Toshiba announced "killer» Blu-ray

Toshiba has announced the world's first DVD-player technology XDE. The new technology is more than the traditional conversion technology permits and allows for a whole new level of image quality, according to the manufacturer. The device goes on sale in August 2008 for $ 150.

The US Department of Toshiba announced the world's first DVD-player technology XDE (eXtended Detail Enhancement). XDE technology is able to increase the resolution of a movie recorded on DVD, from the standard 480i or 480p to full HD resolution of 1920p (1920 horizontal lines and 1080 vertical progressive scan). A feature of innovation is that the user can choose the most appropriate for a particular film mode conversion: Sharp, Color and Contrast.

When you turn on Sharp increases image detail, fine details become more visible, the quality is close to Full HD. Unlike conventional technologies, XDE analyzes the entire image and adds detail in those places where it is needed. Mode Color enhances not only the details, but the color saturation, making emphasis on the blue and green. This mode is ideal for watching films about nature. Contrast Mode is designed to display detailed dark scenes - suitable, for example, thrillers and horror.

In addition XDE, Player Toshiba XD-E500 is equipped with interface HDMI-CEC, «understand» formats DivX, MP3, WMA and JPEG. The hardware component is not reported is probably XDE technology is based on quad-core Toshiba Quad-Core HD, also used in laptop Qosmio G50.

In the US, the new player will appear in August for $ 150 - twice as much as DVD-players with interpolation technology and half the price of most available player format Blu-ray.

Toshiba does not endorse XDE as a replacement for Blu-ray and HD DVD. "If you want Blu-ray, buy it - says in the interview with Associated Press Planning Director product line Toshiba America Consumer Products Messes Louis (Louis Masses). - The new product improves the quality of movies on DVD ». Recall information on that Toshiba will release a DVD-player with a new technology interpolation, it appeared in the May 2008

In February 2008, Toshiba has refused to further support the format HD DVD, putting an end to the two-year "format war", which came out the winner of the corporation Sony, Develop and promote Blu-ray. At Toshiba immediately reported that to move to the other side and produce equipment Blu-ray, they are not going to.

Development of the format DVD - a logical step. According to research by Harris Interactive, only 9% of Americans consider buying Blu-ray player for the next year. Buy Blu-ray player are in no hurry, even those with large TV and is fully aware that with such a device image and sound quality will be much higher. Many believe that the Blu-ray format shall not be such a significant increase in image quality, such as, for example, DVD compared with VHS videocassettes. Many are satisfied with what they get, resorting to the conversion function resolution movies on DVD.

The main advantage Player Toshiba XD-E500 is no need to buy movies on Blu-ray.


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