Outdoor advertising, which adorns the city

It is not true that the entire outdoor advertising spoils the appearance of cities. Individual elements of outdoor and guerrilla advertising also make the city more beautiful, are the real decoration of cities. A collection of proofs of this assertion - the really important work for the urban landscape, which are able to change the face of the city for the better examples

when advertising becomes decoration of the city, part of the landscape, sculpting new art form.

One way to decorate the gray, dusty, polluted city - arrange it a little oasis of nature. Let not always true, but it is bright and eye-catching.

When the skin is so good, like a peach, and it would be desirable to eat, especially if the skin is about 12 meters * Agen woman from thousands of peaches, lying in the middle First Fleet Park in downtown Sydney.

Ella PEACH («Ella») created - first in the head - advertising agency BMF, and then in polystyrene and steel - Engineers Studio Kite and Electric Art, for promotions by professional natural cosmetics line Ella Baché. According to a little making-history installation prototype Ella became a very real girl model photo that has been digitized and "laid" on 24 thousand polystyrene peaches. The idea stresses the brand concept: The skin is so good that it would be desirable to have.

The giant statue made in London. As part of the promotional campaign television program about London Ink tattoo art, leaving the channel Discovery, in crowded places in London were installed sculptures of enormous size. Tattoos on the sculptures were designed by Louis Molloy, master of the transfer, which in addition to his skill, is known and what is done for a tattoo David Beckham and many other stars.

BBDO New York stylized flower beds by Havaianas. And the beds were close to the shops where you can buy these sandals.

The first outdoor BBDO New York for the brand was also beautifying and revitalizing the gray urban landscape. The aim of this campaign is to transfer the atmosphere fun, colorful and passion that invariably associated with the Brazilian brand. For a more attractive appearance and word of mouth, the agency BBDO New York that's developed here are flip-flops, which were located in many places around New York.

Last spring, JWT Cairo found a very strong argument for doubting that Lipton Green Tea is really green. Cairo advertisers "put" tea bags into giant green cups, shorn of green bushes.

In the Argentine city of Cordoba in central city Cañada agency Madre and Furia launched thousands of blue inflatable dolphins, setting on the banks of the channel boards indicating the brand. So in a strange way they promoted the 45-degree al * ogolny drink Fernet 1882.

The event received serious resonance in the city - people specially came to the Cañada to see the dolphins, and the Internet - in one YouTube-posted over 400 videos with footage of the event.

Once New Yorkers noticed on West 57th Street is something unusual. Furniture from IKEA, "centrally located" right on the bus. And next to no protection was observed. Bury - I do not. It's all the work of the creative agency Deutsch (included in the communications holding company Interpublic Group). An unusual event arranged on the occasion of the Week of Design in New York and is designed for 5 days - "good design can make everyday life better» («Good design can make the everyday a little better»)

The Russian example - an advertising campaign under the "Credit" from MTS, has implemented a series of special promotional projects with unique advertising media. Image projects "Last minute window" - a light installation on the building of the hotel "Golden Ring" (Smolenskaya st., 5), and "Beograd" (Smolenskaya st., 8). For the first time in the Russian market as the advertising media were involved in the whole surface of the buildings. At night, the entire surface of the building creates the effect lights up and goes out of windows (thus passed the idea off the conversation with a sudden end funds in your account), eventually included all the windows form the shape of an egg.

Also in Argentina, the agency BBDO Buenos Aires rethought format firewall and showed an incredible sense of artistic collage. To Nike was created collage of newspaper on the surface of the firewall (this is a collage, not fotoshoperskaya imitation on a firewall).

The unusual approach has brought the project «Papershow» Brazilian agency BBDO Buenos Aires for the national campaign, Nike Football Grand Prix Clio Awards 2007 in the category of Innovative Media.

A bronze at Cannes took another series in which players tapped the ball portraits on the walls of buildings.

To implement the campaign, one of the ideas of the British mobile operator «Make the most of now» London agency BBH designers had to develop not only the layout of firewall, and non-standard large-format advertising installation.

The direction of the ideas to determine the place of accommodation - a major international transport hub UK Heathrow Airport (Heathrow). The basis of the idea of ​​lay-known habit of first-class service to bring the countries visited souvenir magnet on the fridge.

Imitation huge refrigerator with a collection of geo-magnet looks perfect: from afar "refrigerator" looks just like a real way and it seems that is about to appear his master - a sort of a modern Gulliver traveler.

Nationwide Insurance Company posted the original outdoor advertising in the city of Columbus Ohio (USA).

The work is interesting as a beautiful and fresh idea, so that the insurance company has agreed with the manufacturer of paints COOPS 'Paints. The first two posters - advertising ink, and the third poster - advertisement of the insurance company.

Scholz & Friends has developed a campaign for the brand of fertilizer Seramis, using as media vehicles in the column transitions, parking lots, subway stations. Agency stylized columns under huge bamboo shoots, palm trees and cactus.

And sometimes quite different. Outdoor advertising is really spoils the appearance of the city, but it does so deliberately, trying to attract the attention of citizens to the real problems.

Guangdong Advertising raised the problem of contamination of drinking water in the advertising association for the protection of natural resources Green Family. Huge partisan of * Nitsa placed on sewer pipes so that the hypothetical and * mustache comes just to place a drain hole, designed to saktsentirovat attention of passers-by on the obvious - pour industrial waste into bodies of water - it's like to poop in your tea.

Rising in the guerrilla actions pollution problem, Green Family, however, puts less global goal - predostrezhenie people from consuming contaminated water.

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