About navigation in the metro

Let's talk about navigation in the metro, the topic is very important.
Every day millions of people use the subway, it is important that everything worked like clockwork.
Now navigate in the Moscow subway, no constantly lifts up his head, trying to understand where to go, on which platform to go, the whole procedure takes a long time - this is unacceptable.
Let us first recall how to construct the navigation in the Moscow subway today, and then look at some interesting solutions that could be used to develop a new navigation.

For example, in Shchukino person gets on the subway ... he meets a mysterious enough navigation. To understand which way to go is impossible. Where a tram is not clear. At the station, there is no map of the area.

Common lobby usual subway station ... There are no maps of the area, it is impossible to know what and how to go there trams. There is absolutely no information, which would help to navigate the area. She's not even Russian, not to mention English. But most people who come to the area "teleported" it is on the metro. Driving lines hanging behind bars at the top, it is impossible to use it.

Another circuit lines hanging on the Information column. Hang it in such a way to deliver maximum pain and suffering passengers. Approach it is possible only after passing through the turnstiles. But in the lobby there was a lot of room for huge advertising posters. This, of course, important.

We can say that the normal navigation in the Moscow subway there. Now let's see what we can do about it.

Let's start with the entrance to the station. Here is an example from New York. It is immediately evident on any line and station can be reached.


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