Height 258, 3 "Death Valley"

Small photo.
I live in the Murmansk region for a long time, but the signs of Death Valley was the only memorial. The other day, I still was able to visit the places of fights, fotami there and I want to share with you)
On the way home thinking pictures reinforce what some articles, but found nothing, so the comments will be writing from memory.
End of photo Vidoz will outline to the reconstruction of the battle in those regions for a better understanding of what was happening
Please do not break)


otvorotka nothing inconspicuous from the road. Having lived for many years among the hills, there was even an unexpected fall into the most genuine field


the beginning of the trail to the monument column marked with a red star. Such marks are all the way up to the monument to stay on track


trail more or less laid out, but it's better to go to the hiking boots


another pointer


first "traces of history" - the trench by Soviet soldiers. Remember, what they look like, then compare with the German


also our "StrengthenĀ»


Some pointers are hard, probably those who have not noticed color


Here it was buried the first Germans found by search engines (and therefore the cross, not the stars, etc.). Cross constantly defile write nasty things, etc. etc ...


everywhere begin to appear "glands": rusty cartridge box thorn splinters. A lot of pictures, I decided not to spread everything


I forgot to note right away: all this time we climb the hill.
The first in the way of a German bunker


I had never paid any attention, but this clearly shows that the restriction is "ladder" against ricochets


top view of the bunker. immediately caught my eye that iron never rusty


height of about 2 meters, afraid to climb inside, and the road ahead was still not close


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From this place we look back and clearly see all the reason for the heavy bloody battles: the Germans it was in full view, our even had nowhere to hide ...
Help From:
HEIGHT 258, 3, the right of the road Murmansk-Pechenga, 79 km (Blocks. 9868). German mountain-infantry units captured it 14.7.1941. In July and August it unsuccessfully stormed the battalions of the 95th and the 205th Infantry Regiment, SC. The enemy built a powerful stronghold of the "K-2". At night 12.21.1941 height stormed without artillery barrage battalions of the 52nd Infantry Division of the 14th Army of the Karelian Front and the 12th Marine Brigade SF. Despite heavy losses, the height was taken, but during the 11 days passed from hand to hand. Defenders of the Arctic lost here in 1156 killed, 2235 wounded and missing. The enemy again seized 01/01/1942 tall and did not leave it until October 1944 when, preserving the environment, 9/10/1944 left height without a fight. In 1980 the remains of fallen Soviet soldiers were reburied by search engines. On the mass grave was erected a monument - a tower with a bell.


some refer to the entrance to the bunker
(sorry, had to emotion, turned a deaf ear that these inscriptions mean)


From this point begins the whole system "trenches." In quotes - because they are not dug, and smashed into the rocks and lined with stones. How they managed to do this without masonry cement and generally anything - I'll never know ... then we'll see
(this photo passage partially swamped)


We go along the trench. Further, we did not go the normal route.
here I have lots and lots of photos, but they are almost the same))) so fasten one. The trench runs across the hill


here are more or less well turned out to fix the form of the German Strengthen: all in the palm of ...
ps when search engines started to work, even without digging into the ground, just on the surface of the slope, collected the remains of about 2,000 soldiers


we go further along the trench. already visible monument


This will strengthen the already almost on the top. Try to shoot so that it is clear what kind of opened the Germans




almost near the monument saw fresh tracks "diggers" (pit of iron things). Clearly amateurs, knowing there would be no digging. Yes, and they left behind a srach as dug, the way it scattered


That came


It shows that the tablet is broken not by itself






yet. what is underneath someone's portrait, the emphasis is not seen, I noticed only at home when viewing photos


1156 dead


The monument was erected at the height where the wind always blows. Inside it was placed the bell, which is constantly because of the wind chime published a long distance around, recalling the tragedy ...
Bell is not cn *** Dili ...




go down, have a different route. Our guide said that the show room and a cinema (!)


Naturally, I expected to see some log cabin ... but he brought us here. This is the entrance to the bath


it turned out, it hollowed into the rock


go ... scary, always afraid of caves, but curiosity got the better


lights did not take with them, because This trip was all spontaneous. I go inside illuminating flash


here during some steam was, judging by the remains of boards (Fota at random, in complete darkness)


long ago rotted floor, on the floor I saw pieces of the "ceiling", was even worse ... From caves have always done two ways, in the dark we go to the second


the second "room" is visible on the right outlet


a second room with a groan / O


it is in the course of the water tank near the exit


came out ... then we go watch "movie theater." I'm on adrenaline, intrigued


near the baths again fresh tracks diggers amateurs ... pit, a bunch of iron ... and this ... lies directly on the surface of ... caring "digger" even rubbed cocked detonator for some reason ... it became more points, you never know what these morons are still poraskidali ... Happy Feet ...


entrance to the "theater". Naturally, we sumnichali and asked where such infa. It turned out that there are supporting documents. In this cave were recreation room and the hall to view kinoshek




hole on the right (where the grass is growing) - it's just the wall collapsed. Top - is unclear ... This room is more destroyed than the bathhouse ... but at least lighter


ceilings nervously smoking


room (or a hall, FIG understand, is already dark)


here it was quite scary, so quickly and Fota little


second exit
strikes, sometimes even "cut" stones and rocks. The guide says that the Germans worked just hammers

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In general, time is running out, and we hurried home, this report is finished ... as promised, video reconstruction filmed in this location
If interested, I can put a little more photons from the memorial




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