How to choose a home theater

Home theater − universal appliances that combine a DVD player, a TV set and acoustics. Many families can boast of having such equipment. Here's some tips for choosing a home theater system.

The chief representative of the home theater is, of course, television. It characteristics are important when choosing speakers and player. TV can be plasma, LCD, or tube. Acoustics also plays a big role, from its quality depends on the purity of the sound.

Before buying, decide with the free space in the room where it will be TV and six columns, which is also important to place correctly. For a better perception of the place the viewer should be at the same distance from the left and right speakers, behind him must be two or more speakers. Subwoofer you can put both the front and rear, maybe next to the viewer.

Complete home theater system player processor multi-channel sound.

DVD players recognise and play mostly all existing formats in which the files are saved: and video files, and audio recordings, and images.

If Your player plays back files in JPEG format, you will be able to watch home made camera pictures. For this you need to rewrite the existing information from the memory card to disk. Then include the player, gently insert the disc and view the pictures!

In the configuration of most home theaters are the tuners. Basically they are digital, quite functional and not at all inferior to the tuners that are built into music centres.

In picking high-quality home theater there is a player with decent features. It must contain multiple video and audio inputs and outputs.

Producers usually work on design home theater. Models available standard design, are found in the high-tech style, dominated by glass and metal. The most popular are the completed model in black color of high quality plastic. Forms of home cinema is so varied that the most discerning buyer will choose the system according to your taste.

Some users don't want to spoil the exquisite half long wires that violate, in addition, the design of the room. In this case, there are wireless home theaters. It is not really available, as it seems, but the room takes on a completely different look when it has wireless rear speakers.

In the home theater system usually has a front, center and rear speakers, subwoofer and amplifier. Some sets have a kind of package − subwoofer connected to the amplifier. Meet the producers that add to the player functions and decoder functions. Cables and wires necessary for operation, mainly included in a home theater environment. Additional facilities are only required to upgrade the system. But, as practice shows, it is better not to change anything without consulting with a specialist. After all, when the damage occurred due to unauthorized interference, then no the warranty will not cover repair or full cost of the item.

The manufacturer – that's what matters when buying a home theater system. Prefer the reliability and functionality of equipment, in this case, the sound will bring into your life a pleasure.



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