National Park White desert, Egypt

National Park White Desert is a small area located to the North of Farafra oasis in Egypt. The path to the national Park is quite complex, but the beauty of this place is worth it.

White desert in Egypt— a small area in the East of the Sahara desert with an area of approximately 300 km2 (10 km x 30 km), which lies on the road between the oases of Bahariya and Farafra. Distance from Cairo to the White desert 500 km.

The white desert is known for bizarre karst formations. Many millions of years ago, this was ocean bottom, and the white rock is the remains of marine microorganisms. Over the centuries the wind and sand have transformed the former bottom of the sea in the likeness of the surface of some other planet. The desert has a white and creamy shade is the massive chalk rock was formed as a result of periodic sand storms in the area.

In 2002, White wilderness was declared a national Park of Egypt.

The road to the White desert will take approximately 4 hours from Cairo, Black desert. The latter is a huge hills, composed of dark stones. Before you get into the territory of the national Park, you will find yourself in the oasis of Bahariya. He keeps a thousand secrets. In the early 21st century there were discovered tombs with mummies, covered with a layer of gold. The area around became known as the Valley of the Golden mummies. There was frequently visited by the researchers, followed by tourists. They were specifically opened two ancient Egyptian tombs. Photographing them is forbidden, but I think you will always remember the beauty of the internal ornaments.

In the oasis you can stay the night. The service here is great and hotels of different pricing policies abound.

In the morning travel to the national Park White desert. Its area is huge, more than 3 thousand square kilometers. It only takes about an hour. At the entrance to the Park is the Crystal mountain. The stunning beauty of the place! Sun crystals glow, give the surrounded by a certain mystique. The minerals scattered on the ground, tourists collect them.

The next place along the way is a small green island with drinking spring where tourists can draw water for onward journey. And that's immediately behind the oasis offers amazing views of the White Desert which is actually made up of limestone. It's not deserted as it seems at first glance. Looking closer, you will see many animal tracks.

The interest of the travelers call "mushrooms". It is a huge limestone blocks in white, the tip which look like a hat most of the boletus. There are quite fancy stones. For example, one similar to the Bunny and the other a Fox.

Best time to travel to the White desert winter. Summer here is extremely hot, up to 60 degrees. The number of tourists White desert can compete with the beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh. Travelers usually go there for the classical jeep Safari or slowly going there on camels.

Yourself to go to the White desert is very dangerous. You can get lost, or even worse, you will be attacked by a wild animal. In the Egyptian travel agencies book a jeep Safari at this place. The driver-the Egyptian knows the route, can prepare a quick dinner on the fire.

National Park White desert ends another oasis. It is a small Bedouin village. Locals don't pay attention to tourists who lead a quiet, regular life. Here you will see multi-storey buildings — a typical Egyptian houses. A few years ago, this oasis was built the first hotel. It contrasts with the surrounding world. May be, for such contrasts, and should travel.

White Desert – a unique place, unique on Earth. The terrain here is flat, so you can explore the surroundings on foot or by car. But because of the softness of the sand to pass only by four-wheel drive SUV.

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