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I do not know about you, but I still remember what movies as a child and where I saw for the first time. In kinoatre "Pioneer" on Kutuzovsky I was with a group of friends at the archaeological section of the Palace of Pioneers. We then went to the movie "Moscow-Cassiopeia" (incidentally, Learn has Varvara Kuteyschikova). It is more than thirty years ago. I remember drinking soda in the cafeteria and ate cheese sandwiches.

Now, it turns out, the efforts of the good people of cinema bedraggled-school turned into art-house made by the upper class. Local PR invited me there and, of course, the first thing I asked to see - projectionist booth. All my life I wanted to get there.

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The place where the equipment is worth a million dollars, call booth, of course, uncomfortable. The "pioneers" are now two rooms and the room where you want to climb the steep iron staircase, four apparatus - two per room.

Films on the film turns out to be no longer show units on the two projectors. Cinema brought to the usual "canned" to 240 or 600 meters, and then glue the parts into one big roll.

The film is glued to a movie that's a "cine" mounting machine.

Then this huge roll of film put on a round metal stand, which is called "PlatterĀ» ...

... And through the rollers pulled her to the movie projector.


One of the pieces - two rollers to remove static and dust from the film.

The film passes through the projector and then goes in the opposite direction, reeling in a roll on the same system-rewind display.

All four film projector (two film and two digital) - the production of the famous German company Kinoton. Moreover, the film projectors are not simple, and those who in 2004 received an Academy Award - the so-called "Technical Oscar", awarded for outstanding technical achievement in the industry. Such an "Oscar" at the time received the camera ARRI, audio technology Dolby, Eastman Kodak, software from Maya, xenon lamps. The projector - three lenses with different focal lengths and the anamorphic attachment.

The system allows large rolls serve both halls one projectionist.

Next to the traditional projectors are the latest - digital. At the time, Kinoton did not chase fashion and waited a few years, looking at how the competitors one by one, let digital projectors for cinemas. And then, gathering information about the shortcomings of such systems, released its "digicam", which proved to be the best on the market. The "pioneers" are two DCP sets 30, each worth 100 000 euro. Projectors with a resolution of 2048x1080px Ā«read" almost any video formats, including the trendy 3D. Movies in the projection as come to a removable hard drive, but can be connected to the unit and "betakamovsky" player and a regular DVD. Even as they say, a game console.

In the room with the projector is installed CCTV - the fight against video piracy being the most stringent means. I was told a lot about how to operate the modern pirates in the video business, to which only tricks are not going to get a copy of the new film. Moscow is trying to strictly monitor the pirates in the hall, put the system catching video equipment, lenses. Therefore, the picture is now written in cinemas of Ukraine and Poland, and the sound is recorded here, in Russia.

For that to make a film straight from the projectionist booth can offer up to five thousand dollars, and there are those who agree. Therefore, with the blockbusters come special people hired by the Hollywood majors. They bring copies of the films in the sealed packaging and day are kinobudkah tracking screening of the film. Each copy of the film put subtle when showing up with the index mark and anti-piracy services to catch illegal circulations, always on these labels identify the place where the film was recorded. And then deal with distributors. From art-house, "club" movie, which specializes in "Pioneer" is certainly easier, but piracy around blockbusters is a real war, with varying success. Sometimes, stealing copies of the film at the stage of production, from the unfinished rendering, installation and sound.

The "Pioneer" very serious approach to the sound maintenance, putting in a movie theater system from the Dutch Stage Accompany. When we broke the old hall and made new wood for insulation boxes brought from Sweden. Cinema now receives an official certificate from the Dolby first class.

By the way, note the panel titles to the screen. Films brought here straight from the sets of the festival and titles added virtually "on the fly", from the individual files synchronized projectors.

I'm not too lazy to look beyond the screen and look at the special attachment fashionable "flat" subwoofers.

All very nice invented - and a wardrobe in the movie theater, and comfortable offices, and that there is this dreadful popcorn, which stank all the Moscow theaters.

On the second floor is my favorite "Republic" - a shop where I would buy everything.

It's great and that in Moscow there was a movie theater, where you can now watch movies with the Berlin Festival of Venice. Moreover, in the "pioneer" work dudes: they have four copies in Moscow - this is the "mainstream". Therefore, the films here in one copy, exclusive. Cinema opened on 15 October, and are already the Swiss hold the festival of short films (with a lovely poster, by the way), almanac Festival, the premiere of the Russian-Japanese anime "First Squad" and a bunch of copyright for European cinema, which you will not see anywhere else. Now there is a trendy The September Issue, gathered in the United States are the best responses in the press, and graceful English film "golden youth", the directorial debut of the famous British actor Stephen Fry.

In general, in Moscow, for me there was one place that really reconciles with a difficult existence in this city.



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