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Today Check mail at gmail-e, Google kindly informed me that for me to create some history. Not really knowing what it's about, about what it is and where it came from, I nonetheless clicked and decided to see what has once again come up with good company. Slowly began to understand what was happening. The idea partly even start to like it. Decided to conduct an unbiased test, especially without reading any background information and not digging in search engines. Overview decided to share with Habré benefit Similar articles not found. Under the cut a bit of traffic (10 megabytes before pouring on habrastorage). C by Google is not affiliated with the construction site, yes, otherwise why I have pictures;) And for the impatient once ссылка for example .

UPD: in the comments kindly noticed that half a year as there are stories. I do not know, did not notice. Apparently the automatic creation stories - is an attempt to pull them out. Looked more closely at the article Habre, nothing about them is not found. Therefore, the article is left to gather dust is not in the drafts her.

The essence of the 'stories » h4> Stories - a beautiful presentation of your photos have been added to Google-pictures. Slide show with captions, beautiful transitions to each of the following photos. Formed on the basis of albums. And Google has rolled out to demonstrate to me, not all photos from the album, but only some. What criteria would like to know, but I have not tried to analyze and leave them selected.

What it looks like and what I think about it h4> Already having worked with stories, decided to look where they added that part. It turned out that if we go to your photos in a new pop-up menu item. Intuitively, where to look for the new service. ok.

Here is the list of stories. Quite beautifully turned.

Cover history of history itself is also quite pretty. The picture moves. All the latest fashion web. The cover can be changed. Title too. And right there. Verdict interface - ok.

When you first open the newly created history button is available to "share". Then she disappears and you can probably adjust through "access settings", available on the menu.

In the button "share" the same things as the traditional interface for photos, Google documents. Remember that in the beginning did not really understand how rassharit everything correctly. Now it seems quite a convenient and understandable.

"Change" button allows you to select pictures for the story of the album. The interface is similar to uploading photos. Easy and intuitive.

As I mentioned earlier, the button "share" disappears and you can control access through the access settings that are available immediately in the menu.

By the way data access settings do not work. Looks like a bug.

Well, that can immediately report it to the support. This item "review." Service seems more testing. Right, that endured the opportunity to immediately unsubscribe opinion. Which I did.

Function to alter any strange. Quite unclear how it differs from delete. Because it also asks for the removal of the story. Minus. And indeed of the functions is the "change" and "redo". For me it is synonymous? especially in context. Unpredictably.

When viewing the history, I like the owner, you can add a signature on the go. Conveniently, I agree. But this addition is not available for all photos. Photos that are vertically composed entirely, field editing are not.

To add a signature in these pictures (which when viewed stories do not have a straight field) you must go to the edit page of information and add a signature there. BUT. Go back to my story already does. I did not find. This wildly angry. Blatant flaw.

summarize h4> From the photographs everything. Now a bit of a generalization. In principle, such an innovation to me to show pictures like it. You can create klёvuyu and beautiful presentation and show your friends / colleagues. Submission of photos so much more effective. Especially when viewed in full screen mode. However, this is true only for users who are not lazy to add description (signature in Google release terminology). Without them, the effect is less. The interfaces in general norms. Yesterday, for the first time had to face the administration of Google Groups, so that's a mess out there. Here, in general, all more or less clear. More remained unexamined moments, but you can be creative. I doubt that the service will be widely distributed, but IMHO it is even more interesting than the whole anybody unnecessary attempt to sit on the market in the form of sots.setey google +.

Here's a link to историю, which was in the screenshots. And poll for statistics. You also appeared history?

Yes No No, I have not added photos I do not know, too lazy to go look Only registered users can vote in polls. Sign , please. 96 people have voted. 28 people abstained.

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