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All you need to know about Google Glass h4>
Google Glass - is the last word "fashion technology" today. Announced and fallen into the hands of the public spirited in the past year, Google Glass are one of the most promising devices, who had created quite a stir, including in legal circles of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Anticipating the appearance of the device on sale in the UK, we have collected materials on Google Glass, which were published edition KnowYour Mobile, in one place. Below you can read about all there is to know about this gadget - the characteristics to the latest news and updates, plus we tell about competing devices, specialized applications, and presumably the price of Google Glass.

Features h4>

Display resolution of 640x360 pixels in at first glance may not seem very high, but should bear in mind that this is just a tiny panel, which will be located next to your right eye. Google claims that this display gives the image equivalent to that which can be observed on the 25-inch HD-display from a distance of 30 cm. Sounds good.

The device has a built-in, and a 5-megapixel camera capable of shooting 720p video and plays the sound with the transmitter for transmission of sound waves through the mechanical vibrations (bone conduction). This eliminates the need to use standard headphones due to the transfer of vibrations perceived by the inner ear.

Internal memory capacity is 16GB, although available for use only 12 GB - remaining 4GB, apparently, go to the software. Google Glass synchronizes all data from the cloud storage Google.

Google claims that Google Glass frame fits all: the set includes three sets of bow handles for a more comfortable use of points. The company has not yet resulted in any accurate data on the built-in battery, but said the possibility of making full use of the device within a single day.

Of course, the "full use", in comparison with the work of the same smartphones , can be interpreted in different ways, but we can not exclude some another meaning of these words pertaining exclusively to this type of gadgets. Google gives a brief explanation, stating that battery consumption will affect management of video and applications work Google Hangouts.

Users should please the possibility of charging the device via microUSB-cable and the ability to work with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - if necessary, you can connect points as a headset to your phone.

Google launches app MyGlass [ exemplary description of the application - it is recommended to familiarize :) i> - approx. pens.], which can be installed on the OS Android 4.0.3 (or higher) to control the device (GPS-navigation, SMS) with the help of your smartphone.

Google Glass and medical glasses h4>
After the statement that the users of the pilot version of points (Google Glass Expolorers) will receive an updated device for free, the web has an image Google Glass, combined with the glasses "prescription." Below - a couple of examples:

According to the description of Google, a new sample points is slightly different from its predecessor - it is more cumbersome and comes with detachable headphones, which apparently, is connected via the connector 3 to 5 mm.

The company does not give the exact characteristics, making the following statement:

«We would like to thank you all for the wonderful feedback that we normal. Later this year, all users will get the pilot version of the current one-time opportunity to exchange for a new device. This update will maintain compatibility with the new line of sun glasses health points, and will also include a headset. More detailed information can be found here ». Blockquote>
This is an essential step if you consider the fact that since the beginning of the public testing Google Glass criticized many of those who wear medical glasses. They had a simple choice - either to get contact lenses, or "leave the party».

The exchange program is open to all who have purchased Google Glass until October 28 [ 2013 i> - approx. pens.] and enrolled at the appropriate exchange.

A new collection of Google Glass Titanium h4>
Google announced the launch of a new "Titanium collection» Medical Google Glass.

Tags name conveys exactly the situation - the company will release a titanium eyeglasses high durability, yet is lightweight. With this new type will be 4 frames for selection: "rounded", "thin", "split" and "thickened", as well as two kinds of sunglasses. The frame is designed based on how the desire for elegance and simplicity, and the (relative) the need to hide the fact of smart points.

Today's users points (Google Glass Expolorers) can change the device to an instance of "Titanium Collection" for $ 225. Those characteristics will be available in standard stores selling optics (in the US), including specialized ophthalmological centers VSP.

Partnership with Ray-Ban and Oakley h4>
Luxottica, the parent company of brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley, announced a partnership with Google as part of the production points.

Luxottica statement does not mean that the company will produce a model suitable for Google Glass. Luxottica notes that the detailed description "will be presented later," but at the same time promises "a combination of high fashion trends, everyday convenience and innovative technologies».

Andrea Guerra (Andrea Guerra), CEO of Luxottica, said: "We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Google and are proud that we have the opportunity to outline the new horizons of optics industry».

Google has publicly announced its plans to release a consumer version of Google Glass in the 2014 time frame. Until now in circulation were only devices for developers who may be purchased for $ 1,500 by participating in the testing program Google Glass Expolorers.

The company says it plans to take advantage of Luxottica retail presence to promote your gadget, and collaboration with Ray-Ban and Oakley promises to give new stylish variations of Google Glass.

Of course, it is worth to wait for the real embodiment of the claimed characteristics of the new sleek design, but we can be sure that the new version of the gadget will retain all the main characteristics of the precursor.

What can Google Glass? H4>

House h5>
Research Division Laboratory CITRIS University UC Berkeley has developed a modification of Google Glass, enables you to control home appliances using the gadget.

Craftsmen complemented unit IR emitter, which in combination with the Xbee 802.15.4 WiFi and allows the microcontroller to control home appliances. Thus, the owner of the smart glasses can be connected to the technique, just by looking at it through Google Glass.

Modification works with applications for lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and Smart TV. The researchers took into account the possibility of finding and multiple devices in the "field of view» Google Glass, adding the appropriate controls. Videos presented below will allow you to become familiar with the actual operation of the device. Judging by the video, the transmitter can not be called in the least stylish addition Google Glass, but it's just a prototype.

Nevertheless, it is a good demonstration of the potential of Google Glass. It is worth noting that to work with such modifications Google Glass appliances shall be equipped with an IR transmitter.

Images and Photos h5>

For users of the pilot version of glasses (Google Glass Expolorers) will soon be available a software update that will allow to take photos, blinking eye. Official name Update - XE12, and it seems, is only temporary experiment for obtaining feedback from the current device users.

Another novelty was the application MyGlass for iOS, allowing for the control of the device with the iPhone and iPad, and to work with a turn (turn-by-turn) navigation, which is also very good.

Update XE12 includes Touch-menu for Google Play Music plus lock screen, includes the time when the user removes his glasses. In addition there is the possibility of publishing a video in YouTube and new cards SERPs Google.

In addition to Google Glass comes out and application Hangouts, which allows to share photos, make video calls and chat using instant messenger Google. In the end, this is a fairly significant update - curious to know the result of the work of users with new possibilities of photography.

Software h5>

Google Glass will be running Android 4.4 KitKat h6>
Update Android 4.4 KitKat received a number of devices, and the Google Glass is no exception. This news was published Glass Almanac - states that the device will update the OS within a year of its release. Beta-version of the gadget on Android 4.0 has been provided for testing in February last year.

From this moment on a monthly basis out partial updates, which can not be compared in scale with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Zazhenski Teresa (Teresa Zazenski), guide on points Google Glass, wrote last week in a private forum user model Explorer, which in the near future we expect a software update. According to her:

«In fact, we are currently working on the migration of Google Glass version Ice Cream Sandwich on Kit Kat, to make the user experience more organic use of the device and to improve their quality in general. With these changes, we can simplify the process of dissemination of useful updates on the device and still something very interesting ». Blockquote>
Now all the readers of the forum are absolutely sure that the update is coming soon, however, when it comes to the Internet giant Google, there is only one way to confirm or deny the news. In the Know Your Mobile tried to contact Google and ask for company representatives to comment on the idea of ​​updating Google Glass to version Android 4.4 KitKat, but Google declined to comment on the situation.

Another member of the community of Google Glass, Sarah Price (Sarah Price), and subsequently published on the forum post containing the following statement: "The major changes take more time and can not occur with a frequency of once a month».

Google Glass Glasses and annexes: the use in real-life situations h5>

Google Play Music h6>
On the question of whether to stay in the world, something that can not be done using the Google Glass, soon there will be no positive response.

So believe in ReadWriteWeb, which stressed that the Google Play Music app will soon be available for Google Glass, turning the gadget into "the most futuristic music player in the world».

The publication decided to test the gadget, and found that, as in any other case, the device [running music application] focuses primarily on voice commands. However, when working with Google Play Music user should instead passphrase «OK Glass» pronounce words «listen to». After that, turn to Google Google Play Music libraries and try to find a group or artist, whose compositions are currently interested user.

According to representatives of RWW Hetmeyker Taylor (Taylor Hatmaker), smart glasses are recognized and fulfilled her request to listen «Tegan and Sara» [ «Tegan and Sara" - Canadian indie pop band named after the founding team, sisters Tegan and Sara Quin i> - approx. pens.] for a few seconds - at the same time she could stop playback, skip tracks or wind off the record back a simple touch of a finger.

Not bad - even for those who are not a fan of Tegan and Sara. There is only one problem: the battery charge. "I started to listen to music with a 40% battery level. After 10 minutes, the battery is discharged to 27%. 20 minutes listening to music, that is, after about 5 songs, the charge fell to 15% of critical. Not cool ».

driver assistance h5>

Motorists repeatedly gets into trouble on the road to the fault Google Glass. A lover of smart points even received a warning that it is not recommended to wear them while driving, but legal precedents related to driving in Google Glass at the moment yet.

The stumbling block of emerging discussions on this topic is that, unlike a smartphone using Google Glass driver's hands remain free.

But what if the application for the Google Glass save your life during a car ride? The new application called DriveSafe uses sensors intelligent points to determine not to distract you from driving. This means that if the driver falls asleep at the wheel and lost control of the road, the app will give him a signal.

Promoting the rule of law: the New York police are testing Google Glass h5>

Apparently, now Google Glass tested for the ability to use the NYPD. According report Venture Beat, New York City Police Department was interested smart glasses for possible use of urban the forces of law and order. VB representative spoke with an authorized representative of New York City Police Department: "We checked in, got a few copies of the Google Glass and now test them and try to understand if they can benefit in the work of law enforcement, in particular - Patrol».

At Google denied the version of the joint work of the company and the police department and said that law enforcement officials are likely to have acquired the smart glasses in the program Google Glass Explorer Edition. If this is true, then the Department would have to pay $ 1,500 for each pair of glasses.

Tests with a camera mounted in a policeman's helmet, and carried out previously in order to improve the behavior of law enforcement, so that from this point of view the use of Google Glass security forces can be considered as a positive innovation. On the other hand, critics, like Mike Bloomberg, argue that the data collected so smart glasses, can transform public order in a nightmare.

Virgin Atlantic adopts Google Glass h5>

In Virgin Atlantic confirmed that the company holds a six-week pilot testing spectacles Google Glass and other portable gadgets with the aim to find out how such devices can improve the quality of customer service.

Employees will wear Google Glass, to timely inform passengers of the latest data on their flights, and weather events in the destination, as well as to transfer data from any foreign language.

Balman Dave (Dave Bulman), CIO Virgin Atlantic, said: "The fact that now, more and more people can travel by plane - perfect. However, the availability of air travel has meant that traveling by plane, many passengers do not feel the special status of this mode of transport ».

«The fact that we were the first in the industry are testing Google Glass and other portable gadgets that can improve the user experience of working with us: we maintain a long tradition of innovation and innovation Virgin Atlantic, underlying the formation of a positive perception of the brand». Blockquote >

Google Glass in medical institutions h5>
One hospital in Boston started using Google Glass glasses along with the QR-codes to facilitate the registration of patients. Instead of entering data with a standard keyboard, which is equipped with a hospital bed, doctors can now use smart glasses to scan the QR-code of the patient and obtain all necessary information about the patient to display Google Glass.

Dr. John Heylemka (John Halamka), CIO Medical Center Beth Israel Deaconess wrote in his blog about the process of working with smart glasses. Here is what he says:

«When an employee of the clinic is included in the emergency department, (s) he looks at the barcode (QR-code) placed on the wall. Google Glass instantly recognizes the ward, and then from the database on the device shows information about the patient, which is contained in this ward. An employee may engage in dialogue with the patient, inspection and other procedures and at the same time to see the diagnosis, health status indicators, test results and other information about the patient ». Blockquote>
Gospitel uses the system for three months, and soon it will be available to all the doctors of the clinic. Google Glass - fun is not cheap, and there are differences in the health care system in the US and the UK - British clinics afford such can not yet.

More about Google Glass Development Kit (GDK) h4>
Wearable electronics firmly embedded in our lives.

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