As circumstances change people. A wise proverb


Site publishes an interesting parable devoted to how circumstances change people and how people themselves can influence the circumstances. One day his father came a daughter, a young woman, and said sadly:

- Dad, I'm so tired of it all, I have persistent difficulties at work and in his personal life, is simply not the strength ... How to cope with all this
? The father replied:
- Come on, I'll show you
. He put it on the plate 3 of the pan with water and bring carrot, egg and coffee. Dip each ingredient in a separate pan. A few minutes later I turned off the stove and asked the daughter:
- What happened to them
? - Well cooked carrots and egg, and coffee dissolved, - said the girl
. - That's right, - said the father - but if we look deeper, we find that the carrots, which was hard, after boiling water became soft and supple. Egg, which used to be fragile and liquid, was solid. Outwardly, they are the same, but internally has changed under the influence of the same hostile environment - boiling water. The same happens with people: outwardly strong people can be pasted and weaklings where fragile and tender only harden and become stronger ...
- And what about the coffee? - I asked in surprise daughter
. - Oh, the coffee - this is the most interesting. He is completely dissolved in a hostile environment and changed it - boiling water turned into a wonderful flavored drink. There are people who can not change the circumstances - they change them and transform into something new, for removing yourself a favor and knowledge of the circumstances. Who we are in a difficult situation - the choice of each

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