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Promoters are not bothered by advertising, and causing a genuine interest in people and bright emotsii.Odnim of the most common ways to attract the public's attention is the use of naked or semi-naked girls as promoters. Sinful that not only Russian companies, but also foreign colleagues. The main difference is that they make it much thinner and more elegant.

However, as the promoters in the modern advertising industry not only used half-naked girls, and 80-year old women, and various small animals. Funny and unexpected representatives of the oldest profession in advertising fun and surprise passers-by and visitors to trade fairs.


Mascots, funny t-shirts and unexpected location of the promoters, the main objective of which, in addition to advertising, cause positive emotions.

For example, in Russia, it was seen two-legged camel.


Chubby and skinny girls-promoters played on the contrast: one symbolizes the backup file to c using the program WinRar, and the other - after.


And in this case T-shirts on the guerrilla Colombian advertise buxom breast augmentation clinic Marquez. Behind, on the flat back is written "Do", and on his chest - "After».


In the streets of St. Petersburg in the advertising network of stores "teaspoon" huge mouth chasing pancake, trying to catch and eat.



Do not approach the half-melted youth on the street and ask what is he doing here is simply impossible - and on that calculated the advertising agency Leo Burnett Buenos Aires and the social organization of Cruz Roja Argentina.



In the streets of Brazil's huge Philips shaver worn for giant unwanted hair.


Naked British manufacturer of cosmetics LUSH is known that most of the company's products do not have the packaging and sold in bulk, thus emphasizing the natural and manual production. Berlin hosted the promotional campaign, in which all employees of the local store come to work wearing only an apron.

Is as old as a provocation - beautiful nude female body in a public place - used British brand Agent Provocateur to Launch a second limited edition perfume «Strip». As beautiful nude female body acted as a model Jen Dawson (Jen Dawson), as well as a public space - a showcase in the heart of London. All actions have been disguised in the best tradition of provocative marketing agents coming from the time of the Renaissance: that the artist draws period. And the model is naked, so it's all for the sake of art. The beret sported artist Jacques le Trompet, participating in the development of collections of Agent Provocateur. He vigorously portrayed artistic activities, allegedly by drawing another masterpiece in black and pink.

In Hungary, the soft drinks producer Kofola had bold BTL share. As part of the advertising campaign was organized sampling - beautifully painted girl handed out to drivers on the road cool bottles of soda.

In Romania Unillever share held, which many men do not dare to dream. Promotional trucks - a kind of infomercial muzhchinomoyka Axe. Any member of the target audience of the product line for shower Axe could take part in this action and publicly wash using fine promo ladies in black bikini.

In Madrid took men's underwear advertising, increasing the size of the penis. A feature of the underwear is the fact that it is specially designed so as to visually increase the size of the male genitalia. As part of the campaign, the male promoters were placed in city-formats with cracked glass to emphasize the "enormous size" of what's between your legs.



As part of BTL-actions Brand women's underwear in Vancouver (Canada) Agent Provocateur has launched on a city street brand-Mobile, in which three girls, acting as promoters filmed "copy" from his pop, sitting down on the copier and immediately handed them as the promotional material.

It's not shooting clip Satisfaction - this is BTL channel in Brazil. Promotional event was held on the streets of Sao Paulo, the idea - Espalhe agency and is a clear example that can be adapted for women priests and television advertising.

Exhibitionist 24 were involved in the busiest streets of Sydney and Melbourne as part of an advertising campaign Tourism Queensland. So the agency CumminsNitro (Brisbane) advertises holiday on the beaches of the Australian state.

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In the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, a group of activists for animal protection organization PETA laid bare to their underwear and doused themselves with red paint. The purpose of the action - to show the suffering of animals that are killed for the sake of valuable fur.

London branch of PETA invited several pregnant women to pose almost naked on all fours in the cells. The action was held in protest against the killing of animals for meat.

Chain stores womenswear befree conducted several years ago in Moscow and St. Petersburg bold action. "Security" and the half-naked girl with a bag over his head - almost as an illustration of the famous Hot stuff. The works in the genre of "provocative marketing" have developed creative laboratory of the company.

Naked girls, "covered" body painting, are often decorated with Russian exhibitions.

The essence of BDSM BTL-actions oldest Dutch BDSM magazine MASSAD simple and very specific. The famous Danish porn actress Sofia Valentine just walking around in the S & M-parties and othlestyvala everyone on the pope branded rubber Paddles. As a promotional activity of Sofia Valentine pop potential consumer blushed, and on a red background is clearly advocated the phrase «Massad, the SM magazine» («Massad - SM-Journal»).

NeozhidannyeInteresnaya and provocative promotional campaign of Russia. The owner of the network Goodman Steak Houses decided to promote the meat is not only a restaurant, but also on the podium. He made a promotional campaign "Eat steaks. Be human". In October 2009, in a shopping center on Novinsky Boulevard Steakhouse Goodman had the same name share, "Eat steaks. Whether a person ».

As part of the recruitment campaign volunteer charitable organization Diakonie agency Saatchi & Saatchi Germany sent to the streets promotional grandmothers. 82-year-old Maria, 86-year-old Charlotte and 89-year-old Clara experiential checked how the Germans brought up and ready to help the elderly person in need of assistance, thus determining the target audience of the campaign «Help the Oma» / «Help the grandmother".

People who assist them, Grandma handed a leaflet with the inscription "We are looking for people like you!" Campaign website address on the internet www. help-the-oma.de .


As a promotion of the agency Saatchi & Saatchi South Africa five trained dogs running around the mall with a bag of food in his mouth. Dog food with the difficult pronounceable name Eukanuba provides the optimal balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, thereby contributing to the dog mental activity. Therefore, dogs Eukanuba who use not only healthier and more beautiful, but also intelligent. It also decided to demonstrate the creators of the South African agency Saatchi & Saatchi. For this purpose it was selected 5 trained dogs. They are trained to carry in his mouth to feed Eukanuba package from one point to another source. The action takes place in shopping malls and attracted a lot of attention.



In the UK, there were sheep-promoters. The unusual advertising campaign, with the support of traditional television and outdoor advertising was launched near London Gatwick Airport: Sheep on the field walked branded jackets with the logo of the railway company The Train Line and the Internet address of the website.


The agency Jung von Matt / Neckar first in the world to use as promoters of flies. Publisher Eichborn has set the task of the German creatives original way to draw attention to the stand of the publishing house in the famous Frankfurt Book Fair. The logo of the publishing house Eichborn is stamped in red with schematically fly. Flies and became the bearer of the advertising message Eichborn. Authors of the idea had to catch two hundred zhirnenky powerful flies and attach to each thread, and the thread to the mini banner. The weight of the paper mini-banner, apparently, was designed so that a fly can fly with him, but low and long, constantly sitting on the visitors to relax.


Dutch airline KLM («Royal Netherlands Airlines") advertise their comfortable seats with the help of an invisible chair. The Manchester Airport has been installed the original installation of advertising: the young man for a long time sitting in the center of the airport on a hill on an invisible chair. Passengers terminal displayed a genuine surprise and bewilderment, how is it possible, even trying to find the invisible hands of the mechanisms supporting young man in weightlessness.


In order to emphasize the singularity, stylishness and sophistication Sony VAIO notebooks agency 180 Los Angeles held in New York on a promotional campaign with live mannequins. Together with the trendy New York designer clothes ThreeASFOUR creatives 180 models dressed in the "dummies", gave them into the hands of the new notebooks VAIO P, taught them to move in the appropriate manner and sent to the people.


People "immersion" in virtual reality exhibit advertised Home Interactive Technologies St. Petersburg.


And perhaps the most unexpected promouterV 2008 characters appeared and Sberochka Sberik, previously available only on the pages of corporate publications. Dolls-men with their heads in the form of the logo of the Savings Bank can be found on the opening of new offices in the opening event sponsored by Sberbank of urban scale.


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