is the uncertainty that they feel, or where you are trying to camouflage their true purpose.

Here, the Mountains can also help clarify the intent. Yes! To return to the valley with more clarity and with greater Force.

But the quality of your way a number of followers not to judge. From the quality of your way says only the quality of your life. And about him nobody else knows, because to get in your head and your body is impossible.

Of course there are signs, but they are also subjective. For example, I mentioned about the time is, in my opinion, one of the indicators of quality. If it is capacious if "conditional year" you live "conditional two or more," you're on the right track. But this, again, nobody knows but you! On the external Path are the external milestones, internal – only your feelings, so do not hope to boast of, you are unlikely to understand.

No common currency, each of the players prefers its. Someone- peace and safety. The interest and excitement. Only the designated "winning" feeling – the prize in the game.

Therefore, to compare yourself with others is stupid and pointless. And if you want to find allies and colleagues – look for those who merit their happiness like currency.

No, I will finish all the same, I will describe the last stage of their journey home to Ukraine. Kazbek revealed to me far, far away, I have always dreamed of. But I was lucky to enjoy a wonderful sunset spectacle: we flew over Ukraine and its bodies of water – large and small rivers, lakes, rate, streams, vast expanse of the Dnieper – everything was shining with gold. On the bluish-gray-blue-green earth flowed bright snakes and mirrors the color of the Sun. My land welcomed me. In my backpack were a flag, visited on the 5 th Kazbegi. Although at this point I haven't thought about it – about the Kazbek or about the flag – I felt alive, I felt a... published


Authors: Natalia Walicka (italics), Julia Golovkin (straight text)

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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