Ancient Slavic "animal" horoscope

Wolverine - an animal with which no hunter is bound by his own will. Wolverine, as no one guarding their land, jealously watches all strangers that pass through its territory, and does not tolerate those who are trying to settle on his lands, hunting, digging holes, breed pups.
Born between Wolverine zealously other people put the interests of the tribe above their personal interests.
Wolverine does not grouse, come to mind does not like open spaces avoids self is critical not mistaken about any of his mind, nor about their appearance, which is why Wolverine is more faithful and loyal friends than in a bright-voiced and conceited fellow Forest.
Wolverine neat burrow themselves Wolverine boast pure wool, strong nails. Wolverine is a rare beast who does not hate him because he is respected even enemies and opponents, knowing the code of honor of Wolverine, know in advance what is expected of Wolverine's wait and are not afraid to turn back to Wolverine.

Raven - a wise bird, but not wise to learning disabilities, and at its core, originally a wise and understanding. About people-Ravens say sarcastically that the brain they do not need, spinal pretty, but the joke of the gods that really Raven just understands what the sage has need years of painful reflections.
Raven immediately correct answers to a question that had to be the work of many wizards. He feels better than understand and jumping logical chain, immediately gives the correct answer, but came to him, can not explain. Ravens rarely reach heights of governance and administration. Just because behold very far, but the people will not go far, he and a step to move over - Breaking native-hemp, to part with tradition, covenants such as illiterate fathers grandfathers, betray the Fatherland ...
If the occasional raven flies up, it's just because he does not say all that sharp-sighted eye sees it, otherwise beaten and kicked like a madman.
Ravens usually slow and calm, for true wisdom does not tolerate fuss. They see everything in advance, and if they need to bite the apple, they are in no hurry for rolling on the road, and immediately fly to the place where it will stop.

Ermine - the beast that feels a great power. It is flooded with it so that it spills out of his ears. He is not sitting still or the hour, always on the move, and if it finds one real and collapsed, deeply mistaken, thinking that finally saw Ermine in retirement: he feverishly invents or immediately hundred subtle tricks or how to get to a nearby forest and rob other Gornostaev or plans to have strangled all the pesky squirrels in the woods and its neighboring.
Ermine is so sure of himself and he is right that it does not care about the rules, regulations, laws. He sincerely believes that doing a good and necessary thing when obvoruyut chipmunk - ish a thick! - Or strangle protein - not so vereschit - that love him and that he is admired not only for his skill but also for his actions.
However, Ermine really is most unselfish person and responsive, more willing to come to the aid of other. And may need to borrow as his and other people's equally sincere.


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