Two days in BBDO

The project "Two days at the agency," the site editor Xenia Lukicheva tried to grasp the immensity - two days to see all the work BBDO.Kogda get into the BBDO Group, in the head immediately pops up the word "plant". Factory for the production of advertising. Anyone.

Virtually the entire group gathered in one place and rent three buildings in the business district on the waterfront Derbenevskaya. Impressive, filled with busy people always building, and all the staff is quite clearly its task and its place in the process of creating brand communication with the audience.

From the underground to the office far away, so machineless employees carry all day bus shuttles every 15 minutes. An interesting demonstration scale BBDO: 10 am gradually stuffed full bus employees, but the word "hello" I never once heard - they simply do not know each other. Introduction limited to his unit and the right contacts in the neighboring.

In total 14 BBDO agencies in all directions: creative, media, Digital, branding and so on. To fully grasp the structure of the group, you need to spend a few days. To understand and remember who what where taxis, two weeks, probably:

  • Three Creative Agency: BBDO Moscow, Instinct, Contrapunto
  • Three media agency: OMD Media Direction, PHD, Media Instinct
  • baingovaya Company Code Of Trade li >
  • a company specializing in planning, marketing investments and optimize ROI - BrandScience
  • branding company BBDO Branding
  • Agency Internet projects Digital BBDO
  • relations agency Public Mint
  • Agency non-ATL communication Proximity
  • agency specializing in integrated communication solutions in entertainment and sports - Fuse
  • agency specializing in event-driven and Trade Marketing - Pierce.

    Try to figure it out and remember.

    Managing Director of BBDO Russia Group Igor Kirikchi was so kind that gave me a tour of the main building. He told about the plans for the device, the device and on the principles of eternal Brownian motion within the group, which does not allow the offices conceptual design.

    - The internal architecture of this building got to us from the auditing company that is sitting before us. Entering we had a very hot, and we configured the building, as such, has not been touched. So - embellishing, tweaked something. And now we invited designers and architects - they will deal with the concept of the entrance and guest areas. So far, we have equipped some peregovorok, two of which are crammed with presentation equipment and software on a "smart home". But to carry out these reviews peregovorki accounting for such "catacombs", in which even I am lost. It seems there is no way out ... But! This toilet!

    - When you moved?
    - In April of last year. But after three more times transplanted. Krylov was deeply wrong when he said, "And you, my friends, no matter how ... sit down." From this very much depends. Want to two departments have started to work together - plant them together, it always works. When they are even just eye contact, then start a different attitude to each other and communicate well. So now we are sitting next to the accounts of creativity, media people, and we are also mixed with the other.
    This arrangement units due to the fact that we have a big goal - to make sure that all agencies work as a single integrated team. Now, all customers want it, it is easier to work, simplifies tasks. One point of entry on the client side. And one exit point - in the form of a single integrated campaign. To do this, so that people at least were familiar with each other. And when they sit on different floors or even in different buildings, dating, in general, very difficult. The group employs 600 people, and so it turns out that we know mainly those who are sitting next to.
    On this basis, we put in the main building, most frontofisnyh agencies - anyone who has direct access to the client. And support services and back office - two neighboring.
    - In this and stop?

    - These transplants, in fact, an infinite Brownian motion. Constantly, new offices, new challenges. Therefore, the process does not stop. Experience shows that in this case, do some megakontseptualny design throughout the building - is unrealistic. From him very quickly there is nothing left to all transfers, transfer and transformation. Only Instinct'a more or less work, but they are stand-alone agency, I even jokingly "renegades" call. We realized that we no longer suited to just create some space, and then how to make it not dull, people decide for themselves.

    - I have noticed that the "white" sitting just in open-Space, and "black" - as in a hostel monk named Berthold Schwarz, they have partitions. This is what has caused? B>
    - We have in this sense in the big city: there is Chinatown, the Italian quarter and there are others. Each department, each agency their ideas about how they can sit comfortably. Their fantasies on this topic (and their implementation) limit is simply impossible. Therefore, we will never be total uniformity in the office. There is no standard furniture. But people feel good.

    - Many people know that BBDO Moscow has an internal, but not really advertised the separation of colors: white, red, black, and now formed and the Touch. Why so? B>
    - None of creative director is not able to manage the department, which employs 70 people. In my opinion, to "manage" the department - one in which the work of 16-18 people maximum. After twenty - it's a mess.

    And on the one hand allows a qualitative division to manage all resources. But on the other - there is uneven loading. Somewhere thick, but somewhere even thicker. And for that, we have a traffic director Yuri Blinov who monitors the entire loading units, in the case should be sent to the aid of people from other "colors". This, of course, first and foremost creative concerns. In fact, Yuri just that unique person who always knows who is creative and what is not available in Prodakshen any given time.

    Generally, within two days of my stay at BBDO I wanted to focus specifically on the BBDO Moscow, but it was impossible. Of all the companies of the group only Instinct looks and feels very separate agency. All the rest - the organic parts of the whole, and no matter how I tried to pay more attention to the major agencies, as site is still writes about creative, I did not succeed: "And we have a Fuse, they are very tough, go get acquainted", " We are waiting to Branding'e "," A media people to go? »
    And largely because of it formed a complete sense of indivisibility. Even on the question: "How many people work at BBDO?» All who possess this information, cheerfully report that "staff of more than 600 groups».
    - A specifically BBDO Moscow?
    - Oooo, well, who else they considered something separate? Well, "white", "red", "black" and that's Touch, - bent fingers. - Creators of 15-20 people, accounts ... differently. Well ... I do not know. Man hundred and fifty-two hundred?
    It turns out that 335 - BBDO Black, BBDO Red, BBDO White, BBDO Touch, Strategic Planning Department, the Department of TV production and design studio.

    BBDO Moscow operates since 1989, is the oldest advertising agency in Russia. The amount of Cannes Lions is not happy nor us, nor headquarters in New York City, but on the financial performance is consistently in the top most profitable network agencies BBDO, along with the Germans and the British.

    BBDO MoscowTak-called "white" created under the creative Nicholas Megvelidze and make advertising primarily to two large customers BBDO - MTS and Wrigley. Managing Director of the "white" recently became a graduate of the Master's BBDO, intra-educational project. Dmitry Burenko "grew up" within the group, in Branding'e.
    "White" were affordable for creative communication unit BBDO Moscow. In another their secrets faithfully observes Mars, third, we just were not able to persuade to distract from the work, the fourth - Touch - still too young. Megvelidze Nicky and his team, on the contrary, very open and friendly, and customers have to match. No other telecom giant, for example, does not send to the editor Site as press releases on any occasion.
    Another difference between the "white" from any other agency BBDO Russia Group - here as anywhere like "fresh blood", manufactured by Svetlana Maybrodskoy and Leonid Feigin of Wordshop. I've read on Wordshop'e lectures and enter the examination board, so I was pleasantly surprised plenty of familiar faces at the tables.

    Good and peaceful Nicky, co-author of the famous "Transformers» Snickers, last copywriter BBDO, now together with recently joined Asya Vucetich leads a group of about twenty young and dynamic creatives. He told us about the internal kitchen of his unit.

    - You're running a lot of graduates Wordshop'a. Why is that? B>
    - There's a lot of talented people, they are completely different thoughts, but we always need "fresh blood." In fact, it turns out that by teaching them, I also very much to learn, and it is useful to us all. They notice something that I can not see his eyes zamylennym.
    - What makes Niki Megvelidze to make Russia a better advertisement?
    - Firstly, it is impossible to achieve anything if you are not one with the client team, if you do not think in the same way. And so with the help of Nicky Megvelidze accounts, strategists and creatives is trying to improve the process. We try to make sure that everyone was on the same wavelength. And I think that little by little we are moving in the right direction. While this is not the ideal state, but we go to it, and nothing prevents us. The main thing to feel that we are doing one thing and support each other. And secondly, we integrate with all groups and agencies with services in our agency to issue a single quality product.
    - In this regard, I ask you became more comfortable when transplanted into account close?
    - And they never really sat far. But now we are working more tightly and smoothly, and I have absolutely no feeling that there is a division in the accounts and creativity. There is no discomfort. Rather, we work as a team.
    - What do you stick to the basic principles in the management of its creative team?
    - First of all - friendship, we must understand and respect each other, there should be people who are making disorder. When you take people to the team can be that yes, you can see that this man is more talented than the one with which
    you said yesterday, but he did not fit the mood of the team, it does not flow into it. So I opt for the former, and, interestingly, almost never wrong. Plus, I am opposed to competition within the department. Maybe this is wrong, but I
    I believe in a team game, it generates positive energy that I really like.
    - You're a good boss. Yelling at her? B>
    - (laughs) i> I rarely get angry, but I can.
    - What you need to do to bring you to the point of assembly?
    - Negligent attitude to work, laziness, neglect. When a person stops sweating and catches rasslabon. And this is an important point. In order to produce a good product, it is necessary to bathe, otherwise it will not turn.
    - No fatigue all the time MTS MTS Wrigley Wrigley? I would like to have a beer advertise? B>
    - No, you do not want a beer (laughs) i>.
    - Yes, anything else, though Vitaminka.

    - You know, I knew what I was going, I knew that fatigue will, without in any way. The work from which you never get tired - a bad job or you're not. But MTS that Wrigley are constantly in search of something new and interesting, want to move forward, and it can not but rejoice. In November and December we have people just do not unbend, working almost night, and time for some proactivity towards the customer was not. But at some point, we saw that the client himself asks us to this proactive, and it was a pleasant surprise, despite our fatigue.

    Catherine Guvakova, group account director at MTS, one of the "budget-" customers BBDO, spoke about the work of the account - how easy is it to become, and what she thinks about the organization structure "of Kirikchi».

    The BBDO Moscow MTS has a team of seven managers. Says Kate, a couple of people would not be prevented, but they manage, and they do not even have turnover (which is typical for large accounts) - a fall of one of the last teams are not left.

    - Trade account - not the sweetest. We are on the front line, on recess, and are responsible to the client and the agency, before the creative team that worked on the project. I talked to a psychologist, so he told me that most of the advertising agencies on account of appeals and chief accountants (laughs) i>. Many applicants for the position akkauntskie come to us with some kind of romantic picture in my head, watching «Mad Men» and «What women want».
    And I think that now their lives will turn into a fairy tale, and they will drink champagne while the work itself will be done. But no! We have a severe nervous work. But the work is very interesting. And champagne sometimes still poured (smiling) i>.
    Account must be creative. But do not look for creative territory. This unwritten law is. We need to understand the creative, to understand how it is done, but at the same time to carry out their work.
    - Everyone knows that in the creative positions in large agency to get very difficult. And how easy is it to become a major account in the agency? B>
    - It is easier than in the case of creativity, I think. But all begin, naturally, with dzhuniorskih positions. When we come to a team like the applicants, I look first at how a person communicates with people, what are the organizational skills, the basic skills of some kind. It is necessary to understand the commercials, of course. Sometimes there are people who even your favorite videos can not be called - but you come to work in advertising, dear you are my people! And if I see a person in a certain set of qualities, if I see the future, a desire to work and love to advertising - and why not, I'll take it to work, even without experience. Many such cases have been.
    - You have 10 years in advertising, and probably can conclude how important quality for an account? Professional and / or private. B>
    - Be able to listen and hear clearly. Second - to have a strong nervous system. And the third - well versed in all areas of advertising, but first of all to remember their responsibilities.
    - What is your relationship with the creative team? Angry they account? B>
    - That you have to ask (smiling) i>. But we are trying to build relationships and work so that everyone understood that first of all we respect each other. Respect and creativity, and the strategy and design studio that makes models for the customer in huge quantities in the shortest possible time, and Productions, which removes fine rollers.
    - Igor Kirikchi told me that recently, your jobs are located close to your creative group. As far as I know, this is not the common practice. What is the best? Either apart after all, to each other's eyes is not callous? B>
    - I think we are a little creative ideas interfere (smiling) i>. There is always the temptation to shout: "Where makeeeet ?!", and that they must have some unnerving. And we talk a lot on the phone that they can be distracting. Creative need grooming, cherish and be placed in a comfortable environment, close to the ideal. But we have to be honest, it's more convenient, very fast all the questions can be solved. And Nicky Megvelidze said, like, that they are satisfied.
    - Do all you like, making BBDO MTS?
    - I really like what we are doing now. And like where we're going. And not only me (smiling) i>.

    FuseKorotkogo, deep and at the same time clear title to specialize Fuse agency has not come up. So you have to settle for a lengthy wording "agency specializing in integrated communication solutions in entertainment and sport." That is, product placement, sponsorship, ambient music, working with celebrities. The wording of Igor Kirikchi: "Everything that is not all the others».
    When asked Igor Elena snow, Director of Fuse, both defined by their agency in Russian, Lena, without batting an eye, said "brended-enterteynment».
    - Not in Russian!

    - Agency of content ...



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