Eating habits of students

Students never have enough money. The reasons are many: a small stipend, the difficult financial situation.

The day a student must receive three meals a day. Consider the ordinary day of an ordinary student. The course lasts 6-8 hours, it turns out that one diet drops of the diet because of lack of time. How to be? Because every meal should be complete. Proper nutrition the student should include right amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

The student necessarily need to eat three to four times a day. No need to justify employment. Irregular meals — often a consequence of laziness, and not loaded with graphics. The process of eating need to take the time, sit down, calmly, slowly and without distraction, eat. Don't abuse fast food. They are not only useless, but harmful. The nutrition student should be varied and include fruit, vegetables, meat, cereals, fish, nuts.

In the morning we need more energy. Suitable for variety of porridges: semolina, oats, rice, buckwheat, oats, barley, mixed cereals. They are nutritious, quick to prepare and contain many vitamins and fiber.

Or College or University it is advisable to eat yogurt, yogurt. Suitable sandwiches, apples, banana.

Today in any University seeking to organize proper nutrition student. For this work table and you can eat, and sometimes a good dinner there.

If You dine at home, it is best to eat hot. If this is not possible, it is desirable to do morning or evening. You can sometimes fry for lunch fish or meat.

For dinner it is best to prepare your vegetable salad, you can eat fruit. Remember to have dinner before seven o'clock. Dense late dinner may lead to insomnia and pain in the stomach.

In nutrition, students need to avoid carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola, chips and crackers. Don't get used to snacking on the go! Students – people thinking, a brain without food additives and vitamins can not do!


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