They just wanted to take a photo and get a masterpiece! 18 pictures that are worth a look twice.

Past a moment, as we know, are not repeated. Fortunately collared frame - it's not just a coincidence, but a real skill. These photographers, perhaps, wanted to do the usual shots, but they turned out real masterpieces! This is not a photo, but simply a work of art ... One better than the other! The team in the n-th time prepared for you excellent selection of hilarious pictures. But laughter is known to almost never over. Ladies and gentlemen, it is 18 photographs taken in that neither is the best moment in a better place and a better angle, which is worth a look at least twice. See - not see enough!

Oh, those fashions ...

Location for real lads.

About time! O mores! B>


Hands from the same place ...


The best Ukrainian traditions.

It seemed ...

Conchita Wurst, is this you?

These photos certainly knows all the tricks of great photography. Have fun friends - let them laugh too heartily. Show them the pictures Otpad.

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