The chocolate diet is a great method for those with a sweet tooth

Unusual diet, which meets the requirements of modern life. Chocolate diet lasts a week. And the first results can be observed after the three days you can lose up to four kilograms. Of course, not all of that fat. Some will leave the water. Because salt is excluded from the menu for this period. Seven days – seven pounds gone!

Sweet diet provides that in the day you can eat no more than one hundred grams of chocolate. In some sources there is information put about 80 or 90 grams. So little is not necessary. After all, 440 Kcal is low, the calorific value for the daily diet of a person. Even strict diet and that involves the calorific value of 970 Calories. 90 grams of the right figure. So chocolate is easier to divide into portions. If the tile weighs 100 grams, you should distribute this amount. Of course, you can eat all at once. But the appetite will Wake up again after a few hours, and diet forbids something edible to add. Why chocolate is better divided into three stages.

Can I use white chocolate? Not worth. It is not a single gram of cocoa butter. Because such a diet will not work fully. Should not buy chocolate, prepared on the basis of fructose or other sugar substitutes. This product take diabetes, but chocolate diet it is not necessary.

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Speaking about the benefits of chocolate, implies its naturalness. Namely, real chocolate has a high percentage of cocoa and cocoa butter. These components are contained in beans are the eponymous trees. The more tiles of cocoa liquor the product is darker and more pungent taste. So, in dark chocolate, the cocoa bean contains 55%, oil – 33%. Numbers mean – this product is useful and not very nutritious. If instead of cocoa butter, the manufacturer wrote on the box oil, cottonseed, soybean or palm, it's not chocolate. Confectionery tile, that's what it is. It has a completely different taste, and use this product at least.

Sweet diet it is not necessary to use bars other confectionery sweets covered with glaze. The wrapper should be explored to understand whether there is in the chocolate bars E-additives, colorants or preservatives. Dilute sweet chocolate days with a Cup of coffee with a small amount of skim or one percent milk. Coffee product is allowed in many diets, for example, Japanese.

Its effectiveness in that the beverage helps in fast working of metabolism. Processes are accelerated on average by 4%. The result is more calories burned, the person loses weight, his mood changing for the better.

Chocolate is the main product of the unusual diet.

In the classic version of the diet need to be eating dark chocolate. Its calorie content is approximately equal to 540 Kcal. Regular milk chocolate is traditionally considered to be high in calories, but its higher on some units. Therefore, almost no difference. Chocolate with fillings, candied fruits, nuts can be more caloric. Carefully read the packaging.
The usefulness of human nutrition is determined by the ratio between carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Under standard diet, the figures are 60% – 20% – 20%. While diet is a little different: 55% – 36% – 20%. This means for seven days the human body is derived from the familiar comfort zone, the mode will be temporarily changed.

Taboo chocolate diet.

An absolute ban on salt and sugar! It is necessary to exclude even natural juices. Not to drink soda. It whets the appetite. Normal water, on the contrary, is able to muffle it. Fruit and vegetables also need to wait a week. Alcohol is the undisputed taboo. One hundred grams usually contains the same amount of calories as one candy bar, if not more!
Drink water, green tea is possible, but to wait three hours after eating servings of chocolate or coffee you need. More than a liter of fluid you should drink. If there is a need – drink more. This rule applies to a fast diets that exclude salt.

Next time try the chocolate ration will be thirty days. During the diet the body is under stress because of the lack of certain substances, because often the experiment is not worth it.

For sweet week:
To drink in any quantity. Water, green, black tea. Eating strictly by the hour not necessary. Part of the chocolate you can eat when you want, just don't exceed the norm!

Menu for the week:
•Breakfast. Bitter chocolate – 30 grams, plus a Cup of unsweetened coffee.
•Lunch. Cup of coffee 30 grams of chocolate.
•Supper. 30 grams of chocolate with coffee.

Fasting day you can also make chocolate. The menu will look the same way. Unsweetened coffee and chocolate three times a day. The body will perceive the day more relaxed diet and easily say goodbye with 300 grams of fat. To move, not to sit in one place and one kilogram can easily evaporate. A big part of this, of course, water. Gives similar results cabbage soup diet.

Positive aspects of the diet.

Plus undisputed – quick results in a very short time. If beach season is in full swing, you have planned a trip to the sea, for seven days can change and feel more confident.
Sweet tooth will appreciate the chocolate diet. Of course! How painfully long the days are when you sit on the other diets, for example, rice. Sweet because it is impossible. And go to the candy section and I want. Another thing is the chocolate nutrition. And pleasure, and harmony.

Glucose needed for brain activity. Chocolate is the perfect assistant. In addition, it contains about 300 elements. How strong is their influence on the human body are not fully understood, but it is known – chocolate provokes the appearance in the blood of serotonin. Hormone of happiness.» Out, and the mood that is necessary, and you will lose weight. In the development of "happiness hormone" you feel filled with power, communication is fun, in difficult situations, you think fast, creative and easy to overcome stress. Scientists believe that serotonin is a kind of sexual stimulant. This means that chocolate is no worse than this aphrodisiac.

In addition anemia and colds also recommend chocolate. It has a positive effect on the immune system. Powerful antioxidants are not allow the body to grow old.

Disadvantages chocolate diet.

And, though the positive aspects are many, the disadvantages overshadow and far outweigh the advantages. The main disadvantage of contraindications. Before chocolate diet should be sure to consult with a nutritionist. To adhere to the system should be under the guidance of a doctor.
The second problem is that diet does not normalize eating habits, organizes the process of feeding, metabolic processes in the body. You can not say, for example, on the Montignac diet. Although this defect is characteristic of many fast diets.

The chocolate diet has another drawback – the complexity of the return to normal power mode. After seven days the fat will go away, and the body – to work in economy mode. When the diet returns to normal and the weight can return. The body will get the lost substances. So at the end of the diet you need to be careful about the usual consumption of food. This is no shortage in some power systems, diet the signs of the Zodiac.

Bad a balance between proteins, carbs fats. Lack of vitamins and minerals. To compensate for the loss of these important nutrients must be consumed complexes vitamin and mineral. Does not deprive the body of vitamins, another diet color.

It is impossible to follow the principles of chocolate diet in such cases:
Diet is contraindicated for people with diabetes.
— Allergy diet also does not matter. Moreover, the reaction can be not only on chocolate but also on product components, fillers, nuts etc.
— Do not change diet with liver failure, the stones, the sand in the gallbladder or ducts.
Is contraindicated this method of feeding and hypertension. You need to make sure that health you have everything in order.



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