Pride, selfishness (PART TWO).

RUBRIC "cause of the disease."

Destructive thoughts.

Pride, selfishness (PART TWO).

How to get rid of the harmful feelings?

In the category already stated that any human behavior has a positive intention. Pride, as a way of thinking and perception of the world, also has a positive intention. It is multifaceted. This commitment to excellence and the desire to feel relaxed and comfortable, and the desire to make themselves known to the whole world. So:
Way of behavior: pride.

Positive intention: to feel its uniqueness, exclusivity and value in this world; realize his destiny; the pursuit of their own excellence and perfection of the world.

Everyone wants to feel that they live in this world is not in vain, that is in his life some meaning. But to feel valued and solely by rising above the other - it means to bear in the subconscious program destruction of other worlds. After all, if I'm better than before, others less and less. But in fact, the higher plane, we are all equal. Pride produces the highest subconscious aggression, which returns a powerful program of self-destruction in the form of injuries, accidents, incurable diseases and, finally, death.

It is important to realize that there are no people good or bad, better or worse. There are just people, and we make them so, however expect to see. The higher a man exalts himself, the less he will fall. The better he wants to look for other, so much the worse for him to say.

Proud man - private person. Not wanting to take over the world of another person, he makes his world to the poor and miserable. And in the end it leads to loneliness and death.
From the practice of Dr. Valery Sinelnikova:

An appointment with the doctor came middle-aged woman with severe depression. The disease is accompanied by a severe headache and discomfort in the body. Virtually all methods of treatment she had tried. Psychics and healers also did not help. At the session, in a state of hypnosis, she turned to your subconscious mind, to find out the causes of the disease. The answer she got was a surprise for her.

 - I called the disease to torture you, - said the subconscious mind. - I want to through the pain and suffering you have got rid of arrogance, boastfulness, arrogance and self-pity people. Then people will stop you envy. Just get rid of these feelings, you will gain peace of mind.
Make a program for liberation from pride. To do this, first of all learn to take responsibility for their lives, for their own destiny. Immediately no longer need to blame someone and yourself as well.

Learn to take any situation in your life - no complaints and grievances. And do not just take, and give thanks to God, your subconscious mind for these events, no matter how negative at first glance they may seem. We all know the saying: "All that God gives - for the better." You just need to learn how to find the positive side of any situation. Sometimes they are obvious, sometimes hidden from our consciousness, and often understanding of what positive lesson we have learned from it, comes later.

You must learn to accept the situation. And adoption is a profound understanding that we live in a very harmonious and equitable world, and everything that happens to us in life you need to take unconditionally, without claims and grievances. Whatever the situation with you no matter what happens - take it as given by God. Go through it safely. Stop your thoughts and think - what you created it? Apply in practice the laws of which you already know, "reflects the internal external" and "like attracts like". What is important and positive lesson you should learn from this situation?


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