How to drink tea in different countries. The unique tradition of tea that will surprise you very much!

Tea drinking for most of us - is not just a meal, but a ritual. A cup of tea, drunk alone, can soothe and make people forget about small problems. The tea, drunk in the company, creating a joyful and friendly atmosphere. And tea is divided into two, is even able to rekindle extinguished feelings. But what do we know about tea? In fact, nothing ...

In many countries tea is given a special place and spend the whole tea ceremony. Go on an exciting journey with and learn how to have a drink close to all of us drink in the various countries of the world. You will see how, according to this little tradition, is radically different perceptions of people in different parts of the world.

The real Russian soul loves very strong black tea, which is still called chifir. But the majority still manages ordinary black tea with lemon and sugar. In the world of its called - Russian tea.

Hong Kong
Here, drink iced tea with condensed milk and add ice cubes in it.

Butter tea - a traditional Tibetan tea, which, apart from tea leaves, very unusual ingredients include milk, yak butter and salt. He even warms and satisfies hunger.

Americans love black tea with lemon. To create a more delicate flavor they add to it soda.

Iced tea with tapioca, or as it is called overseas, Bubble Tea - this is an unusual drink based on black or green tea with various additives: syrups, toppings, milk and cream. But the main ingredient of this tea is tapioca.

Masala - a beverage that is prepared on the basis of tea, a mixture of spices, herbs and milk. It has many variations.

The most popular in Turkey is a sort of black tea leaves which are collected on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. Strong infusion served in a small cup - Armudu - with a few lumps of sugar.

People are picky. They drink a regular unsweetened black tea without any flavorings. But usually an integral part of Egyptian wedding is hibiscus tea.

Matcha is made from dried green tea leaves and pound them into powder. This drink is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

They serve tea with milk and salt in a bowl flat metal.

Tea with milk - this is the first association that arises when you think of the UK. The British really love to add milk to tea, to give it a nice cream color.

Argentines love mate - a tart taste with a slight sweet taste, rich in vitamins, tonic, which contains a lot of caffeine. It is made of dry powdered leaves and young shoots of yerba mate.

Mauritanians are drinking tea in three waves of three different cups of unsweetened to the sweet.

In Qatar, the tea is boiled twice, adding a milk and sugar cane.

Darjeeling - light drink with nutmeg, slightly tart taste and delicate floral aroma, which is grown in the Himalayas. It is also called "tea-champagne┬╗.

Puer - the favorite drink of Chinese. This tea is characterized by a particular production technology. That is why, unlike other teas, it does not deteriorate with time, and improves its taste. Sold as pellets and cubes.

South Africa
Rooibos - a traditional South African drink bright red color with a delicate sweet flavor.

In Morocco, drink tea anywhere, anytime. Moroccans are crazy about green tea with mint leaves. To drink they also add lemon or lime.

Tea replaces dessert here. It is a cold foam black tea with milk and sugar.

Tea is served cold. The key ingredients of the Thai beverage - a herb, milk and ice.

The main components of the Kuwaiti deciduous black tea - cardamom and saffron.

Do not burn with the desire to try Tibetan tea ... They say it's more like a soup. Your friends also can not imagine a day without tea? I think it will be incredibly interesting to learn about how to drink tea from around the world - to share with them this article.

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