Yaroslav Orlov: "The Creative girls harder"

Yaroslav Orlov Creative Director of "instinct", we talked about bad beer advertising, and backstage "Petelinka" and how to get rid of nachalnikov.V interview Roman Firayner "partner" Yaroslav told us many interesting things about his colleague. So the first thing we tried to confirm Orloff "rumors" that circulate about him a colleague.

The novel you describe as human anti-brand, on which is absolutely impossible to judge the level of well-being. It is indeed the case? You are not a follower of any grades? B>

Not really. I'm just not a supporter of the brands that are popular with Roman. I, for example, has not developed such a happy contact with the Macintosh, like a Roman. I worked all his life on Windows, to me it is convenient and comfortable. When I was at BBDO transplanted to poppy, I felt at ease. And the Macintosh, which is in my office - a gift to relatives. I brought it to work, because it is too big for the house. A working laptop, which PC, - use at home and on the go.

And if we talk about those brands with which relations have been established, the philosophy of which is close to you? Which company you bought? B>
Probably, Sony PlaSstation.

Of Chrysler - my PT Cruiser. And I understand that this is not the most rational choice. I could not afford anything any more status or more functional. But if I like something - that's all. I see your PT Cruiser, and I feel good in my soul.

Sonverse - absolutely my firm. I can walk only in these sneakers if I wanted to, both in winter and summer. I love them.

Diesel. My wife knows that do not need long to find the thing that I like is guaranteed. If there is a label Diesel, more likely, it will get to the point.

So, of course, I have a brand preference. But more often it happens that if a strange thing falls out of a series - I like it, it's mine.

That is, you do not have the syndrome slaughterhouse workers who do not eat sausage?
I drink kvass "Nikola" buy "Petelinka» ...

So there ... often work with clients, we better learn the product and begin to use it ... I - client INTOUCH, for example ... and it is not a "must", and "I want" ... You know, that's what I do not like ? When the people who belong to the social class, the alleged desire to be unique, to express themselves, to stand out, suddenly suddenly begin to sink on one thing ... take a seat on the trends ... Once and for all iPhone. That's when I decided that all I was hell on the Nokia move on. I can not. iPhone - a beautiful thing, even though some of its technical shortcomings. But when all somewhere Rushed for me it is a sign that there will not have to go. I do not like being pushed. Excitement me soars. iPhone I have, by the way, in the end was like a second phone and mp3-player. But normally it polzovat I never wanted ...

In my view, it can be very correct approach for creatives. You can look at everything from the outside. B>
The devil knows. Maybe you need the opposite - to be in the jet to mainstream feel inside? But ... I consider myself a representative kondovogo mainstream.

Why would he feel if he so obvious? :)

Well, that's Rolling Stones - they mainstream or amateur?

They make a quality product that can evaluate almost every.
Yes. They make a quality product, but it is for the mainstream, by and large. Besides that as a legend, they are no longer "in the jet».

So there is a mainstream phenomenon, which allow - to build up ... relax, find mental privacy. For example, when the game consoles Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation 3, I bought one by one, first one, then another. But my inner dream was very strange to other people. I bought them to play golf. I like solitude, meditative this sport. But since I can not afford to go to Nakhabino waving a stick (it is expensive and time consuming) I buy every year a new version of Tiger Woods and pass it within two months. Even network play with rivals from other countries. All who have the consoles to me saying: "I have pursued, shoot, jump!", And I say, "I play golf ... or Sudoku ... and look at the movie BlueRay» :)

In short, it does not matter - the mainstream - nemeynstrim finally, most importantly - to the soul something rang, echoed.

I remember when you participate in our category "Favorite clips", we asked you to choose five, you have presented us 12. But today I shall insist on his own, taking advantage of a personal meeting and ask you to choose a campaign about which you would He said: "It had to do I!».

PlayStation. My favorite Double Life. When I want to tune in to a particular wave, I listen to it several times, as the music ... :)

I noticed that you like philosophic videos ...

Well yes. With some appeal to the viewer, a declaration ... ... existential confessional, we can say ...

Why did your portfolio do not have these movies? Or am I missing something? B>
But why? I would say that the first part of such iRu. Yes, we have, in general, from time to time there are videos ... I think that "Petelinka" here is this: the characters tell their life philosophy.

In principle, we try not to miss a chance to offer the customer something in this genre. Just now, few people are interested in ideology, everyone is waiting for "sales».

And I believe that every brand, by and large, to be such a small state with its own anthem, flag, national idea. When you get to the bottom of this "idea" - the brand philosophy - it can not work, it would mean that the brand is stillborn. And it remains only to put ideology in the right mouths. And this is a matter of technique.

Why Petelinka talked about Zverev and Sobchak?
Because we would like to say that these chickens are treated like stars, they are spoiled. If I was King Kong, devouring people choosing whom to eat, I would have stopped at the stars of show business. Because I would have known that they are the best fed, sleep well, do sports, they do massage - they are the most delicious. And we have King Kong in relation to the chicken. And that is why we have offered people a choice: there is usually a chicken or those for whom looked after, fed only organic food, watered with spring water. In this idea.

It was difficult for each star to correctly formulate the text because there is always a lot of filters. Once we Roma are more or less agreed to before the text should look like, I wrote it. He was then carried to the customer. There's his view. (The client can always give something in the spirit of: "Why do you have, in general, do not allow the text ?! Why did you not give us a single word change ?! Why do you argue with us because every word?". Feels that people want to get involved in the project, not realizing that we are already aware of their part of the team, but it's just not their job. I do not understand what customers need to intervene in the preparation of the text? To tell then at home: "Oh, I word wrote »?)

Then read the text of the stars - again changes. Then it turned out that the timing does not fit all. Again correction.

In "Petelinka" I have this problem, and many professionals have noticed it: in some places it jumps from phrase to phrase - had to remove some intermediate phrases - liner when timing began to draw. The text has become a little sarkhivirovannye, wire: one's message, message of two, three's message.
I think the process of harmonization with the stars was very funny.
Yes, it was.

Firstly, Xenia came and said that he would not read it. It was a tough lyrics with allusions to the parents. It so happened that we originally wrote it and sent for approval. We knew it was risky, violent option, but the answer came that everything is fine. We calmed down and waited for the voice. When Xenia came to the studio, it became clear that she had not seen the text and, of course, refused to read it. On the one hand we can say that Sobchak has behaved like a spoiled star. But on the other hand, if she did not see the text, and it is hard, really hard, it can be understood. In general, we are right in front of her edited very harsh place.

A Zverev, for example, is also clearly seen the text, and only in the course of understand what he says. He had to be repeated four times before I realized, "Oh, that's you mean!". And begin to read this topic. But funny to death reading.

Tina, on the contrary, very fast machine gun slipped all trrrrr ... we did not even have time to understand that this would take, good or bad. And you can still take, and that we are not caught?

In general, yes, the stars are very difficult to work.

Roman said to you at the time, too, it was hard work that you were young and arrogant, Timur Bekmambetov spread rot.
Nooo. I do not think so. We may not have had some experience, to look at ourselves and realize how much we are in the process useful in this moment, to go too far or not. But we really tried to make the final product such as we have seen.

If you are creatives, you have nothing else: you can not do like seeing someone else, you can not get into his head and see his eyes. So you have to either rebuild your opinion by what the customer wants from you or someone else, or get together to prepare for a heap of stress and fight back from everyone in order to realize its vision.

Sometimes we are asked, why you can not do at least step aside? Because the vision is not lined up at a time, not here and now. I depends on the whole system. And if you just pull out one element, it will fall apart like a house of cards. And I will not have anything in mind, as well as you. A project must be at least one person who has a vision.

But the cases in which we were going to such a compromise - Today the customers lead us to reproach them as badly done for them as the works themselves.

How do you negotiate with Roman about to have that vision was one?
I guess it's kind of just kind of intimacy worldviews. In some, not all, of course. We are very different, but in some moments we have unity. Apparently, just as those who need to work :)

We are still "on the bank" agree on the main idea: "Well, the humor in that?" - "This. All". And just start to do their part each, but it is focusing on the idea.

The work on "Petelinka" For example, we quarreled because of the scenery, the debate about how the world should be elaborated, in which the chicken sit. I considered what to do close-ups belt, I was important in the spoken text, and Roma insisted that there should be a lot of space. The result was a compromise: we have come to believe that, in order to emphasize the artistic, stars that they needed decorations. But as we talked about philosophy, about the confession (this is the confession of a chicken - they talk about their lives), it was necessary and closed close-ups.

The director took the third position. He needed general plans because of mimicry chicken will not be able to keep a close-up, because it does not have expressive facial expressions at eye level and beak, and we did not want to go into a cartoon to her beak walked as a human mouth. By the end of the process, the director realized that the big plan was so good, that the eyes, articulation, movement of the head, we were able to convey some kind of emotion, and then where could - increased large. This is especially seen in Tignes.

Why novel for you the perfect creative partner? We also talked to him about it, he said, that you are working together since 2002, and the feeling that until 2001 there was no personal history. B>

So, probably, and there - for now. So we, as a couple, both quantitatively and qualitatively different steel work come together, that, indeed, previous projects partly erased ...

I believe that the ad creative - this is the work of professionals rather than as individuals. Of course, if we are talking about such technical areas as design, where the hands are very important. And just "be creative" in theory any person with the right personality characteristics. To do this, just need to have some kind of picture of the world built by working analytical reflex apparatus. If you are able to give birth to their base and implement any thoughts, then you just left to compare their ideas with the other person and to negotiate with him. People in advertising should be able to agree, because it must be an adult, normal, solid and versatile personality.

I do not look at the novel as its weapon, waving that I had to force their way to happiness. I know that we are together, because we have an unspoken goal - total. Doing what we consider excellent work. What will help us to achieve in life everything else. And we are not a source of competition for each other. We know that both of us have to go in one direction. We do not interfere with each other in a way. And some people abut each other and begin to dig each other.

I think the market now is not such bright creative tandems like you. Or am I still wrong? B>

There is. Those Romashova - Shepelev. Did, for example, Nuts about the brain. Renaissance, as I understand it. They, like, continue to operate, but not sure what they are now interested in creativity as such. Because Acne rezhisserstvuet and Natasha family worked tightly. Also out of BBDO. Then there Megvelidze - Ivanov. But the last thing I heard that they are now looking in different directions, or even separated, but those "Transformers," "Protein" for Snickers - that's their job. They are very strong guys.

But this crazy productivity like you still do not.
We were lucky, apparently.

In part, we still have such a moment that we are very self-motivated.

We try to make the guys at the agency, too, it is charging. That is, we know that this is all we need.

Today, we can already say that for some time we are living in a kind of their own world, built around us. And this world is the way we want it now. But it is built over the years. We have made it so by the fact that it did not allow anything to be undesirable for us. We got rid of the bosses, they did not need us, we are only hampered. We picked up the team under him, and then I generation, the agency grew. And we can continue to build it. We are, in fact, nothing prevents to do it. We know it is a matter of our will. And we want our people to feel the same way.

Perhaps one of those couples who do not as keenly felt the pressure of the chiefs, and they did not happen this stage of the struggle, and the retraction of the authorities, self-understanding as an independent unit that works on itself, eventually. Of course, all of us here are working on the BBDO Group, but we know that we earn their names. And I can for myself and for Roma say exactly what we do not want to go to work, where we will do all garbage and anonymously buried every day in the ground. I do not want to say that every day that we live it - brilliant, but we at least know for sure that we are in an area where we want to be and do what we want to do. We'll know for sure. Therefore, we do not have any accusations against each other concealed jealousy.

We never have shared. Once initially agreed, even when there was nothing to divide, thought, "Ahh, nafig!».

Well, hello! Your first campaign for the "Alfa-Bank" was worth it to her to share:)

But we do not have to share it :)

We understand that the "Alfa-Bank" would not be so if not for Timur (Bekmambetov). We were really lucky to have him. First he gave us "Alfa-Bank", and then iRu. Both of these projects - the classic examples of the director INPUT: we have seen all their own way as best they could, and Timur did as he saw fit. And just seeing the final result, we realized that we have created a sketch, and put soul into it Timur, not us. We argued, really, but he was right, argue with us in many ways.

A "Alfa-Bank" we were doing a year. It was a terrible year ... I came to BDDO, just on the "Alfa-Bank", which no one wanted to work. And I had some experience writing boring texts for all IT-providers. For the financial sector, I could never wrote, but I took it because I thought - banks need to be pamphlets, texts, then-se ... Take a copywriter mediocre, let him sit in the corner and scribbling. On one of the first brainstorming sessions, we Roma have proposed the idea that each client bank finds a common language. We were given to implement it: so we were a couple. We wrote scripts next two weeks: at least fifteen variants of characters that were supposed to come to the bank and talk in their own language. But in the "Alfa-Bank" was a mechanism of internal reception!


It is time.

Why is that?


Of course.

We arrived.



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