10 interesting facts about the Celts

The Celts left a great many stories and legends that are shrouded in mystery, intrigue, and, unfortunately, true. There are many misconceptions and false truths about them, but we're going to clear up some.

1. Origins

To be honest, no one really knows where they came from. Some historians argue that the Celts appeared in Britain around 1180 BC, in verily while others claim that it was still early. Nevertheless, it is generally accepted that the Celts began migrating from Central Europe in 400 BC They spread vo all directions until they were face to face with the Romans.

The problem was that their neighbor - Rome was united multinational empire and the Celts consisted of ten tribes, who fought against each other in the same chasto as they fought with the Romans. In kontse all, nekotorye of these tribes were destroyed polnostyu, some agreed to be ruled by the Romans, to verily while others were driven into the far corners of the known world: Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

2. They did not fight naked

The mention of the Celts in the West makes people smile: "Oh, it's the guys who fought with bare gold rim on the neck (called Tork)?ยป

However, this is one of the biggest misconceptions about the Celts, which is absolutely ridiculous if you think a little. Delo is today chto all known information about the Celts come from Roman sources, and the Romans and the Celts were enemies. It's safe to say chto Roman historians, somewhat exaggerated.

When your enemy describes you and your life, it's safe to say that about himself he would write only good, but their enemy or bad or anything. It is in our time can be observed when American sources claim that during World War II decisive battles won only they and the Soviet Union led by Germany long war on the Eastern Front.

You can also view and from a different angle; Celts lived in a period known as the Iron Age. It was a time when iron was used instead of bronze for weapons, armor and tools. The Celts themselves produced good weapons such as swords, axes, spears, and two-handed hammers, metal plates and chain mail for use as armor. Knowing this, it is unlikely that the Celts dressed in cool weather on a naked body iron chain mail.

3. Druids


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