5 wise Proverbs about life

The parable of life and death That day, as if on purpose, every visitor asked the teacher about only one, the most important issue: "What will happen after death?»
The teacher only smiled and answered nothing.
After the disciples asked why he was evasive.
Have you noticed that the afterlife interested in is those who don't know what to do with this? They need another life that would last forever, – said the Teacher.
But still, there is life after death or not? – persisted one of the students.
– Is there a life before death, that is the question, – said the Teacher.

Forty seven million six hundred eight thousand six hundred forty one

The parable of the foolish work Was a hunter in the forest he met a woodcutter. Bending over, he worked long and hard sawing wood piled. From his face the perspiration flowed in streams, and the whole body was very tense. The hunter came closer to see why the work is moving so slowly and with such enormous labor.

– Yes, your saw is very dull! – asked the hunter to woodsman. – Why don't you sharpen?
– What are you! – exclaimed the Woodman, in amazement looking at the passerby. – I have absolutely no time for this, I need to cut down 20 more trees!

And the woodcutter again went to work.

Moral: hard work is all well and good, but do not forget from time to time to question the effectiveness of effort – maybe a small investment of time or money will make your job much faster and better.

Parable of peace in the heart The master said: "In my youth I often went alone to the lake and meditated. I had a small boat and I would spend hours to swim and reflect. One day at dawn, when the night slowly turned into morning, I sat with my eyes closed and meditated.

Suddenly someone's boat hit a mine and broke the whole morning harmony. That makes me so angry! I was about to curse the master of the boat, but opened his eyes and saw that the boat was empty. I had no one to vent his anger. So I just closed my eyes and tried again to find harmony in yourself.

When the sun rose, I found peace in myself. Empty boat became my teacher. Since then, if someone tries to hurt me, I say– And this boat is also empty."

The parable of the proud cedar In the same garden growing cedar. Every year he matured and grew taller and more beautiful. His magnificent crown regally towered over the other trees, and cast them in deep shadow. But the more he grew and stretched upwards, the stronger grew in him the exorbitant arrogance.

With contempt, glancing down at all, once he imperatively cried:
— Get off this miserable hazel! And the tree was cut down at the root.

Free me from the unbearable neighbourhood of the Fig tree! It bothers me its stupid — ordered at other times whimsical cedar, the Fig tree suffered the same fate.

Pleased with himself, proudly shaking branches, arrogant handsome man wouldn't let it go:

— Clean up around my place from old pear and Apple trees! and the trees went for firewood.

So restless cedar commanded to destroy one by one all the trees, becoming the absolute master in the garden of the former beauty which has left some stumps.

But one day broke out in a huge storm. Conceited cedar struggled to resist, clinging onto the ground with powerful roots. And the wind, not having met on the way other trees were freely attacked, standing alone, handsome, mercilessly breaking, destroying and brigiba it down. Finally tormented the cedar could not withstand the violent shock, cracked and fell to the ground.©Leonardo da Vinci

Forty four million three hundred sixty five thousand seven hundred thirty nine

The parable of the janitor A person comes to get a janitor in a company "Microsoft". In HR he asked questions, conducted tests, and finally misleading:

— Congratulations, You are accepted. Leave your email and we will notify you about the work schedule.

Actually, I even no computer – recognized person, and e-mail even more.

— Unfortunately then we can't employ you. You virtual no, and prompt communication with all employees "Microsoft" via e-mail and coordination of effective team work is a key issue in our company.

Nothing to do, go and begin to think how you can make money on the computer. In his pocket – $30. He buys from the farmer 10 kg of apples, faces a busy street and sells "tasty and healthy eco-products". Few hours of his starting capital is doubled, and after 6 hours – 10 times.Suddenly, he realizes that with the pace you can live without the employer.

Time passes, a person buys a car, opens first a small stall, then shop, and after 5 years he is the owner of the supermarket chain. And here he comes to insure your business, and the insurance agent asks him to leave your e-mail for the best deals. Our businessman, like many years ago, says that he does not have e-mail, no computer.

– It's amazing! – surprised the insurer, is such a huge business and even have a personal computer! Why would you have achieved if you had it?!

To which the businessman replies:
– Then I would be the janitor of the company "Microsoft".

Moral: if you have something maybe you don't need to?published 


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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