What is the "Valley of death" ?

Our planet has has many mysterious places. But one such place — a national Park which is located on the territory of the United States, in the Mojave desert called the Valley of Death.

Death valley is a bare space, on which lie the stones, ranging in size from a football to a ton weight. These boulders are unique due to the fact that they have a feature to move from one place to another, leaving visible traces of its path. This national Park is considered to be rather large Park. Its area amounted to 3.5 million acres. National Park Death Valley is 85 feet below the sea level. From Western direction the Valley of Death, closes the mountain is Telescope Peak, which is located at a height of 12 feet. And from the East valley rests at the base of mount Dantes view, hills 6 feet which offers incredible view of almost the entire valley.


Death valley is basically a bold flavor of the desert is an interesting wild, virgin nature and beautiful landscape, which is of interest not only for scientists but also for ordinary tourists. The lower point of the Western Hemisphere – Badwater is at 280 ft below sea level.


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