10 common misconceptions, often expressed with an important idom.

10 common misconceptions, often expressed by strutting.

Often, eating in everyday speech any phrase, we do not think that is behind them, using the usual sense.

Not so scary when phrase is to continue the conversation, or to support the speaker. Worse, when the wrong concept of sound as mentoring.

1. The less we love a woman, the better she likes us
Those who repeat it, probably too lazy to read the next chapter to the desired word:

"Exactly my thought Eugene.
He is in his early youth
He was a victim of violent delusions
And unbridled passions. »

Question to those who did read it is the beginning of Chapter 4. Read? Have you ever realized? Where justification that a woman needs to express their indifference and it will run after you, wagging his tail, so as to knock ... The poor guy's head Onegin was such a mess! Let's remember, there was a happy love Eugene? Can it appoint an expert in love affairs and live further in Onegin ...?

Maybe better than the Pushkin take teacher whose loving was as enchanting as its poetry. The great poet adored women, and did not hide his delight, both in relation to his wife and the rest of damsels. Of course, the lady answered him the same as forgetting about it ... hmm ... not model looks.

The happy union of all built on men's admiration, respect and love for their partner. The woman in this respect is incredibly primitive, because it is - a mirror of the male attitude towards it. I love her and she will love you. And not vice versa.

Women, hobby man who her "Ignore" just kind of invented lazy peasants masochist with an unnatural not natural behavior ... None of reasonable individuals will not spend time on such a relationship.

2. The middle-aged lady ...
Nabivshaya nauseam Association - a nice old lady, not yet old, but sometimes moth-eaten ... with gray hair. But this well-dressed, educated (probably because Balzac reads), with manners, with traces of her former beauty.

In fact, Balzac woman - is moloduha 30 years, which became only the taste relationships, ironic, wherein the freedom and independence of judgment in the manifestation of their feelings. This heroine of the novel by Honore de Balzac's "The Thirty Years 'woman' Viscountess d aiglemont.

In those days, "Balzac woman" after the novel came to be called just such independent ladies that his facial features, but mainly - the behavior, like the heroine of the popular bestseller. In modern mass culture, the ladies may be called middle-famous foursome of "Sex and the City," and we are more about behavior than on age.

Why Balzac lady added years removed rebellion and made her resemblance to Mrs. Marple unknown ...

3. I bore him a child, and he ...
Why it is considered that the time she "bore him a child", he should pray for her whole life and give thanks for the feat. For a woman to have a child - a natural function. Give birth to all. It does not matter - from anyone. There are, however, within the whole, childfree, people basically do not want to have children, but that's another story.

Back to our "zhertvennitse».

Childbearing inherent nature and it is natural for the female body. Thanks to nature, she still kept alive the female person who is not the honor of being a mom. Here in rats, for example, is much tougher. If the rat "multiplied," she will live up to 3 years. If - no, just one and a half years. The population of ancient race and we need to continue to stay on Earth as long as possible. I do not coped with the main function? All are exempt food base, give way to other, more prolific.

Feat can be considered the birth and growth of gifted children, the future geniuses. When my mother intensely involved with the child, early childhood controls all its manifestations and in time it corrects the traits and tendencies that lead him to success. All people in something gifted, you only need to see. Mugs, clubs, participation in the Olympics ... and all this is very attentive mother, who not only gave birth, but also brought a wonderful person. And if my mother, waving the flag of the victim cries about his grave Dole gave birth to the child, and the child went to kindergarten, then to school with prodlenki, studied at three, and barely over the parents' money went to college ... and up to 30 years and have not decided who he will be when he grows up, what kind of heroism is there to say. Just I gave birth to it. As it should be. So get down to the armored car ...

4. In Japan, children under 5 years old are allowed to all ...
Do not allow all parents simply do not consider themselves to be professionals in the field of education, believing that this should be done by specially trained people. And not just in Japan. In the majority of countries in Europe and on other continents, where there is a developed state machine, small children are not brought up in the family. Therefore, until the child was in an institution, where it will take for the professionals, it behaves according to our notions, like a real moron. In any case, (let me private retreat) when I was with the Soviet travel passport got into a capitalist and very ladylike Germany, I was shocked by the behavior of German children ... I do not understand how then take decent burghers, if the age of five are run by set table, behind which sits the family and guests, set fire to the curtains stolen my lighter and name-calling all the pigs ...

Just then they get into the system, which itself begins to form are decent and law-abiding citizens. Penalties parents tour scholars in jail (practiced in America), strict rules of society, where courtesy and education is the norm of society, and rudeness is punishable by law, and fast, high quality and expensive. So without parental effort and poking a natural person receives civic development. Therefore, in a family with little ones nobody steamed, instilling the basics of education. All then make system.

5. Man, quit smoking, excess weight will certainly pick up eventually
Not necessarily, and not everyone. It is known that all the "dropped out" cigarette smokers looking for a replacement. Naturally, this meal. The most simple and affordable. Few would guess combine parting with a cigarette with a trip to Everest or in a Buddhist monastery complex on the first couple of weeks. Although it looks like the most prudent action. Other conditions, replacing the usual rites for new, it's easier to change the image and quality of life. But it is not always possible.

Of all my friends and girlfriends who quit smoking, to improve everything, even the most advanced and the most "not gluttons" ... except for one person. He did not get even a kilogram. Do you know who he is? Coach tennis. Playing coach. A man who every day from morning to evening is on the court and spends energy permanently. Of course, he began to eat more, quit smoking, but there is no "after quitting smoking disrupt metabolism" did not increase its weight.

That weight is typed after breaking up with a bad habit, it is a fact. But he was not recruited because of some mythical and metaphysical metabolic changes in the body due to the lack of nicotine in it more. And only because of the increased calorie attacks longing for a cigarette body. And if your body according to his service, fate and other factors is constantly on the move, you will not get better or per kilogram. So quit smoking, get up on skis. Otherwise - persistent weight gain.

6. At work, tired
Why do you need such work, where you get tired? Do you like a cat, left nine lives? In this you have to work, and on the other hand in the next - will lie on the couch and book Bai pochityvat ...

Remember the famous saying universal favorite Yuri Nikulin of happiness? "Happiness - it's when you're running happily in the morning for work. And then happily go back home. " Full set. The work should bring joy! And if you - such a sacrifice (children's lift, old age accumulate), and because of this most of the time of their lives on the job in which you are tired, and every day tired, then you are to be congratulated, you win the grand prize - a tombstone with the epitaph "The hardworking dead in our cemetery." Because people are tired all the time, do not live long, resources are limited.

Another thing if a person manipulates the notion of his "eternal fatigue." Like, this maxim, I work, therefore I am. a-priory. I get tired. This is an absolute nonsense. In response to such a person can say only one thing - well, stupid. You have one life and plenty of opportunities. And you chose the most difficult conditions of survival - a place where you need to be sure to get tired. And tired as possible, more and more, and - always - more and more often.

7. Build a house, a son, and grow a tree
In my opinion, one of the most stupid statements about the function of man in this life. If I had the right, I would advise to ban the phrase at the legislative level. Because it is extremely harmful to the subconscious mind of any man (boys, boys).

First, build the house builders. And at home are different. Fortunately, there are plenty of other useful and relevant professions, and successful men of these homes simply earn. Or apartments. Some apartments will be more abruptly "built house," especially their location.

A son ... fuuuuu. How disgusting sound in relation to the duties of men. That nonsense, that the first man who will give birth to yourself, get some there is a big bonus, to discuss in this context will not. It is clear that this phrase, which we are, have to be a woman, and to conceive - man. So in essence - a task - to conceive, that is to engage in sexual intercourse. But it is imperative to conceive - son. That is some clever way to set up your sperm to get it boy ... As further - it does not matter even if it brings up the street or abandoned woman. Men who conceive and then bring up the girls, sometimes - brilliant, sucks them in. I have not fulfilled the main task - in the furnace!

Grow a tree - it is a masterpiece. First, a tree is not explained either. Poplar, for example. To fluff spread. To allergies sneeze and weep. And grow - that's what it means? 20-30 years to fertilize the poplar, to save it from aphids, weeding around the weeds to disperse clouds over him in the flowering period ... What to do? As it grow after planting? This is a garden to plant and grow this business. Who then will bear fruit. So for this there is a huge army of specially trained people, which is also a separate profession, and it's not an easy science ...

Incidentally, after the search for the authorship of the "genius" of the prophecy of the main functions of the male, I came across yet another pravdolyubku scruples who spent a little research to find the truth and the source. Her name Ksena. She found! It is the Talmud! Only it says the following: "Man must first build a house and plant a vineyard, and then get married." (Talmud. "Cell" 446)

Agree somewhat different meaning.

8. Legally married does not mean anything
How does it not mean? In the eyes of the law, this couple together happily wallow once it becomes a full-fledged cell ... Well, it has a verbal punch. Consider the situation is not very detailed, focus only on the key points. .

He became an official spouse. He appeared prescribed by law duties towards his woman. Let's just hard for. If she gets sick, he will have to contain it. And it is not stated in the marriage - and in trouble and in joy ... That's the trouble, then he did not dare to leave legally. Some soderzhanieon she will be required to provide. I foresee flying in sneakers - and he did without a stamp in the passport will contain it, if it becomes disabled, he's a man, he's not a scoundrel ... Stop! And who said that he was not a scoundrel. What villains do not give birth to her friends? They are together. He is a scoundrel, and she became disabled. Brock - legal husband will be obliged to provide maintenance to his wife. Brock - not lawful husband, just go and leave her to die. First somehow looks better.

He - a wonderful person. No official husband. They love. However, several years. She timidly dreaming of a ring. He proudly says - Legally married does not mean anything! Then he falls on the head of the notorious reusable bricks. She mourns him. Then come his relatives (children, parents) and take everything that is acquired together. Only the stamp in the passport, delivered before a joint accumulation of property, save it from total bankruptcy.

The same situation is just the opposite. From change of places roommates amount does not change. Come her relatives and left him to cry and live in a box from the TV.

What is a stamp in your passport and a marriage proposal. This means that a man says over the world - My-My-My-My !!! What could be more important for women?

So does not mean or stamp in your passport? Even as the means. So if someone wants to otmazatsya from marriage, and they, of course, are many and they are entitled to do, you need to find other wording, such as "Honey, I do not want to marry you. Because then I would have to take responsibility for you, and I - in the scrap. And in general, if you get sick, I do not want to mess with you. Let your euthanasia pay someone else. And yet - if I die suddenly, then let all that we together with you to buy, get my family ... »

So it would be more honest! And once all questions will disappear.

9. Grandfather insanity ...
If your grandmother took Conchita Wurst for Kirkorov, and grandfather joined the party Prokhorov millionaire does not mean that they have begun marasmus. Distraction, forgetfulness, insanity - are not connected with marasmus.

The medical concept of insanity - it's exhaustion and extinction, loss of strength. Depletion first. Senile lying on a bed with oilcloth and can not even speak. They remain two functions - food and sex. Sufferers are bedridden, and as a rule do not understand is said to them.

If an eccentric old man who suffers from the scattering begins to bear some nonsense or make illogical, you think things are all that anything but insanity. The diagnosis of insanity put, when a person is in a "vegetable state," and certainly not talk nonsense and does strange things. With a light hand whose insanity has become synonymous with the manifestations of strange behavior of old men and old women, do not find. Do not use this term in the popular today, the generally accepted meaning. Look for other characteristics.

10. People do not change
This phrase - record for stupidity. An empty, meaningless idea is absolutely incorrect in the sense of any meaning. But - very commonly used.

In what sense is people do not change? And why should they change?

All people are different, there are harmful and stubborn, there are flexible, there are prudent or indecisive, mumble, there is evil, there are smart, there are stupid, there are soft-bodied, and so on. They all exist in a particular environment, or - in certain "media" ... It's only a cartoon Mowgli, our children's character, grew up among animals that bite, fight, taken each other's food, sometimes killed for food, and the boy turned out - a kind and sensitive . Real Mowgli, which are periodically in different parts of the world, behave quite differently. According to the environment them to grow.

And when someone is very harmful and nasty does not accept demands of society, the society rejects him, then nothing to talk about.

"People do not change" - usually because they say with a sigh about someone bad. Like, do nothing, it does not change ... Well, do not change, and to hell with it! Let it be as you are, do not climb to it, maybe it so well, and he had his party will, of the same ... bad guys.

But best of all on the subject expressed Faina Ranevskaya: "When do you expect that someone will take you to" the same as you are, "then you're just lazy Moodle. Because, as a rule, "such as it is" - a sad spectacle. Me, you beast. Work on yourself. Or die alone. " We applaud great Faina standing!

Author: Evgeny Vasilenko


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