Mystery train №1702

More than an hour freight train pulled for an unidentified flying object

This story almost 20 years. But it is so unusual that discussed in Karelia still like happened recently. The more so because even today still live the participants, after a surprising case believed in UFOs.

It happened in February 1985. Freight train number 1702, consisting of 70 empty cars and two-part locomotive, followed a familiar route to Kostomuksha through Petrozavodsk and Suojärvi. The driver and his assistant S.Orlov V.Mironov talking about - about this, carefully watching the road. Followed Essoila station. The time was 20 hours and 35 minutes. There were scheduled.

Suddenly, Sergey Orlov noticed the trees a strange object resembling a ball that moved in parallel with the train. Railway workers began to look closely to the object and wonder what it could be.

 - Look, - the driver turned to his partner - he issued a ray of light to the ground and then pulled it back ...

Mironov was going to answer, but seemed speechless. The ball suddenly darted across the path of the composition and the locomotive was in front of approximately 30-50 meters. Sergey Orlov instantly disabled travel motors that have the power to put pressure on the brakes, trying to prevent a collision with a luminous ball. But the car did not listen. The train continued to move. To create the impression that it was pulling unseen force.

S.Orlov and V.Mironov, as if hypnotized, all eyes stared at the mysterious object. As they later told the investigative team police department, he was a regular geometric shape with a diameter of about four meters. I move silently, without touching the ground. Like sailing.

New Sands was approaching the station. Sergey Orlov turned on the radio. To his delight, it worked. Sergei began to explain the assistant station Kozhina Lydia, what happened to them. She could not understand. But decided to go out and meet the train. Imagine her surprise when she saw the first, any vibrating object, resembling the inverted pelvis, followed by a glowing ball, and then diesel, was walking at a speed of not less than 60 kilometers per hour. The woman was frightened, thinking that now the ball crashes into building a small station.

But at the front of the arrow balloon suddenly separated from the locomotive and slowly walked around a house party. The composition of the stop and failed. He followed with New Sands typing speed.
After input arrow ball again rushed to the train. At that moment, when he moved away from the train, its speed dropped, probably by half. Diesel twitched so that the cabin got a variety of items, and an assistant driver hit the windshield. But as soon as the luminous object took his place in front of the composition, the rate rose again.

We stopped only at the Zastava plant. The ball disappeared in the place of the forest. The station had to wait for an oncoming train that followed to Petrozavodsk. The driver immediately got out of the cab to check the slopes. Do not have time to walk around the locomotive, he saw the light and felt as if some force crushed him to the car. He could not move. Barely made it to the cabin. And the train moved, as if waiting until he takes his seat. So move for some time, until the ball has not disappeared entirely behind the forest.

 - The whole story lasted an hour 20 minutes, - says Alexey Popov. - Ball pulled the composition of more than 50 kilometers. During this time it was saved 300 kg of diesel fuel. Participants strange scene experienced a severe nervous shock. Reliability of the incident confirmed diagrams recorders installed on the locomotive, and other official documents. However, the explanation for everything that happened, no one could not give. By the way, glowing ball at the station and saw Kutizhma, even prior to the event with a freight train № 1702.

Pull a train weighing 1560 tonnes a good 50 kilometers away - a difficult lesson. This requires a huge energy potential. Moreover, as the driver said Sergei Orlov, the "behavior" of the ball ... it seemed sensible. He walked around the station, the input arrow went into the woods at the time when the train was moving counter.

This is such an incredible story. To believe in such a story is not possible, but only as long as you will not meet with certain people that become parties. Looking into their eyes, you know - well, these are not hard workers, railway workers to write all kinds of nonsense. They are confident that touched on that winter evening in February with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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