The most dangerous for health diet

Any mono
Essence. Mono-diet is a system of power, which allowed use of a single product for several days in a strictly limited quantity. The most famous mono — a buckwheat, kefir, Apple, chocolate, rice, cabbage. Lighter mono may be diluted with 1-2 additional products.
Harm. It is believed that the mono "grown" from days of discharge. So that was quite useful (or at least not harmful) for one day, absolutely dangerous with long-term compliance. Any mono-diet is not a priori balanced, because one of the selected product clearly can not provide the body with all useful and necessary nutrients, trace elements and minerals. Besides, such diets are usually low in calories. Yes, it is often said that you can allowed to use the product in unlimited quantities, but agree that a lot of buckwheat will not eat, and for example a daily rate of yogurt recommended by doctors is 2 cups, it is unlikely you will have enough energy taken out a portion. Again, each mono-diet causes unique harm and has contraindications: cheese is banned for those with problems with the kidneys and liver (since overloading them with protein), chocolate diet can lead to diabetes, cabbage is the aggravation of ulcer and the appearance of diseases of the pancreas, buckwheat — anemia (condition characterized by low hemoglobin or red blood cells in the blood), dizziness and General weakness.

Hormonal diet
Essence. There are two main rules: reduction of the daily allowance of calories and injections of human chorionic gonadotropin. The developers of the diet claim that the hormone helps to burn fat and reduces the feeling of hunger.
Harm. No scientific basis for this diet there is, accordingly, deciding on it, you can't fully appreciate the risks involved. Clearly we can only say that taking hormones can lead to very sad consequences because they influence almost all processes in the body. Hormonal imbalance can lead to chronic diseases.

A low-carb diet
Essence. The key principle is a strict limitation of daily intake of carbohydrates (not more than 20 grams), respectively, with this diet due to lack of carbohydrates, which the body primarily receives energy, it starts to burn fats. The most popular such diets are considered to be the Kremlin, and the Dukan diet (although it is better to refer to extreme types of low carbohydrate diets, because their compliance people at the same time reduces the consumption of carbohydrates and parencymal the body proteins).
Harm. Such diets are not balanced the same as mono, and therefore our body is again experiencing shortage of essential substances such as glucose, which affects the intellectual abilities and reaction speed. Besides food rich in fat and proteins but poor in carbohydrates, causes dehydration of the body.
Overly generous with proteins low-carb diets are loaded with kidneys, liver and the cardiovascular system. The amount of bad cholesterol in the blood increases considerably, and the lack of fiber causes constipation.

Drinking diet

Essence. The diet is based on the fact that within 30 days upotreblyaetsya liquid food: juices, yogurt, broths, kefir, fermented baked milk, coffee, tea, pudding, smoothies, juice, water (about 2 — 2.5 liters), milk, cream, juice, cocoa, kvass, mineral water. It is believed that this diet has a cleansing effect: the first 10 days of cleared hollow organs, following 10 days of dense bodies, the remaining 10 days of the purification occurs at the cellular level.
Harm. Our body is accustomed to perceive as eating something solid, and the liquid is a kind of accompanying, but not self-sufficient Breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the end, the body "is" in the stress, so at first tries to keep the fat that inherent nature as a tool for survival, taking away energy from the muscles, as a result of lost muscle mass and slowed metabolism. There are problems with digestion, though, because during chewing saliva which starts the digestive process. Women often disappears menstruation and the risk of the disease anorexia, because the body wean from normal food, and may at first reject. Also at observance of this diet have dieters swelling: impaired metabolism leads to the fact that the body cannot regulate the excretion of fluid, which is regularly and in large volumes it gets, in the end, all received and remains in the body and weight loss comes due to the breakdown of their own tissues.

Essence. Is strictly prohibited. If we are talking about dry fasting — that it is impossible to use even the liquid. If fasting is not as strict, you can drink clean water... and only water. In the first days of fasting for beginners are allowed a one-time use water with the addition of a small amount of honey. Losing weight-extreme sitting on hunger until the balance coveted numbers.
Harm. This diet threatens to dehydration, loss of important minerals that a person receives from food. As with liquid diet slows down metabolism, declining muscle mass, the body is literally clogged with toxins, ceases to operate normally digestive system that leads to constipation, nausea and vomiting. If starvation is prolonged, it affects the hair, nails, teeth, skin. Reduced immunity, therefore, man becomes easy prey to colds and other diseases.
And the most important test in compliance with this diet (as with liquid nutrition) — a way out of it. The body is unaccustomed to the food, from the fact that it is necessary to work and besides, he's exhausted. If you suddenly start eating solid food, large quantities, and even meat and alcohol, it can lead to the hospital bed.
In the end, you can lose weight on the hunger, but you will jeopardize your health (as during fasting or after), in addition, many say that those extra pounds returning and pretty quickly, and a key reason for this is the slower metabolism, the speed and the normal working of which in the end did not repair.
As for the day of fasting you should know that your metabolism comes back to normal only after 3-4 days after this experiment.

Whether going on a diet, you decide. However, is it not better to change your eating habits and just start to eat right?!




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