50 facts about the Moscow metro

MetroFan, they also metrofanaty - people selflessly keen on the subway, to study it in all possible forms, including magic. They are sure that the subway - a man-made version of the underworld, the other world.

1. Rats mutants

They are the size of a dog. Living in subway tunnels and gnaw through cables. The special forces are hunting them with flamethrowers. The rumor was born during the restructuring, but was extremely tenacious. Almaty subway construction only, and legends of the mutant rats have alarmed citizens.

2. Metro-2

Since the beginning of the 90s, there were rumors about the existence of secret subway. Allegedly, three or four branches leading from the Kremlin to the military installations in Moscow (Podolsk Chekhov Vnukovo-2). When the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Moscow, the government will be able to evacuate to a safe place. According to some sources, this system called "Metro-2" on the other - "D-6».

3. Dogs metro


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