The first High-End Laser projectors Epson: on sale now

As promised in the first post of the series « home projector Epson - put all points over i », hurry tell you about our newest projector Epson EH-LS10000 , which Epson is the first time entering the market coolest High -End home theater projectors! At the heart of these projectors - the new technology Epson 3LCD Reflective and Dual laser light source instead of the traditional lamp, which allows for incredible contrast ratio, and the system Super Resolution 4K Enhancement and allow you to display content with precision close to 4K.

All this - below.

Absolute black and highest contrast

As mentioned above, Epson EH-LS10000 uses a laser light source, a feature of which is the full control over the brightness of the image. To improve the black color in the lamp projectors for dark scenes using automatic aperture, overlapping the excess flux. This solution successfully performs its task, but, nevertheless, the diaphragm is not able to block the light completely. The laser light source may also be completely switched off on the black stage, which in practice means infinite dynamic contrast ratio

Among other advantages of the laser light source - a durable resource ( up to 30 000 hours ). Such a light source - a solution to the problem of gradual changes in brightness and color of conventional projectors that occur with the aging of the lamp. Projectors up quickly: after only 20 seconds after the they are able to project an image with maximum brightness and the desired white balance. Projectors are virtually silent and not interfere with viewing, even in silence.

As for the new projection technology Epson 3LCD Reflective , it allows Epson EH-LS10000 compete for ANSI contrast 1 sup> with High-End competitors based on different technology options LCoS, SXRD and including D-ILA.

ANSI contrast is measured at the same time displayed on the screen of black and white. I> This enables the projector to achieve incredible depth and realism of the image, while showing very bright and very dark colors and smooth color transitions. In the past, the technology matrix «3LCD C2 Fine» enabled projectors Epson EH-TW9200 to hit contrast to the initial category of High-End devices at very competitive prices. And now, the latest chip 3LCD Reflective, do not work in transmission and reflection, they allow to cross the threshold and move even further!

Traditionally, Epson is proud of the quality of their projectors such as light and high color brightness and the absence of such unwanted when viewing dark and lack of action scenes, as "rainbow effect." With Epson 3LCD Reflective technology, these advantages are still relevant.

Technology Epson 4K Enhancement
Format 4K booming. However, at the moment, archives moviegoers filled movies at 1080p and the audience wants to get the best picture quality today, without waiting for the 4K will be distributed widely. In this regard, the real High-End-projector should be able to offer viewers not just one hundred percent sharp images, but little more. The projector EH-LS10000 used a wide range of tools to achieve the most precise and sharp images:

Matrix Epson 3LCD Reflective have increased pixel density (reduced inter-pixel spacing), which provides the most smooth lines and seamless, natural image. The projector is equipped with innovative technology < 4K Enhancement , which creates a pixel space with a resolution of 4K (3840 × 2160) using single-frame shift matrices halfpixel diagonally. 4K projector arranges the received image of two 1080p images so that they overlap with the shift in halfpixel get an image close to the original 4K and far exceeding 1080p image clarity.

Super Resolution Different versions of the technology used in the field of improving top projectors Epson, to emphasize the small details on 1080p quality materials, creating a sense of a higher resolution. Also, this technology smoothes out the corners and uplavnyaet line when working with lower resolution. All this allows the owner of the projector to get more from your collection of movies in formats Blu-ray and DVD. The projector EH-LS10000 Super Resolution Technology is also used to convert 1080p content in 4K for further display resolution, close to 4K. Of course, Super Resolution can not create new items out of nowhere, but it can make the image clearer and more attractive to get rid of visible pixels, significantly improving the viewing experience movies in 1080p. Reception 4K signal. In the case of Epson EH-LS10000, technology 4K Enhancement, will definitely give the best possible image detail when working with this 4K content. And it is very important to maintain a long-term standard 4K. The projector supports the copy protection HDCP 2.2, which provides compatibility with 4K-party sources, as well as - allows you to achieve color coverage, compliant 4K DCI! However, this advantage can not take advantage of using 4K material - enough to switch to «Digital Cinema».
 The combination of the above items makes it possible to achieve the best picture clarity and smoothness in all circumstances, whether it is viewing 4K or full HD. If a functional user is not required.

Color reproduction

Projector LS10000 support ISF calibration tools and possesses superior color accuracy, allowing the viewer to see the film exactly the way the director had seen him in the studio. This means perfect compliance with BT.709 (color space sRGB). However, the projector LS10000 achieves more, displaying broader color space and DCI Adobe RGB. This not only allows you to watch a movie if you want a more saturated colors, but also an essential stepping stone for the future, when they become available Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs with an extended color space.

Frame interpolation
Functionality allows you to make a smooth movement of the camera in films shot in the format of 24P, stood at home Epson projectors almost mandatory. The function is called "interpolated frames" and allows the user to choose the level of anti-aliasing completely smooth movement, to the minimum level that would be acceptable even for those who are afraid to turn the film into a live video (effect soap opera).

3D image
The projector supports 3D, 1080p and standard Blu-ray 3D. 480Hz refresh rate in 3D-mode allows the projector to give a more vivid and smooth 3D-images. There is also a functional conversion of images from 2D to 3D Depth Control and 3D.

The projector has a motorized lens has a wide range of the optical zoom and the lens shift function. This allows the projector is offset horizontally and vertically relative to the center of the screen and in a large range of distances from the screen, in locations that would otherwise be unavailable.

The groundwork for the future
Projector Epson LS10000 supports the copy protection HDCP 2.2, there will be a requirement to display Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs. The ability of the projector to display the DCI color spaces making it one of the few devices that are now ready for the emergence of Ultra-HD content with an enhanced color palette!

Already on sale!
Without exaggeration, we can say that the Epson EH-LS10000 - a new star on the Olympus High-End devices. The projector is the epitome of modern technological solutions, giving the lucky owners unsurpassed image quality, reliability and ease of installation and use.

Projector Epson EH-LS10000 is already on sale in Russia. Learn more about it, you can the product page on the website .

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