Two in the wilderness: a wise parable

A wise parableThrough the desert walked two and something flushed argued. One, and then, licking his thin dry lips, frozen in them a yellowish tinge, passionately prove something to the second, but he only frowned contemptuously and grinned hoarsely: "Insane, you say," and in turn started to develop their own ideas.

But soon the first impatiently interrupted the second, and it started again. Each of them defended his innocence, tried to demonstrate their power, sought to proselytize.



And now, on the threshold of the night argument turned into quarrel, and was ready to break out feud. And everyone already shouting to another that can do without it. And then they spontaneously decided to go apart each on his way. They have surrounded the cold dark night. And around, the desert stretched.And the first boldly stepped into the darkness. But soon he heard the steps of his companion, and thought, "What in me power! He followed me because he can't do without me."


"Still as he is weak! Need to go after him, to protect him from harm and danger, otherwise it will lie on my conscience," thought another, catching up with the first.


Author: Ernest Flowers

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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