10 brands of chocolate

Today, fans can enjoy the tiles sweet treat with curry and absinthe, flower petals and salt and other additives, and the amazing properties of chocolate is one of the most popular products on the planet: in 2011 worldwide sales of chocolate products for the first time in history crossed the mark of $ 100 billion, and since 1995 in many countries, even the July 11 World Day of this delicacy. The Russian chocolate regularly consume about 82% of the population, while in Europe and the US, the figure is even higher. However, not so long ago, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture scared Sweet news that by 2050 due to climate change may become a chocolate delicacy. And until that happens, manufacturers of sweets invent new combinations of flavors and fillings of chocolate, with unusual tiles from reputable manufacturers are sold at affordable prices. Chocolate of camel moloka

In the United Arab Emirates camel milk - a popular product: you can eat ice cream, made on the basis thereof, and in the spring of 2012 and has six new flavors to try camel milk, launched on the market leading manufacturer of dairy products company Al Ain Dairy. Yet the greatest interest among consumers is chocolate from camel milk. Unusual treat manufactured by Al Nassma, whose representatives argued that this chocolate is healthier due to the traditional and low fat is suitable even for diabetics. As additives in chocolate Al Nassma perform traditional oriental sweets: honey, nuts and spices. While unusual sweetness can buy only directly from the manufacturer, as well as in hotels and airports of the country, but in the company of Al Nassma already thinking about entering the European market. Chocolate with absentom

Chocolate with the addition of alcohol is not uncommon: candy "Cherry brandy" sold even in Soviet stores, and later appeared on the shelves and the Finnish Fazer candy vodka. But there are already more than a century of Swiss company Villars, to market a dark chocolate with absinthe Villars Larmes d'Absinthe, managed to surprise even experienced the sweet tooth. Particularly acute taste of chocolate with absinthe is shown at a time when it begins to melt in your mouth and let the bitterness of wormwood liqueur. Drunk on the unusual delicacies is unlikely, because the content of absinthe chocolate is only 8, 5%. By the way, chocolate house Villars produces several types of alcoholic chocolate, such as quince, pear and plum vodka and cognac c. Chocolate flavored black tryufelya

Black truffles - a rare and expensive product, chocolate with them is even more rare. Moreover, under the truffles are meant not known candies and valuable edible tubers, the price of which is more than $ 2,000 per kilogram. Production of treats with unusual fillings established two brothers - Rick and Michael Mast, who produce chocolate under the brand Mast Brothers. Their factory is one of the few in the US, where all the chocolate is made by hand, including the processing of cocoa beans and container products. Rick and Michael are coming up with unusual flavors of chocolate and a treat with the addition of black truffle Mast Brothers Chocolate Black Truffle fits this definition. In addition to the 74% chocolate and expensive delicacy in a bar of chocolate add a pinch of sea salt. Delicacy inherent truffle has an earthy flavor that is revealed in a special way, as soon as the chocolate melts in the mouth. Chocolate with coconut and karri


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