Ancient Slavic "animal" horoscope

Wolverine - an animal with which no hunter is bound by his own will. Wolverine, as no one guarding their land, jealously watches all strangers that pass through its territory, and does not tolerate those who are trying to settle on his lands, hunting, digging holes, breed pups.
Born between Wolverine zealously other people put the interests of the tribe above their personal interests.
Wolverine does not grouse, come to mind does not like open spaces avoids self is critical not mistaken about any of his mind, nor about their appearance, which is why Wolverine is more faithful and loyal friends than in a bright-voiced and conceited fellow Forest.
Wolverine neat burrow themselves Wolverine boast pure wool, strong nails. Wolverine is a rare beast who does not hate him because he is respected even enemies and opponents, knowing the code of honor of Wolverine, know in advance what is expected of Wolverine's wait and are not afraid to turn back to Wolverine.

Raven - a wise bird, but not wise to learning disabilities, and at its core, originally a wise and understanding. About people-Ravens say sarcastically that the brain they do not need, spinal pretty, but the joke of the gods that really Raven just understands what the sage has need years of painful reflections.
Raven immediately correct answers to a question that had to be the work of many wizards. He feels better than understand and jumping logical chain, immediately gives the correct answer, but came to him, can not explain. Ravens rarely reach heights of governance and administration. Just because behold very far, but the people will not go far, he and a step to move over - Breaking native-hemp, to part with tradition, covenants such as illiterate fathers grandfathers, betray the Fatherland ...
If the occasional raven flies up, it's just because he does not say all that sharp-sighted eye sees it, otherwise beaten and kicked like a madman.
Ravens usually slow and calm, for true wisdom does not tolerate fuss. They see everything in advance, and if they need to bite the apple, they are in no hurry for rolling on the road, and immediately fly to the place where it will stop.

Ermine - the beast that feels a great power. It is flooded with it so that it spills out of his ears. He is not sitting still or the hour, always on the move, and if it finds one real and collapsed, deeply mistaken, thinking that finally saw Ermine in retirement: he feverishly invents or immediately hundred subtle tricks or how to get to a nearby forest and rob other Gornostaev or plans to have strangled all the pesky squirrels in the woods and its neighboring.
Ermine is so sure of himself and he is right that it does not care about the rules, regulations, laws. He sincerely believes that doing a good and necessary thing when obvoruyut chipmunk - ish a thick! - Or strangle protein - not so vereschit - that love him and that he is admired not only for his skill but also for his actions.
However, Ermine really is most unselfish person and responsive, more willing to come to the aid of other. And may need to borrow as his and other people's equally sincere.

Toad - perhaps the most amazing animal, because it can live both on and under the water and on the beach. Toad lives even in the forest in the trees. This amazing adaptability gives a person born during the Toad, the opportunity to work for the simplest jobs, for example, in the field or in the woods woodcutter and occupy the highest positions in the state, to lead the troops to reach the heights in music, literature, art, science.
Toads other less prone to discouragement, because they all good, but it has another side: frogs everywhere so comfortable that they rarely seek somewhere else. Toad Man can, for example, worked all his life gardeners, knowing that he could, if sweated a little more, to become the ruler, the governor or even the king in this state.
And what answers are usually Toad. I so well. And the king of all otgavkivatsya, protect the skin, the king is always to blame for the king of all the dogs hang ...
Toads are valued for their golden showers that covered inconspicuous skins, but they are reluctant to agree Toads with people, because the soul is not clothes, it is still necessary to consider!

Grasshopper - more than anyone else, does not like to show fatigue, injury, misfortune. He was always singing, always spreading wings, preening in the sun. People smile, looking at Grasshopper, grasshopper in each lit by a tiny drop of sun.
Grasshopper very easy-going, and although heart trembles with fear before each jump, but still jumps rastopyrivat wings and flies, flies, trembling with fear and delight. At the new place may await big scary animals, there may be predatory spiders, but may turn out to be a beautiful meadow with lush grass, sweet berries and other beautiful ... Grasshopper, Beetles, Butterflies!
Perhaps the biggest coward in the world, Grasshopper admit it only the closest, but for all others, it is a fun and carefree creature, which all come easily, without effort, which is easy to converge with all beings in the world as grasshoppers, and so all -vsemi.
Grasshopper is not industrious in the sense that restless, he grabs it for one, then another. He often gives up, but for others wonder that he has time to many, often even more than others, perseverance. The secret is that Grasshopper, leaving halfway lot of cases, to half of them still comes back and, ashamed of his cowardice, ends quickly and successfully.
And when you consider that all Grasshopper quickly grasps, we can say that the great Rod made it one of his best days, and in a good state of mind.

Hamster - creature that sleeps almost nine months of the year, but is still a developing frenzied activity, managing to collect grain from the fields and fill kladovochku to ceiling.
Human Hamster able to work day and night without rest, hastily sip hot coffee and then leave with his head in work. In those days, he can make as much as born Ant makes in a month. But then the hamster, exhausted, falls with his tongue hanging out, and for a long time come to life, and Ant all work, work, work, and when it comes time to compare the results, it is still unknown who manages more!
Hamsters love for the gentle character, slowness and kindness. They are seen more often on vacation and relax Hamsters love and know how, even if the rest - it's just lie down on the grass in the sun.

Ravlyk - is particularly sensitive. They are very finely and accurately the feelings of others, can be obtained from Ravlyk great leaders because they know how to light and lead the people to work than to give up even in the abyss. But this hypersensitivity turns and the other side: that they are willing to pay someone else all they have, then, recollecting himself, fenced off from the wall, even relatives, all the while telling themselves that they deceived many times as you can, it's time to think about themselves ...
This makes them hypersensitive painfully vulnerable. Fleeing, they go in the sink, there is just an excuse antennae, surveying the world, trying in anything not to intervene. These people live in a half-dream world, where they are much better than real, and coming back, whenever they sadly say too late to be born, that they would be a couple of hundred years ago, or even thousands, somehow believing that in the past they would have been sure to princes, not slaves!
To communicate no better companions than Ravlyk because of congenital hypersensitivity always see mood interlocutor, never say rude, always ready to help, to help get out of a delicate situation.
Ravlyk smart, although their mind almost never leads to enrichment, successful career, prosperity of the business. No one better Ravlyk not come up with-standing illusory worlds, but how much they have lost on the way to sweet dreams to reality!

Ant - perhaps the only one in the light of creation, which is never afraid overworked. Ant is rarely seen without works, but then either cleans paws and ears, licking his shining armor, and a man born ants, not only in moments of relaxation day advance planning, but also the rest of trying harder to perform.
Ant is constantly at work, even if it looks like an aimless wandering through the bush. He or graze cattle, at the same time protecting from prying Ants, or builds a house drags its prey. He would never say to myself, rather, I did enough. He always tries to do more for his valued, respected, although on this and try to throw a little more work, to throw at him and some of his work. Ant trails, very occasionally grumble.
This hard work is rewarded: Ant notice increase in the service, give work harder, more responsible. And let's say that the ant takes no mind and work ethic, but that genius - is one percent talent and ninety-nine diligence!

Khrushchev - no one suffers such drastic changes in the life of Khrushchev. When the worm digs in the ground and gnaws the roots, it is certain that it will be a lifetime. When transformed into a pupa and freezes in great peace, exclaims in enlightenment: "What I had was a fool!", Meaning that now something has finally figured out how to live, now knows how to live, now lives only so ...
But the time comes and breaks the cocoon, the young beetle crawls out of the earth, spreading wings ...
Khrushchev more than anyone, tormented, that it is impossible to explain to your children, how will live, will not believe, generally can not explain to anyone how to live, to have managed to turn into a real-C-wing, because most will die and thick blind worms ...
In this paper Khrushch easily reach any heights if it will not lead to easy for him career path more difficult search for truth, philosophical or religious trail, search ethical gates in regular life.

Beaver - Beaver desire for order and peace has led to the fact that he has learned to build dams, to raise the level of streams and rivers, dams do. All animals adapt to the weather, but Beaver adapts it to yourself, customize your character and under the schedule.
At Beaver always have everything at hand, he never in a hurry to work calmly and confidently. Other animals are jealous, but life Beaver them too complicated. Beaver to be - it's a lot to know and be able to much. But when the animals are fleeing in panic from the storm or forest fire, Beaver enough to dive into your underwater house and quietly wait trifle that for other disaster. Beaver can arrange your life so that everyone close to him feels comfortable and protected, even if the rest of the world is falling apart.

Dog - a distinctive feature - the loyalty and courage. In a world where no one holds words, the only dog ​​who still adheres to the old canons of honor, loyalty, word, he never hit lying in the back or below the belt, no matter what the benefits promised and no matter how over him or laughed at his old-fashioned habits.
A friend who is faithful to blindness, to stupidity, and no treachery and betrayal can not wean him to trust people, to protect them.
But, strangely enough, even opponents trust him more than your friends and colleagues. Dog can trust money, mystery, and his own life. If a friend is in trouble, do not scare the Dog nor knife, nor power. It will not be like a cat quietly wash when the owner killed next, he will jump and clutched at his throat, even if he knows that this is his last jump.
For the Dog in life is much more important to live in harmony with one's conscience than with the law, which is now one tomorrow - another. He does not aspire to a career, but often see him on the tops of business, politics, management systems, for the Dog trust even his opponents.

Bear - the owner of the forest, but not the king of beasts, not the king of all forests, steppes, deserts and mountains ... and all because Bear was born before his boundless laziness. He knows it, and got used to this szhilsya, he can tell about myself something like that, which exposes to ridicule.
Only few people know that a seemingly clumsy Bear ahead racehorse, able to stifle the elk and bear in the front legs, which feels a mouse nest under a dense layer of solid ground and is able to get out a little mouse before the cleverest cat time to say "meow". But not the power and agility make him master of the forest.
He is considered mainly because, for all its power is amazingly simple and carefree, indulgent towards the weak, does not offend a trifle, and he is content to be surprisingly small: get honey, soak in the raspberry bushes, basking and varnish from the belly ...
Bear the envy of many animals and birds fierce winter sleeping in a warm den that speaks of his great mind and the ability to get it ... if you really need it badly.


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