Facts about the Dominican Republic

1. Buses in the Dominican Republic called «gua-gua». Dominicans - people are very friendly, so the seat, designed for one person, it fits 2-3, and we must also take into account that the Dominican Republic is a country with magnificent forms XXXL size. Therefore, in the eyes of bewilderment carcasses weighing 100-120 pounds, which is not together yet, is quite understandable.

One taxi driver, with whom I was traveling, uttered a memorable phrase about one Mademoiselle, "Mom, you were born in December, and they give you double!" - Dominicans love fat women, it's true. Anyway, if you are female, do not be surprised compliments on the street. Nothing improper in themselves, they do not carry.

2. Not that there are any problems with printing, but advertising (for lottery and food stalls or small garages) taken to represent directly on the walls of the building with the help of stencils (usually not), brushes and paint. Dominicans all the "know how" to draw, and it turns out pretty cool.

Such a culture of drawing originated as far back as the 70s, when the country appeared the first printing machines, and, of course, printing cost mad money in those days.

People who are engaged in drawing advertising, here called «Pintaletra» (with Spanish. - "BukvoKras"). The most famous in the industry - Lolo Jackson, in fact, he is the father of this culture.

3. 3. In the winter in the Dominican Republic last month hanging in the sky up horns. And it's not a squirrel, as it might seem to tourists from Punta Cana. Guys, be careful with the rum, it's all the same, pirate drink.

4. Dominican Republic chosen people like Shakira, Julio Iglesias, while Vin Diesel even have a couple of favorite strip bars in Santo Domingo.

Diesel, by the way, one of the most ardent fans of the country, so in his films often or plays Dominican music, or the action takes place in the Dominican Republic. Although the "Fast and the Furious 4" and referred to the Dominican Republic, in the real world - it is not filmed here.

But "Jurassic Park» - yes, «Survivor" Israel, America - yes.

In the Amber Museum in Puerto Plata is amber, which was shown in the "Jurassic Park." Yes, its cost - only 120 thousand dollars, age - about 30 million years in length - 3.5 inches.

5. On the peninsula of Samana (Dominican Republic North) oyster is cheaper than lemon-that is 5 pesos apiece.

6. hour to three all shops close for lunch. But given the impressively Dominican mentality, lunch could easily stretch from 12 to 4 hours. Even saw a couple of distinguished restaurants closed.

The most honorable place for sitting on a plastic chair during siesta - near speed bumps. Passing cars have to stop and have a chance to see the good of all passengers. A kind of cinema.

7. Dominican prefer tight clothing, regardless of the splendor of forms. In most cases, the bra stays visible because of the cut on the back.

8. If the road is a Dominican in curlers - this is normal, they are very open and not used to be ashamed of, well, fine, they are cute. Pedicure \ manicure along the road, well, in the sense in front of his house - too gud.

9. In the Dominican Republic such things as Colgate, Fairy, and so on. P. Has become synonymous. Therefore, toothpaste - it is not «pasta dental», and Colgate. Detergent - and there Fairy, means for cleaning the floor - Mistolin.

10. Dominican women to come together easily, it is difficult to leave. Broom will not drive, shovel, by the way, too.

11. In the Dominican Republic is not considered shameful to drive a car with naleplennoy advertising chicken, or Face favorite deputy.

12. In the villages, the main type of advertising is a pickup with two-meter column in the back. For 500 pesos per day, he can inform the entire population of that Pedro is not very big dick, or some new disco.

13. In the Dominican Republic officially authorized early marriage, but only with the consent of the parents. Marriageable age starts at 15 years for girls and 16 for boys. Therefore, the 15th anniversary (Quinces) every girl celebrating steeper than age (18).

Pleases local attitudes towards children in general. The bus is a normal situation, if the absolute stranger asks to take hold in the hands of your baby. Nothing in this do not exist, they really love children.

14. Dominican 5 minutes - 5 min + infinity (as in any other country in Latin America). Question adjustable. Not the first time, but ...

15. In the Dominican Republic, people firmly believe in the lottery, no, really. We drove through the village on the border with Haiti, where there are shops with food (presumably, people change chicken on vegetables and vice versa), but there are 3 banks (banca - with Spanish. Lottery). That's the belief in happiness, falling from the sky. Blow case with greens on napolirovannuyu bald head. MMM has not yet penetrated here, which omission. Mavrodi, just do it!

16. If the Dominican seen as changing a wheel, it absolutely certain that already quite capable to sort out the engine with closed eyes. This does not mean that there are bad mechanics, far, just need to know where you give your baby iron.

17. Often in the Dominican Republic in the car poured oil "All Seasons". The answer to the bewilderment of your face is usually: "Yo, bro, so now the winter." Want to give a guy a scraper. Yes, the bus here may well be winter, pay attention to when buying.

18. There are a religious people. Every third car hanging sticker "Jesus will save us", "God is with me, who me?", And perhaps the most enchanting - "Jesus taught me to drive, the problem?". In almost all the stalls / stores a small plate in the frame, "The Lord has blessed this business».

I remember when I was passing by the church and heard it sing and play the piano, I was very surprised. With the Russian mentality, I asked Father: "Why all so much fun?", To which he replied "So the Lord God - it's fun." This is the right attitude to religion.

19. Motorcycle - This is not the vehicle for two or three people. Here quietly fits up to 6 people.

20. Dominican Republic - the only place in the world where Larimar is mined, a kind of blue pectolite, resembling turquoise.

21. Any Dominican, who did not ask, say that he is a descendant Taino (taino). I wonder where then have got to the descendants of slaves? Again, from my point of view, there is no shame in this.

22. The first Latin American actress who started acting in Hollywood films - Maria Montez (Maria Africa Vidal de Santos Silas), Dominican descent. She was born, by the way, in the desert Barahona (south of the Dominican Republic) among the cacti.

23. Only in the Dominican Republic are found red-eyed iguanas Ricordi (Cyclura ricordi) - there are only 2,000 individuals. Interestingly, in Barahona the local population assures that your iguana crests at a speed proparyvayut goat belly. It must have been some very reactive iguanas, with whom no one had not previously met.

And here is found the great and terrible Solenodon, in addition to the Dominican Republic, which is found in Cuba. Solenodon aka Solenodon Paradoxus interesting because it does not have immunity from their own venom glands. That is, if in the struggle for territorial influence or female, he bites another Solenodon, that his days were numbered. There are only 2 Solenodon nipple, so he can only feed two, at least - three young.

24. Many of the Dominican Republic forums write that, they say, Dominicans often deceive or many kosyachat. That's not it. In fact, the situation is as follows: Dominican, unwittingly, a great believer in what he is able to perform a particular task, and in most cases this belief is just a sober assessment of eclipses in his mind. So it is, silly blame them.

25. As it is not strange for the islanders, but most Dominicans do not know how to swim. If, for example, the Dominican family rents a holiday villa on the first line, and there is a pool, they never climb into the sea. Although the ability to swim in this case at anything. For Dominicans pool - it's probably a symbol of wealth.

26. The most common footwear among Europeans in the resort areas - flip flops. Among Dominicans - sneakers and building winter boots.

27. In the Dominican Republic, even men wear shirts with rhinestones. Dominicans love shiny clothes. For the same reason no one takes holographic stickers with caps. One of the attractions for tourists - a walk on the beach with a metal detector. Seen people with this nice rose. After all, the islanders dress with gold as Christmas trees.

28. Dominicans - friendly people, and if they are going to celebrate some of the action, it is usually rented Mini Bus, or something like that. The most optimal machine in the country - pickups, they can fit behind a lot of relatives.

29. One of the biggest saltwater lakes in the world, crocodile lake Lago Enriquillo, has about 400 species of the American crocodile, with the size of the lake in the 370 square kilometers. That is, on average, one crocodile per square kilometer.

Yes, the level of "salt" in it 8 times the "salt" of the Caribbean. I have checked "as it pushes me by the Archimedes force," but the crocodiles ...

30. In the Dominican Republic there are no pensions. The elderly helps numerous relatives.

The exact opposite of Russia, where the offense is a symbol of the unfortunate pensioner. Unhappy old age - this is not about the Dominican Republic accurately. I often see people who are 70-80 years old, and nothing: dancing, singing and smoking cigars, drinking rum.

31. The speed humps in the Dominican Republic do not fit under any standards. Who else could, and built. Many do not even marked, but you get used to it quickly, because the quality of the roads are much better than in Russia.

32. The concepts of "rainy season" in the Dominican Republic, in principle, does not exist. In the Dominican Republic umbrella, primarily designed to protect from the sun, because the rains are mostly at night, or hour and a half in the afternoon. More rains from May to September, it's true. But compare with the actual local rainfall Thai tropical downpours stupid. In general, such a nice weather.

The climate in the Dominican Republic - tropical wet, quite comfortable.

33. In the Dominican Republic do not smoke, although the country is the largest exporter of tobacco. By the way, Davidoff also moved to the Dominican, not Cuban, tobacco. My favorite question Dominican "why do you smoke?».

Reference: Pack of cigarettes in the Dominican Republic worth 2.5-3 dollar

34. In contrast to the same Russian, here taken to fly on airplanes and helicopters, which does not interfere with any bureaucratic machinations with filling hundreds of papers before departure. In reality, it is often advantageous and, moreover, will use air-taxi. Tickets from Punta Cana to Las Terrenas, for example, cost $ 150. Of course, the cost of tickets will vary depending on the number of people.

35. Usually the question, where you have so many brothers / sisters should answer "in our family there was no TV." I remember, came to visit your friend because he had the whole village relatives. This, of course, applies more to the villages.

36. In the Dominican Republic, unfortunately, there is no culture of tea drinking. The only thing you can be satisfied with this tea Lipton. Therefore it is better to bring tea with them or ordered from America, what we are doing with gusto. By the way, no matter how it was funny, immigrants who regularly travel to Russia, brought there, mainly food: tea, bread, sausages, dried fish, caviar. By coincidence, the meat here are only able to fry, boil or stew. The Dominican Republic is waiting for its mission Barbecue, Wellcome!

37. It is practically impossible to see a drunken man. Peaceful crazy enough (especially in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo), drunk - the day the fire. Dominicans drink a lot, but I never get drunk, knowing the measure. Interestingly, according to the law "can not drink and drive." Literally it means that the drink "to helm" is possible, and while driving is impossible. However, failures are ten times lower than in Russia. Do you know why? Driving style: Dominicans have no aggression.

38. When in the Dominican Republic appeared radars on the roads behind them were road signs "Caution, radar».

39. Dominican Republic - a country of retail. Only in the capital have hypermarkets, intended for almost wholesale purchases. Although seemingly illogical, large family ...

Buy rope and nails can be worth its weight, and screws - the piece.

Bananas, lemons, avocados, mangoes and oranges are sold by the piece. Also, you can buy a piece gaskets, diapers and cigarettes.

40. In some Dominican pharmacies in Santo Domingo, you can safely buy cigarettes, hammer and nails in the morning. Dominicans have taken if you do shop, then there should be anything that might be of interest to the target audience within a few blocks.

41. In the Dominican Republic 110 V, but 90 percent of devices imported from Russia, are working properly.

42. For unknown reasons, one passport can be issued only 3 sim card. But, as in most cases, the girls in the salons of communication is not much zaparivatsya rewriting Russian letters in Latin script, the number of attempts is unlimited. For example, my name is (Schreiber) consists of 15 characters in one of the Dominican options.

43. The question of "how are you today online? "- Considered indecent. Most people out of laziness or even for some reason are not able to set yourself a normal internet. But all is not as difficult as it seems. But there is good news - is already in full swing pulled fiber, and soon it will be available to everyone. Fiber nodes are in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.

44. In the Dominican Republic, as in other countries in Central and Latin America, put the rice in salt, so that she does not dampen. But, by the way, physically humidity is not felt, except that slowly dries clothes. But for this cunning man long ago invented washing machines with spin.

45. The poor of the Dominican population prefers to be built closer to the road for several reasons: they huddle to the road, so as not to occupy foreign lands, mainly because they are built on their lands not far + Materials do not need to wear.

46. ​​In the Dominican Republic landmarks such as "about advertising Brugal`ya" (local producer of rum) equivalent phrase "here everywhere palm" or "house here with a palm roof." As a consequence, considered extreme idiocy.

47. Pico Duarte (Pico Duarte, near Jarabacoa) - the highest point of the Antilles, 3087 meters above sea level. Our local Everest, if you will.

48. Dominican Republic - the largest exporter of cocoa. Nevertheless, chocolate here do not know how. Yes, there are varieties of 3-4, but if they are of interest, purely in the culinary sense. That's the idea ready for business in the Dominican Republic.

49. Dominicans drinking coffee from plastic cups that can accommodate a total of 20 milliliters. It is worth the happiness of 5 Dominican rubles for sale near bus stops, kiosks and in parks. They are from real coffee, often with home plantation.

What is interesting, even the most tasteless Dominican coffee "Santo Domingo" - in Moscow shatters like hotcakes. Fortunately, here we have something to compare.

50. In the Dominican Republic is hard to find a hair salon, where she can make a perm. Do you know why? Do Dominicans from birth curly hair, so here in 99% of salons do hair straightening. Dominican really like it, straight hair, it really is.

51. Green Tomatoes. If you open a restaurant in the Dominican Republic, hang in the kitchen photo red tomato, the first item. Local somehow unaware that tomatoes should be just red.

52. In the clothing stores in mannequins female breasts larger size five. No wonder, yeah.

53. Standard Dominican theme - call on the phone and ask, "Who are you?».

54. Just with knowledge of English to go to the Dominican Republic on vacation useless. Few places speak any language other than Spanish. Is that in the hotels of the "all inclusive". And so, language learning Months 3, of course, if desired. Live chat, manuals, notes with a pencil in his pocket. It is better if you get the basics back in Russia.

55. Most Dominicans instead ask again interlocutor, make motion nose, as if going to sneeze. They themselves over a mock about it, they say, there is a similarity with rabbits.

56. In the Dominican Republic can not just buy fireworks. Only qualified persons from specially trained office can make your wedding or party in the night brighter colors. Strangely, it is not clear what they fear. By and large, all the houses and villas in the Dominican Republic made of cement and cinder blocks, wood is rarely used. Lots of palm roof, and it is not often. It's more fun for tourists, bungalows, all the cases. Never saw the firemen at work, never for 6 years.

57. Language in the Dominican Republic is similar to Spanish. I would say it is a dialect of Spanish, in which there are many English words (America series) + exclusively Dominican pronunciation swallowing half the words.

Source: www.factroom.ru


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