A perfect body even at 50 years: recipes of beauty Elle MacPherson

At any age you can be in great physical shape and attract attention. This all proves 50-year-old Elle MacPherson, famous model of the 90s. She posts your photos online and those who do not know her age, it can throw her that way 30 years. How she manages to stay in such shape? Knows that only her trainer James Dugan. He is the owner of the gym Bodyism Gym in South Kensington in London.

Important in fitness is the regularity

In various interviews El says that not a day spends without fitness. Every day she has at least a one-hour workout. "Being in the mountains, I ski, and if you are resting near the water – swimming. I can also do yoga or exercise in the gym. In addition, I always carry athletic shoes and the iPod. Running is not only an effective way to keep in shape, but also a peculiar kind of meditation," says McPherson.

"Do not sit on diets and not fall from exhaustion in the gym several times a week, recommends the El. — It is better to perform daily are not too difficult exercises or running. The main thing — do not run themselves."

"Two months into the year, tame the waves on a surfboard and two conquer the slopes on skis. In London I go to Kundalini yoga and running in the Park in the morning," said the El in an interview with Tatler magazine.

It produces videos with their workouts, in which you can hear the secrets of her beautiful form. Below we give a training program the El for each group of muscles.


Forearm strengthening using the TRX loops attached to the wall. These exercises result in the muscles due to the weight of his own body, and not of iron, therefore, the biceps, not pumped. TRX is a training system with nylon straps. They are somewhat similar to gymnastic rings suspended from the ceiling/bar/wood. Tools perform a variety of exercises for strength' endurance' flexibility and coordination. While people use all major muscle groups. During the training process it is necessary to keep the balance' which doubles the effectiveness of training.

Due to its functionality TRX can rightly be called a simulator. You can even say that the TRX can combine to replace weight machines

The house of El is pressed, leaning on the edge of the sofa.


El shakes her press, pulling your knees to your chest in a vise on the Swedish side. This type of loading eliminates the extra inches in the waist without bending and sit-UPS.

After a workout, she drinks a cocktail with coconut oil, cinnamon and mixture of nutritional supplements to raise the level of blood sugar.


Here is a program McPherson is pretty classic: it's the traditional squats, lunges, exercises to the outer thigh with a large plastic clip. And after class El makes a lymphatic drainage massage.


In order for them to pump up, not necessarily to go to the gym.

"Tie a rubber band between the ankles and walk around the room. This exercise doesn't stress the joints, but perfectly tightens the muscles and improves posture. Although the squat has not been canceled — make them as often as possible, the main thing is," advises El.


Here El uses exercises from yoga. They are called "Y and T":

The person bends the knees, ottapalam buttocks, pulls the stomach and lowers the shoulders, keeping your back and head straight. Fifteen times raises his hands to the sky, becoming like the letter Y, and then throws them to the side, it turns out T".


Even such a trifle is not ignored. One of the most popular exercises to relieve the tension of the feet – rolling a tennis ball. They saved many lovers to walk in high heels.

Another training program focused on women, previously told the bodybuilder Yuri Spasokukotsky.

Video workout with Elle MacPherson

Of course, only training without combining it with proper nutrition can't give a perfect result. Therefore, the El having a day to 3 liters of water, and eat only organic foods. "I have first blood, so I eat foods that are good for my type. I already long time not eating meat and feel very comfortable. Food is important to me, but not the quantity but the quality" — said El. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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