Insanity grows stronger, the elections are coming

I wonder sometimes becomes, what is the need to feed the people, that they are brilliant ideas come to mind?
For example, the Kharkiv regional organization of the Party of Regions made a very relevant from their point of view, the initiative - to open a museum. Do not think that we are talking about any historical or cultural heritage. That's all fine and does not cause excitement. Creative authors and instigators of the project affects the ease of understanding and topics of the day. The museum will cover the history of the party itself. Like, say, it is very important that the young shoots felt certain continuity, and coming to this same museum, to familiarize themselves with the history of the party leaders and their glorious deeds.
Here I have some doubts about the availability of such materials for placing them in the specified location. For even if I let your imagination free in uncontrolled flight, and then there is unlikely to find a reason for which the prosecutor's office or private collections of documents and facts have permission to post the real story on glorious display of the masses. It is highly unlikely that the museum will be a place for pearls and marasmus inherent in everyday existence leaders and public figures of the lower.
With the result that it is not clear even to whom the initiative is designed Yevgeny Savin - either on clinical oligophrenics, or just people who are afraid not that say something nasty, and even think about it. However, the show-off - a sign of extreme decay of the structure itself. So you should not, perhaps, be surprised if any unconventional ideas emanating from the party environment.
I would like to recommend only once think about the construction of the mausoleum and the canonization of the guarantor.


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