Modern trend: to have a rest from children

Some unhealthy virus trend observed among parents and the authors of numerous "enlightening" sites: "Here, had children, and now suffer... and I'm hungry, and sleep, and generally they have zadolbali: snot, riding, lessons – live-when?»

Get angry and remember the joke:"... And I myself give birth and didn't ask at all." Sadly!

What do you think, why? Or maybe always was, just didn't notice? Let's deal.

Thirty five million three hundred thirty eight thousand three hundred seventy


The main reasons for parental laziness and perpetual discontent

 1. The infantilism of modern parents
 Where did he come from? It's simple. Blame the notorious era of change. Fracture of the new Millennium, first hurt the most vulnerable, i.e. children and adolescents. But they now are in the most part parents. Their characteristics: selfishness, the desire of permissiveness, the inability and unwillingness to give and share, moodiness, narrow-minded, infantile. Yes, perestroika generation is much kinder and more sympathetic to the Soviet counterpart, but all of this from time to time.

As soon as "society", give another the command "FAS", we will not hesitate to throw, not pogryzennuyu bone, and headlong rush to the new object bag.

It is not only in Russia, so all over the world. Our country differs only in that it is located at the crossroads of two cultures: e-GE-gey "European" and Oh-Oh-Oh "Asian". This greatly aggravates the case. On the one hand, we beat their butt to the chest that we are Europe, boast of their freedom of choice and innovation in the relationship with the other – we put pressure on the conservative cults of Asia, sometimes by way of hindering the already raging hormones. What will win –will show the near future. Most likely, the wait is long.

In addition, the impression that now give birth to children... out of habit. Yes, because I used to, and not because I want to and ready.

Like, as necessary. And Marinka from next door, out already with the second run. And mom and dad hovering over that really quickly... And then what? As joked Komorowski: "100 percent of parents know how children make and only half knows what to do with them later." But as they say, in every joke there is some joke. Something like that…


2. Failed generation
Alas, it is also about us.Admit it, we failed a generation! And, mind you, not a generation of losers, not at all. Namely, bad. From the category of unsuccessful experiments.

Who only is not mocked. Who has not wished us to do better and better. And the result? The result is trivial. We all used to think that it should be so that it does not happen and probably never will. Everything has to be solved again, smeared a thick layer of oil and put into the mouth. The wife needs the husband, the husband to the wife, children both. And live in family duty.And the debts paid, don't forget!


3. We have lived, and you will also
This item is a continuation of the previous one. We have a very strong dependence of the generations. Interestingly, the worst we stored with the greatest oblivion, and the good I take for granted. "I year went into the garden and the niche!""And my school beat it", "my father raised a belt I...»

And this "niche" for me, some unseen beast. It would seem that you were bad you were beaten, left in the nursery for five days, and all you can do is... repeat! How so?
And this: "I lived and so will you!". Savagery.

4. An overabundance of information
 I would even say gapersblock.From all the crevices. From all corners. on the Internet. Facebook. In other social networks. Everything that you write, insist, accuse, recommend. Head spin.

Write that life before and after birth of children is the same.Write that mother should not change and should remain: to think about yourself, live yourself, love yourself. Write that the Pope, on the contrary, must throw everything in the shortest possible time to take maternity leave, instead of mom to babysit, go for walks, feed, play, read him books.

You write that breastfeeding is not convenient: the mixture is much better, easier and more useful. Write that you should take a nanny and in any case should not leave the children to grandmothers, because grandmothers are evil. Write what you can and should call hourly bèbisitterom (a nurse) to be able to safely hang out without the kids until midnight, and better until the morning. Because nothing has changed. You are young, energetic and free! Walk the wind – rolling stone.

But no, my dear. Something has changed. It is obvious that before you were two, and now at least three.Clearly that you've had to answer only for myself, and now for myself and look for the guy in the little blue hat with a pompom.

Seventeen million four hundred fourteen thousand two hundred forty nine

Well, how do you not understand? Life has changed. For the better. Life was wonderful and varied. You was able to make himself immortal. Isn't it great?

5. Negoluboj

And nedoigra, nedunkeni, nadolska, misunderstanding... I Love you, give more love to others. Have nadogradi – take a break, game is not over. You didn't pay enough attention – pay attention to your loved ones, you know how important this is. Simple and written law human happy vzaimodestvie, which is already more than two thousand years.Why did they for many of us, new? No answer. And I don't have.

Maybe because lost the very ability to be happy: the ability to be in place and the opportunity to do their favorite thing.

We all play someone's role, sing other people's songs, but about your core purpose, why we forget. How so? published 


Author: Anna Fedulova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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