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These names should know everyone who works in advertising, or simply fascinated fotografiey.Terri Richardson, David LaChapelle, Oliviero Toscani, Annie Leibovitz and Nadav Kander. These people - the pillars of the photos. What they do, can like, and can cause irritation and anger, but was said to us by Apple and TBWA \ Chiat \ Day, «the only thing we can not do is ignore them».

Alas, none megamaster not stamped promotional photos one by one, and fans of their work is to enjoy a rare burst of their activity.

This site materials presented recent promotional work of the five most important masters of photography.

Terry Richadson

Richardson, 45 years old, and a feeling that his bullying work in which the photographer himself is not averse to appear, have always been.

His unique talent - through the camera lens to catch the most unexpected moments and the reality of the fashion world - helped earn him the reputation of a controversial but brilliant photographer. His work is sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, sometimes beautiful, sometimes pornographic, but always provocative.

Terry was born in New York but grew up in Hollywood. There he began to take the world at the same time ending Hollywood High School and playing in a band called pankrokovoy "invisible government". Since then, he has not parted with a photo. To what extent was predetermined by his profession - his father was a famous fashion photographer.

A scandalous and tender love of pornography, exhibitionism, and work in the nude due to its too radical struggle with shyness in his youth. And now he has to deal with accusations from the patterns of sexual coercion. Although often he wanted to spit on it. Let him say controversial pervert - something he is happy. And his work, of course, too.

Terry Richardson and his legendary shirt. i>

He's hanging out, not parted with a camera, is photo-blog . Shoots for Gucci, Sisley, Miu Miu, Levi's, Eres, Chloe, APC, Carolina Herrera, Nike, Kenneth Cole; cooperating with steep glossy magazines Vogue, ID, Dazed and Confused, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, W and Purple.

Terry Richardson - it's silly mustache and sideburns, silly glasses, plaid shirts, T-shirts, alcoholics, old school tattoos, the indispensable presence of at least one photo from the session, and the style of the photos that no one has to repeat.

A series of works "Addicts of fashion" for the Sisley i>

Fashion Junkie

In this work, a good read the future «Be Stupid» Diesel:

Something brilliant for advertisement Terry did not take off for a long time. One of his last works - Calendar Pirelli 2010.

Campaign about people and clothes that survived global warming:

New York

South Pole

St. Mark's Square, Venice, Italy

Diesel: Corcovado

David LaChapelle

LaChapelle, who is often called "the Salvador Dali of photography", forty-eight. He put on a show, shoot a video, running for gloss and advertising. During the terrible money - a year ago, he took a day filming of 200 thousand dollars.

And if the advertising industry for the most part can not afford to pay such fees (or does not see the point in it), the Hollywood stars and top magazines - no problem, and squeeze into a busy schedule of genius is not so easy.
David can not tolerate repeated loves provocative moves and epileptic brightness photos. Surrealism, grotesque, shock and irony - its main distinguishing features. What he appreciate and condemn.

The story of how the world has gained as a photographer LaChapelle, is widely known. Andy Warhol himself, having become acquainted with the employee of the cult Studio 54, David proposed to withdraw it for the magazine Interview. Now a person brand, promoted to astronomical proportions, and every star honors for happiness to work with him.

Last LaChapelle advertising work is dated 2009 - the campaign for the Maybach. Last celebrity photoshoot 2010 - posed for a photograph Lady Gaga.

Maybach by David LaChapelle:

See portfolio David LaChapelle on site

Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander fifty years - a real workaholic and mnogostanochnik. He can not do two or three high-profile projects in the year, and takes a lot of time. For advertising, the fashion industry, its own exhibitions and books - different genres, but always restrained by color saturation and composition. Kander prefer concise and profound ambiguity.

"This semantic richness of my photos - it is in the eye of the beholder, whether criticism or just an ordinary person looking at my pictures. The most important is that my job to ask questions. I do not answer questions. My work is not about that. It's pretty much about feelings. Dissatisfaction. I'm not trying to make people feel a certain way. Therefore, semantic richness ... I would say the value is dependent on the other. Emotion - from me ».
The Nadav Kander Advertising turns to remove about 8-10 campaigns in a year, and at least one of them will certainly falls in the list of winners of various festivals. It can be said that among the five great Kander - the ad.

Pepsi Raw: Embrace nature go raw

Pepsi Raw: Comes naturally


Nadav Kander on Portfolio Website

Annie Leibovitz

Surprisingly, the famous Annie Leibovitz, one of the best in the world fotoportretistov, not its own website. But there is Twitter, where there is no record, but there are 22 thousand followers.

Leibowitz, in '51 gave birth to her first child, a very modest and does not like to talk. Surprisingly for the master photo portrait. Special art for this is usually the photographer the ability to talk with the hero, so he opened it and forget about the camera. Annie never conducts interviews with their characters, it is at this time "looking for the story." But all her portraits, all frames with people amazingly deep and emotional.

Born the second in October 1949 in Connecticut. She was Jewish - the third of six children in the family of a teacher of modern dance (female) and the US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (respectively Daddy). Because of the duties of his father, she often moved, so the first pictures were taken by Annie in the Philippines.

The most notable recent works Leibovitz - the campaign for Louis Vuitton and a calendar for Lavazza.

Maradona, Pele, Zidane


Keith Richards


Disney Parks: Where imagination save the day

Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci


Today, Annie Leibovitz - famous master of art photography. Her work has graced the covers of magazines Vogue, Vanity Fair, New Yorker and Rolling Stone, she posed naked John Lennon and Bette Midler, Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore, Sting and Devine.

In October 1980, she made the legendary photo series with John Lennon and his wife They promised that they will appear on the cover of «The Rolling Stones». Then she wanted a place where Lennon ("Nobody wants to see on the cover of It"), but Lennon insisted.

Oliviero Toscani

Famously Oliviero Toscani - the oldest of the living legends of photography in general and advertising photography in particular. In the future, the Italian implacable will celebrate its 70th anniversary.

The world knows him by three high-profile work - multi-year campaign United Colors Of Benetton, prints with a model-anoreksichkoy for fashion brand No-L-Ita and calendar for Vera Pelle in 2011.
Oliviero Toscani name became known in advertising circles, when he was forty. In the early 80-ies of the last century has attracted the attention of his participation in advertising campaigns for Valentino, Esprit, Fiorucci. But the world fame came to Tuscany since 1984, when the Italian fashion house Benetton, specializing in the production of youth clothing and accessories offered to lead the photographer to the advertising department of the company.
About Benetton radical prints for the thousandth time it is not necessary to repeat, but the recall scandal anoreksichkoy and more scandal to the calendar - it is possible. Especially because Toscani not often delights us with new works.
In 2007 Signor Toscani raised the topic of anorexia, but not only for social purposes. In spreads of magazines and newspapers and on advertising billboards photograph appeared excessively thin and emaciated models. The inscription on the advertising poster reads: "No Anorexia". Prints became a model for 23-year-old and 31-pound Italian Isabelle Caro, suffering to the point of anorexia for fifteen years.

In early January of this year, and the brand Tuscany leather Vera Pelle n redstavili calendar in which there was no leather, and the models needed only one - to have covered with pubic hair.

"I wanted deglamurizovat traditional fashion photos in which women are at high heels with bright red lips and which shows everyone except the female of the triangle - the true center of Seduction" - explained the photographer. "My photos are not diabolical, they depict a beautiful and healthy body».

The famous Benetton campaign:

Hot and Cold

Portfolio Oliviero Toscani on site

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