As it is impossible to drink tea — 9 errors

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For anybody not a secret that high-quality loose leaf tea is a storehouse of useful for our body substances. In fact, the more we drink tea, the more it can strengthen our health.

One of the most powerful components of tea are polyphenols can slow the aging process while strengthening the immune system. Lipopolysaccharides contained in tea, reduce the harm caused by radiation and other toxins. And the content of caffeine in this drink can help keep a clear mind and relieve fatigue.

However, the ignorant use of tea can not only neutralize all the good, but also harm the body. In today's review, we have collected 9 common misconceptions, once learned, you will understand how better to make friends with the culture of drinking tea. 1. Drinking tea on an empty stomach

The use of tea causes suppression of gastric acid secretion and can reduce the overall content of acid and bile in the stomach. Tea can also affect the body's absorption of protein and other nutrients. Drinking tea on an empty stomach will stimulate the gastric mucosa, ultimately leading to loss of appetite. 2. Drinking too hot tea drink with a too high temperature, will irritate and burn the throat, esophagus and stomach lining. Abuse of too hot tea can lead to scarring. Experts note that the temperature of the tea should not exceed 56 degrees. 3. To drink strong tea Perezaluzhenie tea is able to increase its content of caffeine, which may further affect our health. Headaches, insomnia, dehydration, digestive problems — all these can be done by caffeine. So try to follow the recommended dosage on the tea kettle, and also to follow brewing. 4. Too long to brew the tea

If tea is brewed too long, regardless of the temperature of the water it will be too strong, sometimes even bitterly. Experts believe this tea undrinkable, as it destroyed the vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, and is the result not only not very tasty, but not very wholesome beverage. 5. To brew the tea too many times most of the good leaf tea can be brewed only 3 or 4 times, otherwise we risk to get tasteless and not fragrant drink. Flavored teas at all, you should brew only 1 or 2 times. The exceptions are highly fermented Puer and "sustainable" Oolong tea can be brewed 5-6 times. 6. Drink large amounts of tea before meals Excessive consumption of tea before eating can not only affect our ability to distinguish tastes, making food tasteless, but also to prevent the digestion of protein in the body. So try next time to pause for 20-30 minutes before eating, and your digestion will thank you. 7. Drinking tea immediately after a meal All the same tannins in tea bind with protein and iron, contained in food, preventing their absorption by the body. In order to avoid these negative consequences, it is recommended to go to the tea not earlier than half an hour after a meal. 8. To wash down medicine tea the fact that contained in tea tannins can cause problems, absorbing any medications, not allowing them to be absorbed by the body. Laminating, tannins form tannin which drugs produce sediment, so it is wise to wash them down with plain water. 9. To drink yesterday's tea If you accidentally left your tea "overnight" in the morning without any hesitation, just pour it. Such tea not only lost all his benefits but also has become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that can be very dangerous for our body. So it makes sense to take it a rule to only drink freshly brewed tea.



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