Ray Ban

We continue our investigation, the popularity of sunglasses Ray-Ban among celebrities, only to have the female half. In the first part of the story of the brand Ray-Ban, 15, became famous men in Hollywood, in that I have formed a list of 15 stellar women, in order to see which of them are now giving preference to the firm.

Let's look now at the happy owners of sunglasses Ray-Ban.

Kate Bosworth prefer the classic Ray-Ban Aviator. I'd add it to her very face!

Mischa Barton in the Ray-Ban clubmaster

Mike is not afraid to experiment with different models of the company

a sporty style, also one of the options

Kristen Stewart's own collection are several varieties of Ray Ban.

Kristen and Roberta total simpaniya to the Ray-Ban

The original selection of Rachel Bilson, Ray-Ban in the green frame

actress looked very chic and discreet black

Megan Fox and classic range of Ray-Ban

Lindsay Lohan beautiful in Ray-Ban Pilots, classic

than not worse and her Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer

Demi Lovato - from Braves Aviator

a defiant Wayfarer

and the choice of Vanessa Hudgens also fell glasses Ray-Ban

Charming Kate Moss looks elegant in the Ray-Ban Wayfarer

got into my list, and Jessica Alba, all with the same Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Angelina Jolie to taste Aviator

Olivia Wilde looks in doubt original Ray-Ban with a blue rim

Rihanna stressed its own style exquisite accessories from Ray-Ban

Emilie de Ravin and her choice fell definitely on the Ray-Ban

And finally to our list, I have left Lady Gaga. Star proves once again his incredible style and taste.

I can not but notice that the famous women in their choice of Ray-Ban glasses are more liberated. Each of them has several different options and models in different colors.

Very pleased with their desire to experiment and stand out!


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