10 common misconceptions person. Find out what is hidden behind these myths!

Since childhood, we know such truths as the healing plantain, and that the eyes can not be mowed. In fact, this is just a myth, most of which was invented more than a century ago. .cc gathered for you 10 of the most common misconceptions of man.

1. Plantain heals the wound
Ripoffs knees in childhood, we applied to the wound plantain. But this is a myth. Perhaps the infusion of plantain and the ability to quickly heal the wound, but tore off the dusty ground leaves of this plant can only cause infection.

2. Reading without light ruins eyesight
This is also a legend. In fact, reading in poor light makes you strain your eyes. Because of this active work your eyes get tired quickly and may simply begin to hurt.

3. We use only a small part of our brains
Looking at today's society, we want to believe in it, but the normal average person uses the brain at 100%. The theory that people use only about 10%, was nominated psychologist William James in the 19th century. Now this theory is considered incorrect and not supported by the scientific world.

4. Wet and cold weather promotes disease
Disease is most often caused by viruses. Therefore, you have more chances to get sick, being in a place where people and spend more time in the winter. I will not deny that the human immune system is still reduced in cold weather, so it's better to be smaller in the cold.

5. Toad causes warts
Another myth of childhood. "Warts" on the body of a toad - is its cancer and they can not harm humans (unless, of course, it's not a poisonous toad). In fact, warts HPV causes that you never will pick up a toad or frog.

6. Lunatics can not wake up
I would say quite the contrary. In the dream they may cause harm to themselves, bumping into various objects, so better to wake a sleepwalker. The only nuance is that it should be done fairly delicately, so as not to frighten people.

7. After shaving the hair grow faster and darker
Changes in the color of hair is due to exposure to the sun. When you shave the hair bleached in their place appear darker. Also, after shave you change the shape of the hair, so they seem to be thicker, but they do not grow faster.

8. Hair and fingernails grow after death
This myth is associated with desiccation of the body. When the exhumation of corpses from the dead hair and nails look longer because of the body leaves the liquid. In fact, hair and nails completely stop its growth.

9. The language is divided into different taste zones
This misconception has appeared because of "broken telephone". Scientists have theorized that did not have grounds. Then it published one scientific publication. After the transfer of this theory began to be perceived as the truth. In fact, every part of the language can feel every taste.

10. Mowing can cause eye squint
Strabismus can be caused by disease of the nervous system injuries, diseases, but not mowing eyes. Look at the nose - this is a normal situation, which is necessary to fix the object. So it's just been a horror story that children do not grimacing.

Such myths, in fact, there are many. In connection with the spread of the Internet it is difficult to know the truth, as many sources tell us different things. But if you put it for the purpose, you can always find out the truth.

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