The explosions in the Moscow metro (4 videos)

Two powerful explosions in the Moscow metro stations "Lubyanka" and "Park Kultury" took place on Monday morning, with an interval of less than an hour,
sent to the place of incident investigators and criminologists of the central office of the Investigative Committee under the Russian Prosecutor's Office,
spokesman Vladimir Markin UPC. The explosions in the Moscow metro on Monday morning took place on a similar scenario,
According to preliminary data, with the participation of suicide bombers, told the Moscow prosecutor Yuri Semin.
"Approximately at 7:52 am on the arrival of the train at the station" Lubyanka "from" South West "after the landing and landing of passengers, an explosion occurred,
whose power was, according to preliminary data 3 kg of TNT, "- he said. As noted Yu.Semin, "it can be assumed,
that the explosive device was fixed to the body of a terrorist. " "After about 30 minutes
at the station "Park Kultury" there was another explosion in a similar plot, "- said the prosecutor.
A criminal case under article 205 of the Criminal Code (terrorist attack).
The official representative of the Moscow department of the UPC Vladimir Markin denied information
the third explosion in the Moscow metro (at the metro station "Prospect Mira" - IF) & quot; Monday morning.

Preliminary versions Initial inspection of places of explosions in the Moscow metro showed that the explosive device could be operated from a mobile phone, told "Interfax" a law enforcement source. "Experts will start working after all the victims will be helped, and all will be evacuated," - the source said, noting that the two explosive devices were bezobolochnoe. Earlier it was reported that the explosions may have committed suicide bombers. Sources of "Interfax" do not exclude that the explosion took place in the team with a mobile phone. In this context, they suggest that mobile telephony in Moscow can be blocked in some places.

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The situation in the city of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov arrived in the Crimea to the metro area "Culture Park", where on Monday morning there was an explosion, reports "Interfax". In addition to the capital's mayor, on the site of the capital's traffic police is the chief Sergei Kazantsev, head of "Mosgortrans" Pyotr Ivanov, the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow. In the region of the Crimean area is not less than a hundred fire engines, "ambulance cars", police and rescue vehicles. Movement along the Garden Ring difficult. On the Crimean area now has accumulated several thousand people, including several hundred reporters. Meanwhile, on the site of the second explosion at the metro station "Lubyanka" is the official representative of the UPC Russia, reports "Interfax". The work of journalists is not organized, they are in different parts of the area. To date, the traffic police have opened motion on Lubyanka Square for private transport. Previously it overlapped from Okhotny Ryad to the side of the Old and New squares. Also, periodically pass cars on Butcher Street. At the scene vzryvotheniki FSB, which examined the place of explosion. In a Moscow school, located near the metro station "Park Kultury", the students were asked to call the parents that they should not worry, and turn off mobile phones. "We were asked to turn off the phone," - said the employee "Interfax" his son studying in this school.

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Communication problems The increased load on cellular networks makes it difficult to communicate on mobile phones in the center of the capital. As the correspondent of "Interfax", the morning after the explosions in the Moscow metro was at a loss sharply connection on mobile phones in the city center. Advisor to the General Director of "MegaFon-Moscow" Roman Prokolov confirmed to "Interfax" that the mobile operator noted an increase load on the network in areas where the explosions occurred. "Despite the increased workload, the network is working, although in some cases in order to call, you want to dial several times," - he said. "There are no accidents on the network was not, but because of the large number of calls and increased load people may experience difficulty in dialing," - said the press secretary of the "Beeline" Xenia Korneev. According to the representative of "Megafon" (RTS: MEGF), experts monitoring the situation and are prepared, if necessary, to increase capacity.

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Police translated into enhanced mode Moscow police after two explosions in the capital's subway has moved to a stronger version of service. According to "Interfax" a law enforcement source, as expected, in such cases, the Moscow police working on finding people who committed the bombings in Moscow and to prevent possible further incidents. Significantly strengthened security measures both in the underground and in the capital's bus and aviavokzalah. Any suspicious thing forgotten passengers are checked by the police. In addition, the source of "Interfax" asked the residents of the capital to be vigilant. "I ask the residents of the capital in case of any suspicious things and not hesitate to call the emergency number," - he said. In Moscow telephone "hot line" telephone "hot lines" to witness explosions at stations "Lubyanka" and "Park Kultury", as well as to the relatives of the victims work in Moscow at 10:00, told "Interfax" in the metropolitan government. "Telephone" hot line "in the prefecture of the Central Administrative District - 912-37-39, in the subway - 688-03-25 in civilian - 626-37-07. On them you can start to learn the information from 10 am "- told in the city administration.

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Victims According to some reports, the two terrorist attacks in the Moscow subway killed 35 people, told reporters on Monday spokesman Vladimir Markin UPC. V.Markin said that the explosion at the station "Lubyanka" killed 23 people, another 18 were injured, the station "Park Kultury" 12 people died, 15 were injured. The representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that the victims of the explosions in the Moscow metro stations "Lubyanka" and "Park Kultury" evacuated by helicopter and machine "Ambulance" in the 36 th, 71 th, 12 th, 33 th, 23 th hospital in Botkin Hospital and Institute of Emergency Care Skliphosovskiy. Earlier it was reported that the explosion at the station "Lubyanka" killed 19 people, wounded another 11. In the "Culture Park" around 14 people who died, 7 more were wounded. 70 brigades of "first aid" and two specialized teams of disaster medicine are involved in the evacuation of the wounded from the metro stations "Lubyanka" and "Park Kultury", reported "Interfax" the press service of the Health Ministry. On the site of the explosion at the station "Lubyanka" There are 40 teams "first aid" and a specialized team of the National Center for Disaster Medicine "Protection" Health Minister. The Health Ministry said that at the metro station "Park Kultury" has 30 brigades of "first aid" and a specialized team of the Center for Disaster Medicine "Protection". The wounded were evacuated to hospitals, said the Health Ministry. The head of the press service of the Emergency Situations Ministry Irina Andrianova said that in the rescue work in the Moscow metro attended by 200 people and 59 pieces of equipment of the ministry. "In place of the lifeguard, fire EMERCOM of Russia, as well as physicians. Total in rescue operations from the Ministry of Emergency Situations involving more than 200 people and 59 units of equipment. The city is now involved all online services - work 334 people and 95 units of equipment. Held evacuation of underground "- said I.Andrianova radio" Russian news service. "


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