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On the ice rink sports school "Locomotive" in Ekaterinburg 4 years Julia Lipnitsky led Daniel L. mom. Julia Elena Levkovets trained and Marina Wojciechowski. In March 2009, due to the lack of opportunities for further growth in Yekaterinburg, he moved to Moscow and joined the group in Eteri Tutberidze SDYUSSHOR number 37, helped run and Igor Pashkevich.

It has the nature of the extraordinary flexibility and stretching involved in early childhood, which enables it to perform some of the most complex rotations in the world, with a unique position to capture of a leg. By the autumn of 2009 Julia mastered all the triple jumps, some difficulty is rittberger. In the 2009-2010 season Lipnitskaya was fifth in the championship of Russia among juniors, and the following season was the fourth in the "adult" Championship of Russia. In the season 2011-2012 Julia reached the age at which IMS allows athletes to participate in international competitions among juniors. She made her debut on the stage of the Junior Grand Prix in Poland, who won. Then came the stage in Italy, where he was also conquered the gold medal. In the final Grand Prix, held in Quebec, Canada, Julia was the first in the short and in the long program, beating nearest presledovatelnitsu Pauline Shelepen more than 17 points. Another serious start was the championship of Russia in 2012, where Lipnitskaya was third in the short program, but winning arbitrary, was able to win the "silver" of the tournament. At the beginning of February 2012 Julia won the Junior Championship of Russia, ahead of runner-up Pauline Shelepen more than 9 points. In March 2012, at the World Junior Championships in 2012, Julia took first place, ahead of 15, 2 points Gracie Gold (the winner of the national championship among juniors USA) took second place. In all international competitions 2011-2012 season, in which Julia has participated, it takes only the first place.

Pre-Olympic season 2012-2013 Julia Lipnitskaya start with a victory in the tournament in Finland - Espoo, 5 - 7 October 2012. In November, debuting on the adult stages of the Grand Prix in China and in France, he won both the short program times, and eventually won the prizes. At the same time in Paris, in the long program for the last rotation in layback she received not only the highest level 4, but absolutely all three bonuses for maximum quality. As a result, the skater qualified for the Grand Prix Final, but FFKKR November 30, President Alexander Gorshkov said that unfortunately, Lipnitskaya not perform in the Grand Prix finals, due to an injury - cut chin and a slight concussion. Because of the injury did not participate in the championship of Russia in 2013 in Sochi. In the second half of the season 2012-2013 at the junior championship of Russia Julia became the fifth. At the World Junior Championships in Milan, he won the silver medal. FFKR president Alexander Gorshkov said: "... surely the Russian pedestal - it's a great success! Very happy with second place Julia Lipnitskaya. World Championship has shown that it can handle, and is almost overcome all the problems that she had this season ... Our girls have won their medals in a real fight ».

Olympic season 2013-2014 Julia started with winning the tournament in Finland, beating Japanese girl Akiko Suzuki and in October won the Canadian Grand Prix of Figure Skating odinochnits in St. John's. In December, Julius took second place in the final Grand Prix, second only to Mao Asada. And became the second Russian league, made a small blot in the short and in the long program nedokrut. At its first European Championship in 2014 won unconditionally, the first Russian odinochnits in eight years, at 7, 36 points beating compatriot Adelina Sotnikova and five-time European champion Carolina Kostner. The free program performed a complex cascade of triple Lutz - triple toe loop and double Axel - triple toe loop, for the final three elements maximum levels have exposed 17 judges of higher premiums 3, and one of the judges even put the maximum score of 10, 00 of the components of the program. At the European Championships Julia was the youngest participant (15 years).

At the 2014 Olympic Games was the Olympic champion in the team tournament. Suddenly he won both programs, making the greatest contribution to the victory of the Russian team (20 points in the first two places). In the short program of the tournament completely clean sang all seven elements, including Cascade triple Lutz - triple toe loop, the higher premiums received all three of layback of Vysk 4 levels. The free program made a complex cascade of triple Lutz - triple toe loop, double Axel - triple toe loop - double toe loop, all 4 levels of rotation, taking first place by a wide margin of 12 points. Yulia Lipnitskaya aged 15 years 249 days, became the youngest champion in figure skating in the history of Winter Olympics.

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