A modest collection of children's stories

A modest collection of children's stories - "horror stories" - if you can call them - "Tales from the Crypt" ...

At the time when the child of someone talking some "terrible" history - was quiet for a long time - because children's imagination and sensibility doing their job ...

It provided the most traditional version of "horror stories" - all the options are not taken into account - they are a great many - members of the fairy-tale, "child" part of our national folklore ...

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1. Black piano

Once there was a family: mother, father and baby girl. The girl really wanted to learn to play the piano, and his parents decided to buy it. They still had the old grandmother, who told them that they are in any case Why purchase a black piano. Mom and Dad went to the store, but they sold only black piano, and they bought black. The next day, when all the adults went to work, the girl decided to play the piano. But she pressed the first key of the piano got a skeleton and demanded her blood bank. The girl gave blood, skeleton, drank it and climbed back into the piano. This went on for three days. On the fourth girl was ill. The doctors could not help, because every day when everything went to work, the skeleton out of the piano and drank Devochkin krov.Togda grandmother advised to split the black piano. Dad took an ax and began to chop, and with piano hacked skeleton. After that, the girl immediately recovered.

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2. Blue curtains

The girl was playing with her friends in the street. She was approached by a woman, and said: & quot; - Never buy blue curtains. They bring the mountain. & Quot; A girl laughed and ran away.
The next day, the girl with her grandmother went to the store, grandma liked the blue curtains. The girl forgot about the ban, and they bought the curtains. When hung curtains in the bedroom, they saw them a small black spot. Grandmother tried to wash. And at night there was a cry. My grandmother was dead, and on his neck she had a black finger prints.
The girl called the police. Police ambushed in an apartment. Night has come. The girl, trembling with fear, went to the grandmother's bedroom. From spots poked black hand reached for the girl's throat. A policeman fired at the spot, and it was red. They were enchanted curtains of the woman who had warned the girl.

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3. The Queen of Spades

One day two girls tried to call Queen of Spades. They drew on the mirror with soap house and steps. A few seconds later there was a black spot, which is up the stairs in the house. The next day, the girls found the cards in their hands - and every girl was on the map - it was the queen of spades. In fact, to destroy the Queen of Spades, you just need to erase a house with a mirror.

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4. A terrible picture

Daughter and dad decided to give my mother a birthday picture. They came into the store and asked: & quot; - Do you have pictures? - No, I ran out. & Quot; Let's go to another store - there are not. Come the third, ask: & quot; - paintings there? - No, just ran out. & Quot; They were upset and started to leave. But the cashier and he says: & quot; - Wait! I have in the back there is another. I left it for yourself. Come, see, and you can enjoy it currently take. & Quot;
The picture they liked. They took her and carried, hung on the wall. At night her mother, who slept in the room where hung a picture, I felt someone touch. She was frightened, cried and turned on the light in komnate.Uvidev sticking out of hand painting, mother called her husband, and together they cut off the hands of the picture. The next day, they went to his grandmother and told her everything. She tells them, and: & quot; - Take a picture of someone who sold it to you and crossed the man. & Quot; The father went to the store and saw that one cashier hands tied. The father threw her in the picture and the cross over her. The cashier screamed and ran into the back room. This was all over.

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5. Red Sox

My mother sent her daughter to the market to buy socks. He gave her money, saying, Certainly, the girl in any case did not buy red socks. When she came to the market, she liked only red socks. The girl decided why not buy and red? I bought once and decided to try. Released to the market and put them on. On the bus home, she did not go to walk down the street in those socks. But it soon began to hurt his feet. She decided that it rubbed her shoes and walked on. When she came to the house, she was so painful that she fell. My mother ran out of the house, saw the red socks, and soon began to remove them. But when removed, there were some gnawed bones from Devochkin feet.

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6. The story of a white woman

Previously, on-site children's camp was a castle. There was a rich gentleman. He had a servant Belinda. One day, he told her to wash his white shirt. Belinda had washed her, but when hung to dry, accidentally dropped his shirt. Barin terribly angry, he cut off the head of Belinda and buried it under a tree. On the tree, he filled his cross. Then Belinda became completely white - the hair, the body, everything. Now she walks at night in the camp, and if he sees Sleepless in white shirt after midnight - it strangled him ...

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7. The coffin on wheels

Once there was a little girl my mother. Once she was alone. And suddenly on the radio: & quot; - A girl, girl, coffin on wheels left the cemetery, looking for your street. Hiding. & Quot; The girl was scared, did not know what to do. Mosques around the apartment, wants to call her mother on the phone. And in the phone saying: & quot; - A girl, girl, coffin on wheels found your street, your house, he is looking for. & Quot; The girl is frightened scared, all locks locks, but does not run away from home. Trembles. Radio transmits again: & quot; - A girl, girl, coffin on wheels is your home found. The apartment goes! & Quot; And so on ... In short, when my mother comes home, she found the girl dead. Only one wheel in the mouth for some.

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8. Red gloves

One girl went to the store to buy gloves. Her mother said that she had bought any, but did not buy the red. When she saw the red gloves at the store, they liked her, and she bought them. When she went to her home, she saw that it burns. Firefighters arrived. And they could not put out the fire. Suddenly from behind a tree was a woman with a red face. When she saw all got scared and ran away.
The girl was left alone. This woman is said to be able to put out a house, if the girl then perform one of her request. The girl agreed. The woman quickly extinguished all. Then she said to the girl, the girl came to the cemetery at night and laid on the grave of the cemetery in the center of his gloves. The girl was very frightened. But she was even more afraid not to obey the order. She did not know what to do. And she went to the cemetery and placed in the center of the cemetery his gloves. Suddenly one grave slid the lid and popped the woman. She wanted to grab her by the arm, but she ran. Then the woman shouted: & quot; - you just will not get off of me! You will die a grandmother! & Quot;
The girl came home and saw that her grandmother died. Then, when my grandmother was buried, the girl met again at the cemetery this zhenschinu.Ona again told her to come to the cemetery. The girl came, and the woman with a red face and red gloves told her that she would die that night. The girl came home, went to bed and died. She was buried. She lies, and suddenly sees that it is underground. She saw where his mother and grandmother, and ran to him. And then suddenly I noticed that their red faces. And she, too, was very red face. Then they began to come to the people who buy red gloves.

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9. Green eyes

In one town lived a girl. She was a grandmother. When my grandmother died, she said to the girl: & quot; - Do not turn on the old green plate & quot ;. She closed her eyes and died, and was buried. My mother also said the girl: & quot; - Look, do not include green plate & quot ;. But the girl could not wait, and it still included a plate, when the house was empty. And a terrible singing voice:

"They run, run along the wall
Green Eyes!
Who girl stifle
Yes, yes, yes! ┬╗

The girl heard the doorbell ring and turned off the plate. The girl's mother entered the apartment. The mother did not have a hand. The next day she again set a record, and her mother came without two hands. Then my mother came without one leg. And then without two legs. When she came last time, she said: & quot; - You have ruined me, and she, too, will die. Do not put the plate. & Quot;
But she did not listen to his mother and then started a record. No sooner had the album sing a few words as the doorbell rang. The girl looked through the peephole, but saw no one. The girl is still opened the door in front of her stood a huge floor to ceiling green eyes. They said: & quot; - You did not listen to his mother, and she will die. & Quot; And strangled the girl's eyes.

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10. Scary rose

One mom's birthday. Dad went to work. My mother and grandmother with her granddaughter went to buy roses. Mom said that we need the white and red roses. But my grandmother offered to buy the black. Granddaughter argued with his grandmother, but still bought the black. We came home, put the roses in water, lay down to sleep. At 12 o'clock in the morning of flowers climbed hand and began to strangle the girl. This went on for three nights. Parents see that the girl began to lose weight. Then my father decided to go with her daughter, and took an ax. At 12 o'clock I climbed hand. My father cut off the little finger on that hand. In the morning my grandmother began to cut bread, and they saw that it did not have the little finger.

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That's it - such here were children history- "horror stories┬╗ ...


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