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Sergey Fedulov - runner with 45 years of experience and the father of champion Italy on ayronmenu. He has a private health system, which does not include concepts such as "slimming", "diet", "separate food" raw food "," surgery of the body "," bad habits "," fasting "and so on. N. Everything is much simpler, fairer and more effective than a million times. < Website Sergei Fedorov publishes health system description by the author.


Here's how civilized people live yesterday, swimming, listening to a conversation between two old ladies in water:

- Something Frau So-no
this year! - Well, it this year - ( account !) - Turned 99, can, age of disease? However, I saw how she was doing a report last month in the literary circle ...

125 years old can live person now. In the West, life expectancy is increasing every year for three months! In the Russian Federation - is not changed or reduced

. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the following factors determine the health and life expectancy, as a percentage:
50 - lifestyle,
20 - genetics,
20 - ecology habitat,
10 - care plan system

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There are other proportions, it does not matter. There is sometimes a group of "general welfare," because in the rich and not the criminal society and "the right way of life" to engage in incomparably easier than in lean and full of injustice.

< One way or another, each about 50% depend on their health.

Thus, people even in the West, "not live" up to now the possible age of 30-35 years. It is because of poor lifestyle choices. Therefore, in the West long ago, except medicine, there is a science of health, "salyutologiya" (from the Latin word meaning "health»).

Our body is designed so:

Necessary part: muscles carrying apparatus. Provisions. < Why and how the body forms a "reserve»?

Of the several hundred thousand years of existence, and even of the last 5000 years, it is conventionally considered "history", only about 50-100 years, or one or two percent time "historical" existence, humanity lives without working physically and not just physically surviving.

I repeat: 99% of the time of existence of our body from morning to evening strained: ran, chased, ran away, tearing and cut. Therefore, the body has learned to always, when he does not come full strained, to build up reserves.

Minimum reserves - it is a necessity. However, in recent decades, this need has become already exceed all sizes. This is called "overweight».

In general, "overweight" includes fat. So it is better to say than "overweight" and "excess fat". When the body accumulates it? When it consumed more energy than is spent.

When the body gets rid of it? Only when the balance is restored, plus we are not under stress. Otherwise, the body thinks, "but who knows, I'll keep a minute reserves". This, incidentally, one of the reasons why the walk in fitness rooms so slowly "grow thin»

So: Balance the food, perhaps more healthy food;. Exercise, but without the stress; We are doing it regularly, otherwise the body will not be disappointed, and the weight will not reset (two weeks you do not notice the change then it will go to the only water discharge and only then - the actual ballast..); Buy Scales, showing the proportion of fat in your body; Eat no more than just the hours in 3-4-5 (ie adding calories - water and calorie-free drinks, such as tea or coffee without sugar - always allowed). < My experience is about the best in the range of 4-4, 5:00 If the most -. Is the weight increase, if at long intervals, there is a decrease in activity, and then - overeating due to hunger
Proper nutrition and movement - the beginning of a healthy lifestyle
. Our blood is arranged as follows: imagine the pea soup. Pea - is blood cells. A liquid - a blood plasma. If the soup is left on the stove and turned on the water gradually evaporates, it leaves from the soup porridge, then there is something really bad for anything current, in the case of blood -. For our vessels

This leads to a large number of diseases of various organs, because they are not supplied with products and they are not exported waste. Heart and kidneys work goes of hell - to urge a minute porridge for millions of kilometers of our capillaries! And the heart and kidneys plow as wild and break very quickly

For more Paracelsus always said that. "Health foundation - water»

. Drink you need 400 grams per 10 kg body. Only then you will be healthy. Drink - even if you do not want

. If you have a weight of 80 kg, as I have, you need to drink 400 grams multiplied by 8 - 3, 2 liters of fluid (in different forms, but no coffee and no spirits) per day

thus. formula for success and the acquisition of perfect health is simple: The Life and food in the right rhythm (the body itself lives by the rhythms to the peaks and downs, which is especially important for the regime and quality of sleep and a choice of different types of activity); Adequate and proper nutrition; Sufficient liquid. From 90 to 95 %% of all diseases are caused by lack of fluid in the body; Sufficient movement. "Man or playing sports, or aging and sick." It said the Italian champion for ayronmenu (without interruption 3, 6 km swim, then proehat180 km on the bike and then run a marathon - 42 km), and in combination - my son

What would you have correctly formed body. and working all muscle groups, and all the internal organs are strengthened, you need: Exercise 15-20 minutes. on the day of the press, back and side muscles and stretching. A special enemy is the press - especially the lower abs. No need for any rooms and Jim. There are plenty of simple exercises to strengthen all of this at home, on the floor. The most useful and multifunctional sport is skiing. Most of our skis, no not the "mountain" is more harmful to health. It is very useful in many ways, and swimming. The most simple and practical as health is brisk walking (in the forest) and Running. < It is recommended to run as the easiest and most widely practiced sport for health. formula is "2:00 o'clock distance equal to half an hour of running injuries swimming».

All talk about the dangers of running - leave the Internet. Neither moose nor horses had no ill. Possible problems are, if you're doing everything wrong, and running every day for three hours and thirty years. Such fanaticism is not needed and completely excluded.

I run 45 years without interruption. I am running anytime, anywhere. I ran in Paris and New York, Rome and Copenhagen, Tokyo and Seoul, Panama City and Havana, Casablanca and Istanbul, London and Madrid. And many more where.

For those who never ran, but he wants - it is necessary to run through the first 5 minutes. per day, and go through a week - 7 min. per day and go, and so on until you reach 20 min. run without stopping.

Then month - 20 min. And then -. 25-30

When you are able to run non-stop for 35 minutes. - You have reached the form. This principle, for it is only after 30 minutes of stress our body includes other energy program and ballast begins to actively go. It then begins a powerful healing effect on our bodies, and - with long-term positive changes in him

The most important thing in running:.

Everyday; Do not think and do; Just withstand the first 3 months. And everything is a go itself.

< What are the main mistakes beginners in running?

Too high tempo. With too large pulse, respectively. It is harmful even for the pros. We trained with the pulse of 180. This is wrong, but then it was not yet known - but you and will not be able to achieve this, however, the pulse above 120 you already - is harmful. "Polar" Buy for zamerki pulse. Running with heels. Running technique - is very difficult to master all the subtleties and you do not need. However, you shall in no case be run by touching the ground as the first point of the heel. It - is possible. Run should - ideally - with the little finger. Do not breathe. Beginners somehow ashamed to breathe at all and they hinder breathing. This is not true. The main thing - to breathe! Ideal - inhale through the nose, exhale through the nose (but not principal at the beginning). You can exhale and mouth. And breathe. Then, over time, you have to set the correct rhythm and way of breathing. Drinking while running. In untrained it can cause serious problems. But before you can enjoy jogging hundred grams. Clean water, pliz! Every stuff like Coke better just do strike. After the running you can drink when the pulse calms down to normal. Running without a hat in the winter - is the danger of cold (heat loss is through the head powerfully), in the summer - the risk of sunstroke. Cap is not discussed. She - always as regular sneakers. She sewed, so that keeps the sweat secreted and it does not interfere with the running. < But the main thing - to run, no matter what

! Those who do not umstvuya year ago just started to engage them and ask jogging, "as they continue to grow." You should if you want to become a master is already certain to appeal to the orthopedist and sports physician. He stopped everything that was necessary, and say whatever is necessary.


Record the number of minutes and kilometers that you run every day. Similarly - weight and body fat percentage in the body (you are now using special weights with this option?) Make plans to run: it is necessary to run an average of 20 minutes a day, that is 140 minutes per week. The best - 4-5 times a week for 30-40 minutes. But half an hour with a small - OK. Change the routes and once a week run around more - for example, 3 times for 40 minutes, and once - hour. Now you're using from the beginning of "polar" for zamerki heart, need is already in the professional "Equipment": be sure to buy normal shoes in specialized store, which is owned by a former runner - he will advise you. Buy two couple of different types, but you suitable shoes - it is important to change shoes when running. Required stretching exercises - now enlarged volume - both before and after the run (see online). Remember, the sun glasses needed! Polarized. Remaining protect bad. Remember, the sun and the fire of active movement occurs twice as fast - from the sun cream is needed, even if you are dark-skinned, - light can not see! Ideal complement running, such as swimming or biking. Running clothes also bought now in a specialty store. And most importantly - ran and ran, and know that "absurd" look in the modern world are the ones who are not involved in sports, in particular, does not run. Walk once a week in the bath. With regular training schedule at the beginning of a rest at least once a week. If you can easily run through 140 minutes weekly, whichever comes months after six, then you or just stay at this level or, pomolodev and wanting even more growth of a sense of freedom and happiness in the body, contact with a sports club - you become a professional athlete the lower level.

The body of a healthy person himself changes all their habits:

There would be desirable DOWN , thirsty More , there would be desirable MINERAL PRODUCTS , negative habits automatically reduced (potrebelenie hard liquor or MCCP from TV), 5 . want to move, and "push yourself" should it not dviagatsya, and not vice versa, as in unhealthy person (think of or look at the children who constantly move!).

Each and every excuses like "no time", "this is for the young (old)", "me and so good with my belly", "but Churchill hated sport" - all this is nonsense and rubbish, which in Russian has long called :


. If you are too lazy to run - do something besstresovym, but long - cleaning the house or working in your garden, regular walks in the park

. All unnamed me sports are not bad, but less beneficial for health than those mentioned. < Sports are not in the open air only gives half the effect of health.

Fitness centers I deny, as they disbalansiruyut body, the main thing - to strengthen the internal organs, and that the abovementioned types of activity are improving All system of the body and, more importantly - absolutely proportionally. We in athletics forbidden to have excess muscle. They also do not go to the benefit of health and sports results

Best Beauty -. It is a sport and freedom As well as culture, education and the overall style and taste.. Also - klevost nature and sense of humor, originality and of course, the political adequacy

So, the essence of what has been said that, like many (author, too) forget, in principle, that such a "doctor and pills": It is enough to drink. ; Eat only the rhythm 3-4-5 hours, useful products on a regular basis and absolutely; Engage unstressed forms of physical activity; Regularly and slowly walk, walk or run, swim, ski; Having the right values ​​and active life position; The growth and improvement in all areas shown within - are endless. I did not write anything about the "slimming", "diet", "separate food" raw food "," body surgery "," bad habits "," fasting »?

< Forget all this. If you do not understand - the "why" - start reading from the beginning of this text

. And remember - no matter how much you do not engage in sports - is compared with the professionals or by our ancestors for hundreds of thousands of years - just an easy walk to the windows of his house to thwart a bouquet of flowers

About the Author: Sergey Fedulov -. researcher of social reality, traveler, entrepreneur, journalist, translator (English, German and frantsuzssky - all translated 4 books), father

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